Life in a Metro (2007)

Life in a Metro (2007)

DharmendraIrrfan KhanKonkona Sen SharmaKay Kay Menon
Anurag Basu


Life in a Metro (2007) is a Hindi movie. Anurag Basu has directed this movie. Dharmendra,Irrfan Khan,Konkona Sen Sharma,Kay Kay Menon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Life in a Metro (2007) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

The lives of a group of people, who live in Mumbai are told in this tale, which revolves around Rahul - who occupies an apartment owned by his uncle, and lets rich and influential people use it for their personal sexual past-times. An ignored and angry young wife, Shikha falls into the arms of a young man named Akash, who wants to be an actor for Indian movies; then there is Shikha's sister, Shruti, who is having an affair with a man named Monty; and finally there is Shikha's teacher, Shivani, who is romancing Amol. Things get complicated when Rahul finds out that Neha, who is his girlfriend, is using this very apartment to meet with Ranjeet, who is Shikha's husband.


Life in a Metro (2007) Reviews

  • Mumbai, Actually


    Inspired by Love Actually and that genre of storytelling, "Life in a Metro" is a sometimes insightful and sometimes predictable movie that is well worth a watch for its performances. The narrative featuring Kay Kay and Shilpa Shetty is genuine with many insightful comments -Shilpa Shetty's about the "deafening silences in marriages", the interesting question of which between physical or emotional infidelity is worse. Kay Kay's character of being a loving father who is adored by his daughter was a further dose of realism. Nothing is black and white. Special mention to both Kay Kay and Shilpa Shetty (didn't realise she had it in her) for really pulling it off. Shiny Ahuja is adequate without being special. The other narratives were more predictable. Sharman Joshi and Kangana Raut - which is sort of a take off from "The Apartment" with Jack Lemmon and "For Love or Money" with Michael J Fox. So were Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali as the loving elder couple. The track with Konkona Sen and Irfan is very entertaining. Irfan Khan is outstanding - an adjective one has started to use very often with him. Konkona adequate. However the circumstances make for some genuinely funny moments. Konkona as the 30 year old virgin dying to be with her idea man and Irfan - as about the most unlikely of men she could ever see herself with. While I would not go so far as to herald this movie as either a path-breaking or life-altering Hindi movie (as some of the more dramatic leanings have suggested), I would say it is well worth a watch. It has a good music track - but could have done without the really hairy guy singing, as we changed from one narrative to the other.

  • Life in a Metro ...scores high points but....


