Amy (2013)

Amy (2013)

Christopher AtkinsDavid BlountDavid R. ClaytonJessica DiGiovanni
Patnaik R.P.


Amy (2013) is a English movie. Patnaik R.P. has directed this movie. Christopher Atkins,David Blount,David R. Clayton,Jessica DiGiovanni are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Amy (2013) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

With the psychic power of clairvoyance, an extra-sensory perception, Amy starts witnessing haunting visions as her entire Amish village begins to fall into demonic control. An ominous funeral director, Christopher, uses Amy's special abilities to seek out the covert leader behind the possession. Amy and Christopher must stop the fall of their village before the Devil takes over Amy's soul-forcing them to perform a controversial exorcism.


Amy (2013) Reviews

  • lol! just lol!


    Please disregard all comments praising this movie! They are either high or insane! I watched the entire movie out of curiosity. The effects are just funny! That's why I put "lol" in the title! It looks like my little sister made it on her desktop. Also the acting is so funny! It's like they were joking but unfortunately they were not! But you know what the story was kind of interesting. It's kinda childish but not bad. Also there is a lot of irrationality in the plot. Some characters behave so strangely without a reason. The ending was silly as well. To summarize the entire film, its very silly and irrational but if you have 2 hours to waste then go for it to kill time.

  • Really bad!


    I cannot believe what I just watched. This movie was so bad that I had to fast-forward through most of it. The acting is HORRIBLE! The woman that plays Amy is the best actor/actress in this film, and she wasn't very good. The others just really stunk! I don't think "wooden" explains it. It was truly awful acting! The story and plot aren't very good, and there is really nothing worth mentioning. The "special effects" are so bad that I can't believe that this film was made recently. Just truly AWFUL!

  • F Grade Flick


    I watched this film for the director and what a shame. Director failed seamlessly. Because, capturing some exotic locations and moving the characters here n there is NOT enough for a film. And the performances of the Hollywood crew appears worse than a C grade Indian film. What a waste of time. They couldn't even get the spell check on titles where they spelled screenplay as screenply. Personally felt, director is a disgrace to the Film Industry. Otherwise, why would he waste an opportunity of making an identity world wide with such a mediocre content and direction. Heard Director opined that Amy is his ticket to Hollywood. Happy to say, your ticket is still at the ticket counter and will never be sold. Request small time foreign productions to look at extremely talented youngsters on you tube instead of collaborating with such so called rotten garbage.

  • Amy: Yes, I'm being generous here


    Amy's cover is a bit deceptive and makes it look like something it really is, and by that I mean good. Curiously written and directed by a Bollywood composer it tells the story of an outbreak of possessions in a small Amish community. Amy our titular character has the power to see those who are possessed and a "spider sense" to detect when they are close. It presently stands with a 2.0 rating which for those who use IMDb will appreciate is incredibly low. Is it deserving of that? No, but not far off. It looks the part but sadly when it comes to plot it struggles and the special effects are painful to endure. I could do better, no seriously I literally could. The cast vary from passable to awful, Christopher Atkins taking the title of worst performer in this movie by a long margin. The concept is actually sound, the writer just wasn't competent enough to actually do something with it. The Good: Script is decent in places The Bad: Christopher Atkins is just awful Some dreadful sfx Almost feels like religious propaganda in places, especially the end Things I Learnt From This Movie: Even movie writers contradict the bible freely when quoting it After 2000 years of prayers failing to accomplish anything people still do it because reasons

  • Worst film I have ever seen!


    Basically if you watch this film you will get bad acting (from every character in it), CGI effects that wouldn't look out of place in the 1950's and a script that makes children's TV look like Shakespeare. Half the film is taken up looking at the scenery whilst some amateur brutally smashes together various pieces of poor music and calls it a score. The only thing worth watching it for is the frankly laughable moments when "Chris" says something in a husky melodramatic voice and stares off into the distance! Altogether, a student course on film making could come up with a better film than this, the only horror you'll get from this is when you runaway screaming after the first 30 minuets.


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