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All of My Heart (2015)

Lacey ChabertBrennan ElliottEdward AsnerGreyston Holt
Peter DeLuise


All of My Heart (2015) is a English movie. Peter DeLuise has directed this movie. Lacey Chabert,Brennan Elliott,Edward Asner,Greyston Holt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. All of My Heart (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A young caterer's life suddenly changes course when she inherits a country home and learns she must share it with a career-obsessed Wall Street trader. At first, these opposites do not attract, but feelings begin to change when they find themselves having to work side-by-side to restore their newly acquired home.

All of My Heart (2015) Reviews

  • It Got My Heart


    Really enjoyed the wholesome and family friendly romance. I like the leading couple together. Hallmark should put them in more of their movies as a couple. Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliot stood out in the sea of Hallmark movies I've been watching. I just loved how their chemistry flowed well. And I really liked the whole cast. They really made me feel like it's a small town with good people. And the comedy was just what I like. I think it's called situational. I also liked Daniel Cudmore and Heather Doerksen in their roles. Their supporting roles really helped the story. Edward Asner was a charming grumpy old man.

  • I love Hallmark Movies, but I'm a chick!


    Interesting, but far-fetched idea...a stretch of the imagination here in this script, but cute girl in this movie always does it for me. I'm a sucker for them. I like the movie, even though Hallmark can be quite predictable with their choices. I think they can mix it up a bit more though, bringing more unpredictable love endings. I won't stop watching Hallmark movies just because they are predominantly predictable. Most people like happy endings, and I'm no exception to that desire. Regardless, thank you Hallmark Channel!

  • Thoughts...Brennan, Lacey, editing


    Brennan Elliott is him in this with Lacey. Great chemistry together! Brennan out-acted her but still very good. He should be a huge star with his looks, acting ability and terrific comedic timing. Perfection. There are a few small issues. SPOILER if you haven't seen it. Don't go further. I didn't like the ending and Lacey's character at end...Corny dialogue. Lacey seemed cautious to kiss him in the film. She just didn't seem comfortable. Her body language when he did kiss her was kind of pushing or holding him back with her arms in between the two. It's acting! Some mistakes with editing. Once where Brian is going into general store, they used someone else in a completely different coat! Lol. The music placement after their candlelit dinner, it goes from 1 song into another and it was cut off abruptly. Just my thoughts but overall, a very good movie. In fact, my favorite Hallmark of all time. I only hope Hallmark does a series or at least a follow up movie. I'd like to see a wedding, how he handles going back to NYC- will he work on a contract basis from home or will he run Jenny's new line of pastries? I'd also like to see Harry and Casey get together...or Casey and Tommy from Grberal store. Rocky was pretty funny too.

  • ***1/2


    Anyone out there see the close resemblance of Mr. Crudmore to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo? There were some scenes when I actually thought I was seeing the governor of New York. In typical Hallmark fashion, two people are brought together by fate when they each inherit the same house. The Wall Street guy and the female chef take it slow as they gradually fall in love despite their rocky beginning. She wants to convert the house to a bed and breakfast and he can't wait to sell his part. Naturally, she had a love interest who was career obsessed and naturally he will return to create a chasm between the two when our Wall Street guy thinks that she is back with the other guy. Ed Asner sits at the General Store muttering about ducks,but his purpose in the film becomes all too clear at film's end. Light fanfare and excuse the pun, great to the taste.

  • One of my favorites


    I love Hallmark movies... This one is really cute... I did a lot of awing and awing in this one.., I loved the music in this one... I wonder if there is any way to find the songs in this... I think the music helps make the movie and this music fit the movie perfectly... Like most of the Hallmark movies... I love it! The main characters are two of my favorites... Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott have been very popular on Hallmark lately... I would like to see more movies with them together... This will definitely be one I will want to buy... to add to my growing Hallmark collection... I like movies that make me happy, are pleasant to watch, and hate to see it end... this one was all that... I think it is scheduled to show again in September... I will for sure be watching again...

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