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10 Days in a Madhouse (2015)

10 Days in a Madhouse (2015)

Caroline BarryChristopher LambertKelly LeBrockJulia Chantrey
Timothy Hines


10 Days in a Madhouse (2015) is a English movie. Timothy Hines has directed this movie. Caroline Barry,Christopher Lambert,Kelly LeBrock,Julia Chantrey are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. 10 Days in a Madhouse (2015) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

In 1887, at age 23, reporter Nellie Bly, working for Joseph Pulitzer, feigns mental illness to go undercover in notorious Blackwell's Island a woman's insane asylum to expose corruption, abuse and murder.

10 Days in a Madhouse (2015) Reviews

  • Very interesting film.


    Having never written a review of a movie on IMDb before I was motivated due to two rather unusual ones from profiles only ever reviewing this movie. . . . .and giving a bad review. So, while it does betray its roots as a low budget movie the story was indeed pretty good. Definitely worth watching through to the end as the topic will certainly make you question what you believe about institutions for mental health.

  • Remarkable movie and story


    I've read the reviews written before writing my own, and I'm astonished by the low ratings and the reasons for that. I didn't know the story, didn't know (anything about) Nellie Bly. But the movie showed all it had to. The movie might not be of the best quality, you might expect more given all the digital techniques these days. But I kind of appreciate it, because it accentuates the time these things actually did happen. I've seen reviews which said that Christopher Lambert seemed to be there mostly to give the movie 1 known actor, and that Caroline Barry did not such a great job at playing faking a mental illness. I don't agree on both statements. Lambert hadn't the main role, he simply had the role of the main physician. He showed a man who, I think honestly, tried to figure out how to help his patients, but got terribly confused about what's right and wrong in how to realize that. Which has been sort of "good practice" for a pretty long time in medicine... Barry played the main role, a woman who acts being mentally ill, in a time people hardly understood what mentally ill meant. Today's psychiatrist en psychologist would definitely not fall for the show she put on. We won't either. But back than? Don't forget, it's incredibly hard to fake a mental illness with our current knowledge, back than she could very well succeed with what Barry showed us on screen. Mainly because that was what a lot of men those days would expect from a mentally ill woman. It is precisely that, what makes this movie a very catchy story that won't let go of you until the end. As a viewer I felt the unease, the emotions, the pressure, like it was choking me.

  • Surprisingly well done, great job at telling an important story with what little they had.


    When I saw Christopher Lambert was in the movie and read the synopsis, I was under the impression that this was going to be a genre picture, but I was pleasantly surprise to discover the serious tone the movie takes. 10 Days in a Madhouse was actually a true event in which a young reporter named Nelle Bly starts her successful career in journalism by doing an article on the mistreatment of women at Blackwell's Asylum, by going undercover as a patient. 10 days in a Madhouse does a good job in showcasing this mistreatment. It was hard watching these women, who were not crazy when they entered the place, being treated like animals, by people who just don't care. I felt the same way when I saw Suffragette, Another recent movie that is also about the mistreatment of women around the same time. Lambert actual plays a head doctor who thinks he's doing the right thing but is blinded by his own ego. Though his acting was not outstanding, this is most likely the most important film he has done. With the exception of Kelly LeBrook who has a small role in the film, It's a cast of fresh new actresses I have not scene before. If only the filmmakers were able to get a bigger budget for this movie to work out the kinks in the visual effects. The CGI used to make New York in the late 1800s was very distracting, but still, the movie is so impressive for what seem like limited resources. It's an impressive effort in filmmaking

  • Overall a great film!!


    After reading Nellie Bly's article, 10 Days in a Madhouse, I was pleased to find out there was a movie to be made about it. I finally had the chance to see the movie and I can truly say that I enjoyed it. While the CGI effects may be sub-par to what we as an audience are used to, it does not take away from the film itself. The story is solid and the emotions it invokes are real. Caroline Barry is fantastic as Nellie Bly. I feel that her portrayal was spot-on and was intrigued by her from the start. She brings Nellie Bly to life and you find yourself cheering her on as she goes forth on her mission. 10 Days in a Madhouse not afraid to explore the mistreatment of the women in the asylum. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the film covers almost all of what was in the article. To see what these poor women went through was sobering and also anger-inducing. It makes me angry to think that these women were left there to be mistreated until they more than likely died. It might not be the greatest film in the world nor do I think it will be winning an Oscar any time soon. While being a little rough around the edges, I think it was still great, powerful and moving overall.

  • Disappointing


    I found this movie to be a poorly done film about an interesting topic. I expected to see the cruelty and disregard for the human rights of the inmates. I expected to see the indifference of the hospital staff. All of that was nothing new. So, I was expecting a great script and acting, a new approach to the horrors of the asylum. I got none of that. And, I was constantly distracted by the terrible wig on the main character! The very least they could have done was to buy and fit the wig so that it LOOKED real. The ways in which they had Nelly Bly speak back to the nurses and doctors suggested to me that she WAS crazy, or should I say the writer was crazy! No sane person, undercover in such a cruel place, would dare to speak up as Nellie did. She supposedly had no idea when, or if, she would eventually get out, and yet she continued to challenge the nurses and doctors. Did she have a death wish? Nonsense! The history that was written at the end said that Nelly spend 8 days in the asylum. The way it was written it seemed like she was there for months!


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