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Beta Test (2016)

Beta Test (2016)

Manu BennettLarenz TateLinden AshbyKevon Stover
Nicholas Gyeney


Beta Test (2016) is a English movie. Nicholas Gyeney has directed this movie. Manu Bennett,Larenz Tate,Linden Ashby,Kevon Stover are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Beta Test (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

While testing the latest first person shooter from global game developer, Sentinel, video game champion Max Troy discovers the events happening within the game are being reflected in the real world. He soon determines that the game's protagonist is real-life Orson Creed, an ex-Sentinel employee who is being remotely controlled by the corporation for reasons unknown. As virtual and real worlds collide, Max and Creed must join forces to unravel the conspiracy before the game's sinister events escalate and overwhelm the city.


Beta Test (2016) Reviews

  • I feel violated


    At first it looked like it will be an average level movie with a half decent plot, but moving through out the movie everything changed. From somewhat good film it became a low budged plot less porno without the porn. It was filled with plot holes, terrible writing and honestly there is no way the director/producer has actually seen any of this high school level content. I feel sorry for the actors who have tried to salvage this already sunken crapfest, but ended up devoured by this Frankenstein someone had the courtesy to call a movie. It is safe to assume that whoever wrote this THING has already committed suicide, since no sane person would ever think that this was even remotely close to decent.

  • This movie is not just bad, it's really bad!


    I'm not the review-writer really, but after seeing this movie and the absurdly high rating it gets here on IMDb I just had to write my 50 cents worth. To sum up some things about this movie in short: Guy is beta tester for a gaming company to find out he's controlling a real person (ex-employee turned against the company). If you like this premise alone, I strongly suggest you go and watch 'Gamer' because in that film this concept is executed 100 times better. Gamer and ex-employee turned avatar go against company, have a couple really slow-paced unbelievable fight-scenes towards the end. Director of gaming company has a popcorn-frenzy somewhere in the last part of the film... I mean really? Someone must really thought let's flip off our viewers and shove them some bs down their troath. Even for an Indie-movie with a low production budget this is an insult to nominal human intelligence in general, and they should have spend that money on repaving some road in Texas or something. This movie is Into The Woods bad (and that movie was really bad). There's not a single thing that I can credit as being positive about this movie... Wel... some of the music was OK. You'll be craving the endtitles before the first 3rd of the movie has passed!

  • SyFy Channel production values, at best.


    At the time of my review this is carrying a 7.1 score on IMDb. I'm left wondering if the user votes on this movie are bought from some click-farm in India. So the premise of the movie is a chump who is the ultimate beta- tester for a game studio who gets to beta test a new game, only to find out he is actually controlling someone else in real life. As events unfold the uber-beta tester decides to "do the right thing" even under penalty of death. As you can imagine, a movie that mixes video games and real-life footage has to be brilliantly convincing. This is not the case. At all. This carries, at best, SyFy production values in a movie with terrible CGI, awful acting and the result is, shamefully, something the actors will have to live with for the rest of their lives. The "biggest fight scene" tries to cash in on Daredevil and the likes, but the premise is so contrived (and the execution so poor/unconvincing) that you'll avert your eyes or start laughing. Sorry click-farmers... this is horrible. BTW: if you remain unconvinced that this is not even worthy of a TV Movie, please bear in mind that it grossed $9000 box-office. mmmkkay? Not 7.1. Not unless that is a scale of shittiness.

  • Not worth your time


    The movie starts with a seemingly interesting idea and that's the only good thing that I can say about it. Unfortunately, as the story develops it turns to boring, amateurish cringe-fest. It's especially disappointing if you consider that Manu Bennett was in better shows (Spartacus, Arrow) and here you can see him in a lame role with lame fighting scenes and brain-cell destroying dialogues. To top that he still gives the best performance so you can imagine the rest of the cast. I do not recommend watching it, unless you plan to use some mind-altering substance and even so it will probably be a bad experience. In short: stupid storyline, half-baked concept, people with moronic behavior, badly choreographed and unrealistic fights.

  • I like b movies but damn


    First off, I don't understand all the hate aimed at the people giving this movie a bad review. Come on.. it's bad. Full of bravado and terribly weak story telling. To get this high of a ranking.. I call foul. Somethings broken in IMDb. Second.. Graphics.. Poor. Acting... Poor. Writing... Completely predictable. Directing... Now I'm not going to cut you down.. I've never tried to direct a movie. But damn, dude.. Your production values were pretty decent. Your actors were capable. And the cinematography was alright. So I'm thinking it comes down to you. I'm guessing your a nice guy, cause you should have reshot so many scenes and you know.. directed your actors. There was nothing here worth watching. Ya, I know.. if I don't like it then don't. I honestly kept watching because I wanted to know how it earned such high reviews. But seriously man. This is bad. I mean, make a IMDb account just to complain about it's rating bad. Totally unbelievable start to finish, especially the scene where a game maker.. someone who spends there life behind a screen and building the social dynamics needed to produce a game just happens to be able to kick 30 security officers butts in a row and walk on like it's just another Tuesday. (And that voice.. It's like watching a dumbed down duke nukem spoof) Or how about the security officer holding his gun on the gamer while he lets him walk his puppet into the house and beat him. Right.. Sure.. everyone that dumb. Sword scene on the roof while the blond stands emotionless and helplessly by.. wow man.. .. just wow.. There isn't enough testosterone in the world to excuse the ego here. Someone in IMDb needs to look into this, seriously.. Things like this will ruin your credibility. This is a 3... max. The only person here showing any acting chops at all was the gamer.. and he unfortunately couldn't hold up this pile. Koodos for trying though bro.


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