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96 Souls (2016)

96 Souls (2016)

Grinnell MorrisSridhar MaruvadaPaul StatmanToyin Moses
Stanley Jacobs


96 Souls (2016) is a English movie. Stanley Jacobs has directed this movie. Grinnell Morris,Sridhar Maruvada,Paul Statman,Toyin Moses are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. 96 Souls (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A university research scientist, about to lose funding and status, has a lab accident and discovers he can see people's true intentions -- making his situation even worse.

96 Souls (2016) Reviews

  • I Really Enjoyed This Picture!


    I really enjoyed this picture! This movie is timely as the story line addresses medical ethics during a period when science continues at an amazing speed to make astonishing advances in all areas. This is classic sci-fi: a scientist conducting an experiment is suddenly jolted into a bizarre new realm due to an accident in his lab. Although initially intrigued, he soon realizes that his data needs more research as his visions become terrifying. Unfortunately, those in the pharmaceutical industry who fund the scientists hear about his latest discovery, and our hero has to protect his research from being used for malevolent purposes. Thus begins a tug of war between the forces of good and evil that keeps the viewer on the edge of his seat. There are many twists and turns that lay ahead, as well as some terrific new characters going in and out of the fray. "96 Souls" is a film unafraid to ask big questions and for that reason alone is totally worth seeing.

  • I enjoyed it


    Sure it has a lot of the flaws you expect from this type of low budget film. The dialogue makes you wince a few times as the writer was going for clever and it just sounded clunky coming out of the mouths of the actors. But the acting was fairly solid (with a few notable exceptions, but not where it counts). The cinematography was quite good, and even the "special effects" weren't too distracting. The editing was magnificent, and in many cases that's the key difference between good and bad in films. You don't notice it unless it's done poorly, and in this case, it was pretty much seamless. Despite is flaws, there was something about the story, and the developmental arc of the characters, that kept me fascinated. I watched it more like I was watching an art project than a movie, and I was able to really appreciate what they were trying to do. I watch a lot of indie films, and some are definitely horrific (although many of them have some merit buried in there somewhere. This one was definitely worth a watch. Someone had a pretty clever idea, developed it, and managed to work in some thought-provoking philosophy along the way.

  • 96 Souls -- Worth Checking Out


    This is a sci-fi based film that moves quickly into social commentary. The main character, Jack Sutree, is a research scientist studying the potential to use light to see olfactory data, namely scent. After an all-night work session he accidentally gives himself the ability to see smells. Soon after, he's begins to see people's souls, or the essence of their humanity. How he deals with this ability frames the film with his actions motivated by his response to events going on in his personal life. A pet's death, a pending divorce, a chance encounter with a damaged, but talente$d, homeless musician and a regent in his department who shills for Big Pharma all affect Jack as navigates the good and bad aspects of this ability to see beyond what everyone else can observe. This is an earnest movie. The tone is set right away as we see Jack dealing with having his beloved dog euthanized. He decides he wants his research to be used for the greater good, not great profits. The writing moves us along briskly, and the authentic Los Angeles locations are a fresh breeze. I thought the cast was put together nicely, especially Rob Locke as Stuart Holloway, Jack's mother's pastor. There is a great scene where he describes an onion in metaphysical terms. All in all a worthwhile movie — there's much to like here.

  • Loved the film. Very different.


    The beauty of this film is it has depth (a turnoff for some fanboys). You see a work-focused scientist, Jack, have his perception altered to be able to see the soul of certain people he encounters, whether rich or poor. It reminds us that the soul, not our exterior, is really who we are. The dialogue is realistic, different from typical sci-fi, with a little humor thrown in. (This type of exposition is preferable to what we heard in Dr. Strange). One character, Basement (a very talented actress), wins over your heart. Jack's decision to help her appears at first as self serving, but the journey leads to a human discovery as important as his scientific discovery. If you can switch from the typical way today's films come across and let it work on you, your mind and heart will be engaged to understand its powerful message. I'd like to see future work from the very diverse cast and filmmakers.

  • A very interesting movie


    I'm giving this movie a high 6 stars because it makes a heartfelt effort to tell a unique story. I thought from the trailer that it was an attempt at low budget sci-fi, and ultimately, it is. But more of a kind of hard sci-fi story in which morality and social conditions and consciousness​ underlie the story. Some of the acting is amateurish and same for the editing and directing, and dialogue was more like conversation, but this director shows promise (up to a point). And his story is engaging. Despite the flaws, I never wanted to stop or turn off at any point. Most importantly, it kept me entertained. And that, ultimately, is ​the task of any story. 5 stars for actual effort and an extra for daring something unique.


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