    I've really wanted to see this movie especially because of the ensemble cast that boasts of India's most talented actors (including Irfan Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Konkona Sen Sharma, Kay Kay Menon and Shiny Ahuja). I got a bit hesitant after hearing negative comments but finally decided to give it a go. 'Metro' is a cleverly made (for most parts) movie about intertwined lives of people living in the urban city. With first class cinematography the setting of the urban city is fully used. You do get the feel of the city and its chaotic inhabitants who are so busy with their own goals and yet they seem to be missing what they crave most. Let's start with director/writer Anurag Basu. Well, Mr. Basu, this film could have been excellent if it weren't for the following flaws: one of the subplots is sort of a rip-off, some characters required more footage, the background score is intrusive at times and Basu tries too hard to put some 'subtle' messages (e.g. the poster of 'Brokeback Mountain' in Konkona's boss's room). While most of the subplots end well (although predictable), the ending of Shikha's story required better writing. It is because of this flaw that the climax isn't as powerful as it could have been. Through Shikha's decision, Basu's intention was probably to portray her as a strong woman but instead she comes off as a very weak character. However, I have to say that 'Life in a Metro' is a major step forward since his ripoff debut 'Saaya' followed by the atrocious 'Murder'. On the flip side, 'Metro' consists of the best soundtracks of 2007. All the songs have been presented in the background, and they contribute well to the narration. The band appear now and then during each song which is quite a novel concept (but maybe their appearance should have been a more limited). The dialogues are outstanding and very witty, especially those between Shilpa and Kay Kay, Shilpa and Shiny and Konkona and Irfan. The whole Sharman-Kangana-Kay Kay track is pretty much a copy of the classic 'The Apartment' and 'Yes Boss'. However, here it's presented in a darker tone. Then there's a scene where Konkona discovers her boyfriend's sexuality. Now why did Basu give poor Konkona the exact scene from Page 3? The Dharmendra-Nafisa track, though was nice and sweet, at times it seemed a little out of place (except the scene with Dharmendra, Shilpa and Konkona) and forced because it doesn't fit with any of the other subplots. However, this track does somewhat add more to the actions of Shilpa's character. Nonetheless, this track of the elderly couple is still pleasant to watch. The background score, is suitable and effective in parts but at times very intrusive and hinders the effect of the performances by giving it a more melodramatic touch. Coming to the performances, Metro belongs to Irfan Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Konkona Sen Sharma and Kay Kay Menon. Both Konkona and Shilpa's non-verbal expressions speak volumes. Shilpa brings out the depth in her character with such realism that we don't see the Big Brother girl or the woman who was kissed by Richard Gere, but we see a miserable and vulnerable Shikha. We see Shikha as the devoted housewife who yearns the love and affection of her hateful husband, who is so eaten by guilt at the thought of cheating on her indifferent husband that she even asks for his forgiveness (knowing that he's broken every wedding vow). This woman has proved again that she is an excellent actress when given role of substance and thankfully she's avoiding the glamour doll roles which have been overshadowing her acting talent. Her scenes with Shiny, Kay Kay and Konkona are some of the most memorable ones. There's definitely a warm (and sometimes hot) chemistry between her and her co-stars. This is definitely one of her best. Konkona Sen is one actress who has not given anything other than mind-blowing performances. She does an excellent job, taking over a role that was initially offered to Urmila Matondkar. Here, with complete ease, she portrays her character Shruti's transition from the simple naive city girl who is frustrated with her sex-life to the sexy 'outgoing' girl to the modern and somewhat mature girl in love. Her scenes with Irfan are hilarious and equally memorable as the scenes mentioned above. Irfan Khan is equally excellent as is Shiny Ahuja. We see both these characters respectively from Shikha and Shruti's point of view. Irfan makes full use of his limited screen time (but his character very much resembles the one he played in '7.5 Phere'). One would have hoped that Basu gave Shiny's character more footage. His character was one of the most interesting but hardly has more than a few scenes. Yet, he does more than a remarkable. Menon's character is probably the most hateful of all. The actor is a complete natural (though this does remind you a little of the character he played in Silsiilay). However one could argue that his character is a bit one-dimensional except in the scenes with his daughter where we see a loving father. The character needed further development. Joshi is improving with every movie while Ranaut is repeating her Sana Azim damsel in distress from 'Woh Lamhe'. She's adequate but just like Woh Lamhe, here too a more mature actress would have been better suited. In their limited presence, Dharmendra is very likable (thank God, no Amitabh in this one) while Nafisa Ali shines. All in all, this is more than just a watchable flick. It's definitely more than worth a watch among the movies releasing nowadays. What stand out most are the amazing performances. You do take something with you after leaving the theatres.

  • About love, relationships, struggle, metro, and... about life.


