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3 Generations (2015)

3 Generations (2015)

Naomi WattsElle FanningSusan SarandonTate Donovan
Gaby Dellal


3 Generations (2015) is a English,Spanish movie. Gaby Dellal has directed this movie. Naomi Watts,Elle Fanning,Susan Sarandon,Tate Donovan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. 3 Generations (2015) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Family living under one roof in New York must deal with a life-changing transformation by one that ultimately affects them all. Ray is a teenager who has come to the realization that he isn't meant to be a girl and has decided to transition from female to male. His single mother, Maggie, must track down Ray's biological father to get his legal consent to allow Ray's transition. Dolly, Ray's lesbian grandmother, is having a hard time accepting that she now has a grandson. They must each confront their own identities and learn to embrace change and their strength as a family in order to ultimately find acceptance and understanding.


3 Generations (2015) Reviews

  • This is an incredible film and is what true story telling is all about.


    The story is complex: Ray is a boy who was born into a girl's body. Craig and Matthew are his biological and emotional fathers, Frances and Dolly are his grandmother and lesbian lover, and Maggie, his long suffering Mum who tries to manage the whole family. Ray is going through the process of becoming a boy and the film follows him through part of the journey with all the pitfalls and emotions there is. The dialogue is genuine, the direction is superb, the acting is first class, even from Naomi Watts who plays Maggie, an actor I don't really like but she takes on this role competently. Elle Fanning shines out like an acting sun, eclipsing everyone around her and becoming the hinge pin that the entire story revolves around. She displays almost every single emotion a human is capable of and acts far, far beyond her 17 years. She earned £65,000 from this movie, that's a pittance for her performance, it's probably one of the 10 best I've ever seen. Don't miss this, it will stay in your memory for a long time.

  • Despite having its release pulled, the movie isn't just. It just, unfortunately, tries to balance out the mother's personal drama with her trans son.


    Trigger Warning(s): Transphobia (One Scene of Bullying but mostly misgendering) Noted Actor(s) Ray (Elle Fanning) | Maggie (Naomi Watts) | Dolly (Susan Sarandon) Characters & Storyline Ray Since Ray was 4 he knew he was born in the wrong body. Now 12 years later, after a lot of therapy, and dealing with his feminist grandma trying to convince him perhaps he was just a butch lesbian, it is time. However, in order to transition to becoming a male it requires not just his mom signing off on the various paperwork, which would include getting testosterone, but also the father he hasn't seen in almost a decade. Maggie Your daughter is becoming your son, you live with your two moms and the one who is your biological mom seems to make snide comments about your life all the time. It's a bit much to handle and no amount of books can really prep or help. But life happens and despite how uncomfortable things are, you have to learn to adapt right? If you don't it could negatively affect your child and at the end of the day, that's who matters the most right? Highlights A Different Perspective Whether it is I Am Jazz, Redefining Realness, Star, Orange is the New Black, Gun Hill Road, Tangerine, Paris is Burning or countless other media out there, more often than not the focus is masculine assigned persons transitioning to women. Rarely is there anything about someone transitioning the other direction, outside of the various roles Elliot Fletcher (who pretty much corners that market) has played, that character on House of Lies, and Cole on The Fosters. Be it because less of an eye is bat when someone assigned a girl transitions to a boy, or because there isn't the same curiosity and ability to sensationalize. Either way, it was nice to get a taste, just a taste mind you, of the issues FTM trans people go through. Be it boys who misgender you and bully you for it, girls who you have feelings for not seeing you for the man you are, your family adjusting and maybe some of them even feeling betrayed you'd leave the ranks of womanhood to become a man, much less your parents coming to terms with the change. Susan Sarandon A part of me wishes that Sarandon's character was raising Ray as opposed to Maggie. If only because, as noted below, Maggie's drama almost seems like it wants to compete for attention and eclipse the movie's central topic. But it isn't just because of Maggie's drama I'd prefer Sarandon playing the parental role but also because Dolly, her character, brings something different to the complicated matter of a family member transitioning. She is the one which helps push the difference which comes from dealing with an MTF transitioning person vs. an FTM. Also, she is basically the comic relief but without making herself, or rather the character, a joke in the process. Criticism Maggie Parents play a major role when it comes to the lives of trans people. They are perhaps one of the most important figures in finding acceptance and of course learning what it means to be a man or women. But the problem here with Maggie is as the movie tries to craft a life for Maggie it adds all this eye-roll inducing drama in terms of Ray's father and her relationship with him. Which, at first, you're OK with since we are invited into these characters' lives while they are in their late teens, in Ray's case, and likely the 40s of Maggie. However, slowly but surely, it seems like Maggie wasn't there to share focus with Ray's or even have her story-line support Ray's. At a certain point, it seemed like Maggie's story-line was competing with Ray's for prominence and it was more about Maggie's troubled relationship than her son trying to complete their transition and start a new life. Overall: Mixed (Home Viewing) You know how most MTF movies solely feature that character, their relationships with people, and tries to disillusion the viewer on their experience. Yeah, this movie kind of does that but then focuses too much on the mom and her drama, her relationships, to the point it makes it so while you may have watched this movie to learn about Ray, you end up learning a hell of a lot more about Maggie. Which would have been fine if that was how this was marketed, and maybe why the title was changed to Three Generations, but no one cares about Maggie. Maggie's story is tired and old. Which is why this is being labeled Mixed (Home Viewing) because you come for Ray, to learn about his life and what it is like to be a young man transitioning, which we don't really see except in supporting characters. Yet, instead, get another story about a privileged white woman trying to avoid responsibility and making things about her.

