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Alien Predator (2018)

Alien Predator (2018)

Xavi IsraelDutch HofstetterAlex WestAmanda Rivas
Jared Cohn


Alien Predator (2018) is a English movie. Jared Cohn has directed this movie. Xavi Israel,Dutch Hofstetter,Alex West,Amanda Rivas are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Alien Predator (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a black ops team is sent to investigate the crash of an unidentified aircraft, they soon find themselves being hunted by the former occupants.

Alien Predator (2018) Reviews

  • Holy cow, they even shake the camera for the guy sitting at a desk using his laptop.


    The camera never stops shaking even when 2 people are just talking to each other, and the cheesy music to make sure that you know that 'this is drama', 'this is action', and the spoken lines are a crack up consisting of nothing but cliches repeated over and over, with great dramatic seriousness of course, and by desperate amateur actors. The first 90 seconds will tell you everything that you need to know about this incredible stinker.

  • Who gives out good money for Crap like this to be made.


    Where do these people get the money to make garbage like this. This has nothing got to do with movie making or trying to entertain people and make them think, it's just about ego or making a quick buck or both. Awful rubbish and I agree with the other posted that there should be some sanctions against people that rip off other titles to make you think their movie in somehow in the same ballpark.

  • A scam to make you think it's a real Alien / Predator movie, should have charges filed against them!


    Guys, it's simply a shocking bad knock off to trick people into thinking it's anything to do with the official Alien or Predator franchise, what they do is host it online and put it in shops like supermarkets in the hopes you'll fall victim to this scam, much like several other low life directors/production companies do, they won't last, nor will this film - avoid at all costs!

  • Picked the wrong movie. Worst ever


    I accidentally got this movie instead of the proper Predator. Worst acting, directing, special effects I have ever seen. Nothing was right with this.

  • Good grief.


    Put on a 70's German porn flick and you will be better entertained than with this barrel of manure.

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