    Anurag Basu directs Life in a Metro, a fun, dramatic feature which, like such movies as Dil Chahta Hai, attempts to portray the new India. Metro presents several individual stories of mostly young people, and all these stories are intertwined into one movie, which clearly aims to show the real side of the big city of Mumbai with all of its complexities, difficulties and troubled relationships. Each story is presented efficiently, and Basu successfully captures the spirit of the urban city with his range of colourful characters, depicting their modern lifestyle, their trials and tribulations, their dreams, hardships and dilemmas. This depiction is significantly aided by the realistic dialogues and situations, the dark dim atmosphere, the brilliant cinematography, and the narrative style, which is flavoured with wonderful music, great contemporary humour and some breathtakingly shot views of the big city. The film is generally very well developed, though sadly the stories themselves are not particularly original. One story, for one, is an out-and-out copy of the classic gem The Apartment (1960). I was also quite shocked to see that the story of Konkona Sen Sharma, for instance, is given an element similar to the one she had in Page 3 (2005), with one scene being laughably copied from the latter. These, along with other flaws, reduce the movie's quality. Yet, it is still totally watchable and enjoyable. The script gives the film a very authentic feel which, along with some wonderful performances, makes the movie easy to relate to. The film's score is exceptional, and Pritam creates one of the best soundtracks of the year. Songs like "In Dino", "O Meri Jaan", "Rishtey" and "Alvida" are awesome and none of them is actually lip-synced by the actors, which contributes to the film's realism. The acting is generally very good, and some of the performances are excellent. Shilpa Shetty gets a good role and delivers her second-best performance after Phir Milenge. Both films require her to act rather than look sexy and she is so good at it (at both, but I'm referring to the acting here). As Shikha, she is heartfelt and vulnerable and carries her scenes with grace, displaying her character's loneliness and desperation. Shiny Ahuja is convincing as the aspiring actor who falls for Shikha, and their relationship is beautifully portrayed. Kay Kay Menon is very good as Shikha's infidel husband Ranjeet. Kangana Ranaut is a little too loud at points but still effective as Ranjeet's lover Neha, and Sharman Joshi is fine as his ambitious employee who is also in love with Neha. Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali are good in their roles but sadly their story is the least developed and therefore quite forgettable. The finest performances in the movie, along with Shilpa Shetty's one, are unsurprisingly those delivered by Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma. Khan is amazingly likable and funny as Monty, and Sen Sharma is more than astonishing as Shikha's frustrated and heartbroken sister Shruti, whose personal problems really bring her down but she later finds the strength to move on. Her character is perhaps the most complex in the movie, as she has to play the supportive sister and friend, the wronged woman, and the woman who finally finds the one but is unsure. Her chemistry with Khan is wonderful with their scenes being some of the film's best and wittiest, and yes, the one in which she breaks down while trying to release her tensions by screaming at the top of her lungs on the roof of a high building with Khan's Monty, ultimately screaming her pain out, is really the film's best acted scene. Life in a Metro is not without its flaws, and the fact that some parts of it lack originality really get on the nerves. That said, it is interesting and has many great moments of moving drama and funny comedy. The film will be mainly remembered in years to come for its rather different portrayal of the big city, its music, and some of its performances, all of which make it an altogether worthy picture.

  • Such a enjoyable film, thumbs up!!!!


    I Really enjoyed this film, i think that it is better than the reviews it has been given, all the actors gave great performances , and the story line is superb,this film takes you on a journey of life,love and all its ups and downs that people can go through. I really like how the director has shown the lives of all the characters, and at times he used split screen to do so. I think the film is wonderful how the music is played during the dramatic scenes,with an actual live trio guy band, i think they are famous , but I'm not sure since i am not that educated in Asian films,but i take it they are because they are great!!! the effect is just fantastic, it is a film that has shown much of a creative side that makes you more drawn as you watch. A must see film

  • Life in a Metro


    I heard about this Indian movie's release in Amsterdam, and later knew that it was made by Anurag Basu. I like this Director – who has made a decent mark with his earlier flicks - Murder and Gangster. Apart from that the cast included Shiny Ahuja, Irfan Khan, Kay Kay and Konkona Sen – all of my favorite list of actors and actress. The movie is about several people's lives in Bombay who are linked with each other in some way or the other. It includes a young couple 1) Kay Kay and Shilpa Shetty passing through a terrible marriage crisis, 2) an old couple – Dharmendra and Nafisa Ali who after leading their separate lives meet each other after 30 years, 3) another man and woman – Irfan and Konkana who are seeking life partners, 4) ambitious corporate executives boy and girl – Sharman Joshi and Kangana Ranaut (Gangster fame) who wants to achieve materialistic success through whatever means they can, and finally 5) there is a lonely guy - Shiny Ahuja who meets Shilpa and they fall in love with each other. The movies revolve around these peoples' lives - the key binding link among all of them is a rainbow of love, sex, romance and selfishness. Anurag Basu has himself scripted and written the screenplay of the movie, and because of the tight script each character emerges as real. The whole movie is sprinkled with many moments of emotional range, laughter, smiles and cries. He has handled the characters very well and executed masterly. All the actors have given brilliant performances, but in my preference of rating - Kay Kay, Irfan, Konkana and Shilpa rate the best. Sadly Shiny's role is not long enough to give him the scope for a great performance (the character did have the depth which the Director failed to exploit). A special mention needs to be made of Dharmendra, who pleases us after a long time – with his charm and acting. The most light and best funny moments are given to the pair of Irfan and Konkana. This story line had such a big potential of even making a full length feature film like Chasme Baddoor. There are about six songs in the movie and all of them are sung by male singers. They are composed in special Pritam styles with Sufi touch. I loved the songs and their placements in the movie. I like the light and shades, color and tones used by Anurag Basu in all his movies and in this movie too – he has used great camera angles to capture some beautiful shots of Bombay. Overall a good movie experience. (Stars 7.5 out of 10)


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