  • Misses the Mark


    Ray (Elle Fanning) is a 16-year-old who was born as Ramona but has felt for years that he's a male inside a female body. As he tries to begin the medical transgender process, it will open up much family angst and discord. Additionally, because of his age, Ray will require the parental consent of his absentee father which will lead to more emotional upheaval and the uncovering of some hidden family secrets. Although the film's heart may be in the right place, I thought the dialogue often came across as contrived, strident, and melodramatic, which made it a difficult watch for me. The movie does have a poignant and uplifting ending though. All in all, although I felt for Ray, who seemed the only one who was not conflicted about what he wanted to do, the movie itself did not seem like the best of vehicles to bring transgender issues to the forefront.

  • It is a feel good movie that shows that family can overcome anything together, no matter how dysfunctional.


    About Ray is a fresh take on a family drama that most people can relate to in some way. All families have their problems, and this family is no exception. They show a glimpse of what it is like to have to live in a body that you don't identify with and the complications that go with it. It is a feel good movie that shows that family can overcome anything together, no matter how dysfunctional. All of the lead actresses are amazing, and the set is really one of a kind. Check it out.

  • Could have been a lot better


    Even though the main point of the entire movie was focused on Ray's mother, who was struggling with getting Ray's dad consent for Ray to finally start his transition into a boy, i think the movie could have been a lot better if we actually had the chance to see the actual transition, or at least part of it. Was I the only one waiting to see her starting on T and completely changing her life??. The acting and production of the movie wasn't actually bad, I just think there could have been a lot more story than a mother who wants to get some papers singed for a transformation that we never actually get to see. Excuse me if I am missing the whole point of the movie, I KNOW, there's a lot of things behind whole story line, for example, acceptance, family issues, secrets from the past, personal struggles in the characters, I GET IT. But how exciting would it be to actually get to witness Ray's transformation?. This movie just left me with a lot of question. How will testosterone going to change him? Did he gets the girl at the end? Will he be happy after his transition? Will Ray's mother end up with her former lover? I guess we will never know, because the movie actually ends up when Ray gets the green light to start the treatment. Which is such a cliffhanger, not fair. Don't judge me, but i actually think this could have carried a lot more history that it had already, and it could have been a lot more exciting in my opinion. I wish i would have liked this book better.


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