American Kamasutra (2018)

American Kamasutra (2018)

Ashlynn YennieJustin BertiRaylin JoyVictoria Levine
Jacky St. James


American Kamasutra (2018) is a English movie. Jacky St. James has directed this movie. Ashlynn Yennie,Justin Berti,Raylin Joy,Victoria Levine are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. American Kamasutra (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A young woman finds herself involved in a dangerous love triangle when she gets involved with the writer of a popular steamy novel.

American Kamasutra (2018) Reviews

  • Almost completely pointless


    Bizarre. Feels like a cheap knock-off of '50 Shades of Grey', but made for people with the mental age of pre-school children. There's plenty of sex talk and swearing, but absolutely no sex nor nudity of any kind. The director has been making hardcore porn for years, so it seems doubly odd that this film is so chaste by comparison. Almost completely pointless.

  • An Honest Review


    OK, the ONE other review is dead on. It is "50 Shades" without any real sex or nudity, but enough language to get the same rating. And that kind of makes it a very dull watch, given that the point of seeing movies like this is, well, erotica. So why make a film that is erotica without any real erotica?

  • Just go to the original


    This movie is basically a shorter version of the TV Show Submission. They took the episodes of Submission, took out the erotic, nudity, and sex scenes, and this is what you have left. A completely pointless endeavor.

  • I'm confused


    At the end of the movie who is the actual Nolan? Can someone tell me

  • I'm unhappy


    This is another "Mommy porn" "50 Shades" rip off. Ashley (Ashlynn Yennie ) leaves her relationship because of lousy sex and moves in with two girls who have casual and uninhibited sex. They do bondage, role-playing, and get taken from behind a lot. A sex author provides some conflict. The acting and script were downright bad. Guide: F-word. sex. brief nudity.


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