Actor in Law (2016)

Actor in Law (2016)

Mehwish HayatFahad MustafaOm PuriNayyar Ejaz
Nabeel Qureshi


Actor in Law (2016) is a Urdu movie. Nabeel Qureshi has directed this movie. Mehwish Hayat,Fahad Mustafa,Om Puri,Nayyar Ejaz are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Actor in Law (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Estranged from his attorney father, an aspiring actor poses as a lawyer who becomes a celebrity for taking on difficult cases.

Actor in Law (2016) Reviews

  • Exceptional and Unique


    Genius story and extraordinary acting by Fahad Mustafa. I feel like whoever doesn't watch it will miss out. The movie is based in Karachi, Pakistan and is true to the culture of the city. It's genuine and heart-warming. I'd recommend it it to non-Pakistanis too if you're going for something unique and entertaining. The songs are on point too with Rahat FAK and Atif Aslam. The standout part of the film has to be the plot. The story is unparalleled. The wannabe actor embarks on a career as a lawyer using his acting skills to be successful. The film takes a sharp turn when the hero's credentials are questioned, although he fought for the masses against the powerful. The hero's acting is flawless and he is supported well by the female lead and the others. There's a lot of comedy that complements the story. The movie appeals to your emotions too and delivers a message. The songs make you wanna dance. It leaves you with good vibes.

  • International Standards: Average Movie; Pakistan Standards: Above Average


    Well, I am one of those people who desperately urge Pakistan Cinema to revive. So if some movie does not add to that objective I feel sad about it and If any movie is doing good I kind of feel excited about it. Talking specifically about this movie. There are goods and not-so- goods about it. In comparison to Pakistan movie standards for Direction, it was excellent. Song picturisation was neatly arranged, precise, having aesthetic values. All the songs were surprisingly catchy and fitted very well with situation. The short appearance of Nabil was refreshing and it was good to know that he could dance. The first half of the movie was funny and absorbing. Only for a moment, I felt it was dragging a little but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it. We would not expect Nabil to lack on humor anyway. There are other things though that I will be discussing in the next paras. In addition to the humor, the idea of addressing public issues impacted well and helped in engaging the audience. Movie after intermission where Nabil needed to take the story to Climax and give us a happy ending, everyone could see what's coming. There was no surprise. In fact, the only surprise was that there was no surprise at all. Still, movie took so much time to reach and get passed the obvious movements. The script overall did not have required depth in context of movie plot. Only at one point where they were specifically searching for a provision of law the writer does not seem to have subject matter knowledge. How court systems work, what kind of arguments and language is spoken in court of law; where judge should overrule or sustain the objections etc. Anyways we should not be expecting Pakistani movies to be comparable with international movies,where internationally they hire subject matter specialists to aid the writing of scripts and directorial details etc. Fahad is an excellent actor but Mehwish needs to work on her acting a lot, like a hell lot. And what was Om Puri doing in the movie ??? His work, his dialogues should have been more strong to give an impact to his celebrated appearance especially given the fact that some of the movie posters were Only showing Om Puri. His final punch was too superficial, clichéd and short.If I am director of the movie I would spend hell lot of time and effort to give that scene proper depth, emotional appeal, technical correctness, comprehensive precision and summing up to make the audience awe about the whole movie. On overall basis, I would recommend watching this movie but I expect better work can be done with the given resources.

  • Highlighting social issues is the main Objective


    I never wrote a review before for any movie but after watching this, I have to write one. May be I watched the best script written in Pakistan ever. Everyone must be familiar with main concept of the movie through the trailer but this movie is not only about comedy and laughs but also about some serious social issues which has been presented brilliantly by the AIL team. Even you will see some political characters, including a telephonic speech by political leader. Everyone did superb Job. Mehwish Hayat played a brilliant roll in this movie. I guess in next few days it will be hard to grab tickets for this movie. A must must watch movie - 10/10 from my side. P.S: Even my words cannot define the movie in a proper way

  • Really enjoyed the whole thing!


    Well, title summarizes what I have to say in this review, really. But, if you want details... I would say, I did not really find any moment that was particularly boring or something like that... This is the reason I'm giving it a perfect 10 score/rating. Because, when I think of Pakistani movies, I think of immature movies! :P Even though I am a Pakistani, i still think we need to do a better job... If they wanted to, they could improve even THIS movie, somehow, I'm sure of it. But, I couldn't find any such improvement-needing point. In short, again, I really enjoyed the movie and totally recommend YOU to watch it, too!

  • A well made movie


    Talk about the Pakistani Movies, Waar initiated the message that Pakistan can make the much better movies. By leading message forward Pakistan developed the several good movies and they achieved the healthy box office report. By seeing this result, it seems our entire Drama industry is moving towards to Movie industry, that's unfortunate. That is why you can feel drama touch in Pakistan Movie Industry. Only few movies are being made that we can say its purely a movie that deserve to watch at big screen and YES! Actor in Law is among of them. Actor in law is moving towards a person named Shan Mirza that wanted to be a actor but some circumstances he couldn't be a actor but a lawyer. That is played very well by Fahad Mustafa. So Shan Mirza utilized his acting skills in court, in very amazing way that will make you enjoy the movie. Talk about other lead actors, I wasn't expecting good from Mehwish Hayat but she also did her job and played a lady that wants to fight with the basic issues facing by people of the country. Talk about Om Puri, I don't need to say anything about his as he had small but very important roll and he done it very well. Overall it was a very good comedy movie with some emotional scene in the end, you can enjoy with the pop corn. So I suggest go and watch this one. But this was not just the comedy movie, there were some serious messages in the movie that I request you all to consider it.


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