كتاب الادغال (2016)

كتاب الادغال (2016)

Neel SethiBill MurrayBen KingsleyIdris Elba
Jon Favreau


كتاب الادغال (2016) is a English movie. Jon Favreau has directed this movie. Neel Sethi,Bill Murray,Ben Kingsley,Idris Elba are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. كتاب الادغال (2016) is considered one of the best Adventure,Drama,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

The man-cub Mowgli flees the jungle after a threat from the tiger Shere Khan. Guided by Bagheera the panther and the bear Baloo, Mowgli embarks on a journey of self-discovery, though he also meets creatures who don't have his best interests at heart.

كتاب الادغال (2016) Reviews

  • A Good Movie, but...


    The Jungle Book has been raved about by everyone I know, but now that I've finally seen it I don't quite understand what all the hype is about. It's true that the CG is nothing short of outstanding, especially considering a lot of it is done during the day instead of at night, and I'm impressed with how much they were able to accomplish, but a pretty movie and an exceptional movie are not at all the same thing; similarly, a better than average movie and an exceptional movie are not the same thing, and this movie is better than average. The writing wasn't great, but it was passable. This is a kid's movie after all, and while I don't in any way think that's an excuse for a movie to have a worse script than any other, it's important to understand that the film still needs to keep the children entertained with silly jokes and easy-to-understand dialogue. My main problem with the film was the child actor. I'm not expecting a 12-year-old kid to be able act like an A-Lister, but there was one particular shot were he screamed and I accidentally laughed in the near-silent theater because it seemed to out of place and awkward. He was also given outrageously simple and cliché lines. It was always "I'm doing this thing because of this other thing" and felt like the majority of his talking was done explaining to other characters that he had to reach is his goal instead of developing his character. There were a few scenes where he was able to act like a normal kid, and those were definitely his best performances, but overall he wasn't able to give it his all because what he was supplied with wouldn't allow him to. The other characters were played well, and the animators did a good job with the choreography of all the fights. Bill Murray was a great choice for Baloo, and at this point I can't think of any other voice that could have given a bear that much character.The songs, however, felt out of place and forced, and that's all I'm going to say about those. I do not dislike this movie in any sense, and I recommend that people go and see it. At it's heart it is a very good story, and one that I very much enjoy. I'm sure that the nostalgia of revisiting your childhood will help you enjoy it more than I did, because the only scene I'd ever seen from the 1967 movie was the one with the singing monkeys, so there wasn't a lot in the film to connect to my past.

  • Awesome Film


    The boy Mowgli (Neel Sethi) is raised in the jungle by the female wolf Raksha with her cubs in the pack led by Akela. The panther Bagheera saved Mowgli when he was a baby and delivered him to Raksha. During the drought, the animals celebrate truce to drink water around the Peace Rock together, but the cruel tiger Shere Khan sees Mowgli and promises to kill him when the water return. Bagheera decides to guide Mowgli to a village on the outskirts of the woods, but they are attacked by Shere Khan during their journey. Mowgli flees but the anaconda Kaa attacks him; however the bear Baloo saves him and they become friends. But Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli and no animal is capable to stop him. What will happen to Mowgli? "The Jungle Book" is an awesome film with fantastic CGI. It is impressive the interaction of Mowgli with the animals and the jungle. The wolf cubs are cute and the voice of Scarlett Johansson is mesmerizing. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil):"Mogli: O Menino Lobo" ("Mogli: The Boy Wolf")

  • Well made, but left me cold


    This was certainly an amazing looking film, and knowing it was all computer generated is almost worrisome--computers are capable of so much now, practical effects are becoming endangered. The story was very familiar to me going in. It was one of the most beloved films of my childhood, and the original Disney film still looks amazing today. I don't know why, but nothing about this version interested me. Some of the differences are easy to pick out--there is no comparison between the original Baloo and the Bill Murray performance for me, as I much prefer the original. Most of the rest of the movie, I just didn't care about. King Louie, Shere Khan, even Mowgli--they just feel empty and uninspired. I didn't dislike it, I just didn't feel that I would ever want to watch it again.

  • In my opinion, the most overrated movie of 2016


    Overall: This movie is the most overrated movie of 2016 for me. It had some highs but many more lows for me. I don't think it deserves the praise it receives. Good: 1. I won't deny that the CGI in this movie is some of the greatest I've ever seen and 100% deserves the Oscar. It is practically flawless and would receive an 11/10 if I judged movies solely on that. Alas, I do not. 2. The voice actors did great jobs even if I think there were some bad calls of judgement for who voiced who. 3. I respect Neel Sethi for doing what he did under the conditions he was in. Despite this, I couldn't buy his acting but he does deserve respect for it. 4. Bill Murray and Christopher Walken and Ben Kingsley were perfectly casted. Bad: 1. As stated before, I couldn't buy the kids acting. 2. I believe that both Idris Elba and Scarlett Johanson, while giving a reasonable performance, were not fit for the role they were in and much prefer the original cast for both them roles. 3. The story was quite weak for me. I don't care if it's identical to the book, I really didn't like the way it was presented and written. 4. The songs in the movie were stupid. Nostalgic? Yes! Brilliant for animated film? 100%! Fit for realistic looking animals? No. It doesn't look or feel right to see a jolly bear or a huge monkey sing. 5. The film is much darker and less happy than the original. I'm all up for a gritter, more mature reboot but this was so devoid of life and joy that the slight attempts at humour just fell flat and felt wrong. I much prefer the happier tone of the original Jungle Book. 6. There are quite a few annoyances, such as how they clear up the fire, that I thought were annoying and lazy. 5/10

  • Rudyard Wouldn't Be Happy


    In a word... "Flat." Seeing this remake only left me wanting to see the old cartoon once again. I loved the old cartoon as a kid and can easily recall many details decades later. Conversely, I just saw the new one and it just blends in with a bunch of other fantasy-adventure /superhero / CGI remakes of late. In general, this remake just felt like it had no soul. In particular, they didn't develop the characters much. It was obvious the film-makers didn't care about the main characters much so why should we either? I guess the special effects or CGI were impressive, especially the talking animals, but that's been done so much its just not a big deal anymore. They can't base a whole movie on those effects anymore and just touch on a few songs. The singing and music in the old version was so much more developed, energetic and memorable. The guest voice-overs were good but too recognizable. I kept thinking of Bill Murray talking into a mic instead of watching the fake bear talk. To be fair, Ben Kingsley pulled off the character very smoothly. But why did they make that orangutang so huge? Was he King Kong's lost brother? And voiced by Christopher Walken it really didn't make sense. Jungle animals are already awesome, you don't need to enlarge them or make up new ones. A high point of the movie was when Mogli helped the elephant baby from the pit. More of this tenderness would have been welcome, which brings me to the next point... This story was always potentially very violent; we're talking about jungle law here- brutal life and death is always near. But while the old cartoon version separated that violence enough from reality to make it safe and enjoyable for a younger audience, the new one crossed the line. It was too real, in my opinion, for most kids under about 11 or so. True, many kids play violent computer games from earlier ages now, so some would argue they can "handle it", but is that the kind of trend for them you want to support? I would argue the more we desensitize the youth now, the less sensitive they will be later on when they may be taking care of us when we're seniors. Do we want such thoroughly insensitive people running society in the future? So, while yes- it was exciting, I think this production really narrowed their audience down to the preteens (for whom it may be too violent) and the teenagers (for whom it may be too kiddie- you know with the talking animals and all). So sorry Disney, I've so often loved your movies, but not this time.


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