A Veteran's Christmas (2018)

A Veteran's Christmas (2018)

Sean FarisEloise MumfordMary LongAmanda Lisman
Mark Jean


A Veteran's Christmas (2018) is a English movie. Mark Jean has directed this movie. Sean Faris,Eloise Mumford,Mary Long,Amanda Lisman are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. A Veteran's Christmas (2018) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

Captain Grace Garland, a decorated US veteran, returns home after two tours of Search and Rescue in Afghanistan. After being separated from her beloved K9 partner, Grace must rediscover the magic of Christmas. When Grace finds herself stranded in the town of River's Crossing a couple weeks before Christmas, the local judge Joe Peterson, offers her a place to stay on his property and takes it upon himself to show Grace everything she has been missing -- Christmas, family, community, and love.


A Veteran's Christmas (2018) Reviews

  • Worthy of your time


    I'm watching this movie for the second time in a week. I'm a married man, what can I say? This is a highly enjoyable Hallmark movie. There is a lot of chemistry between the two main actors and the supporting cast is solid.

  • Tear jerker but in a good way.


    From multiple scenes in the movie you can pretty well guess how it will end. However it still pulls at your heartstrings. Sean Faris and Eloise mumphord were in Christmas with Holly and to be honest they had better chemistry in that movie than in this one. But all in all it is a fantastic movie

  • I smiled throughout the movie


    What and amazing story. Even my hubby sat for over an hr to watch. Now this is a miracle! ;)

  • A very sweet movie


    I'm a Hallmark junkie, and there have been some movies this year that 10 minutes in I was bored. Not this one. It totally grabbed me and kept me entertained. EXCEPT....the lead male. Throughout the whole movie I felt like I was watching him impersonating Tom Cruise acting in this movie. His mannerisms, the way he would angle his head and most of all the big grin and the laugh. It was comical at first, but got annoying as it went on. Am I the only one who saw this? LOL, anyway, it was a good movie. Predictable, of course...they all are. But I love them anyway!

  • Veterans Christmas


    I thought this was a great movie and I loved it. The plot was refreshingly not contrived and upbeat. The plot had originality and the main characters Eliose Mumford and Sean Faris had chemistry just like they did in Christmas with Holly. I thought it was moving the fact that she hadn't experienced Christmas for a long time and the town was so accepting of her and Sean Faris was bringing Christmas back to her.


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