Better Start Running (2018)

Better Start Running (2018)

Alex SharpAnaleigh TiptonMary Elizabeth RunyonZella Leigh
Brett Simon


Better Start Running (2018) is a English movie. Brett Simon has directed this movie. Alex Sharp,Analeigh Tipton,Mary Elizabeth Runyon,Zella Leigh are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Better Start Running (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy movie in India and around the world.

In BETTER START RUNNING, an unexpected series of events turns everyday store clerk Harley [Alex Sharp] into a wanted man - and even more unexpectedly, he finds himself on the run with the girl of his dreams (Analeigh Tipton). FBI Agent McFadden [Maria Bello] is determined to crush him and wants to teach her rookie partner [Karan Soni] how it's done. But while the agents pursue their culprit, our hero has loftier pursuits. He kidnaps his Vietnam vet grandfather [Jeremy Irons] to reunite him with the love of his life, picks up a try-hard beatnik hitchhiker [Edi Gathegi] with a secret of his own, and against all common sense follows a roadside attractions map with a mysterious history. As the agents get closer and closer with every stop, this eclectic band of misfits becomes an unlikely family, because sometimes a running start - can be a better start.


Better Start Running (2018) Reviews

  • I couldn't see myself liking this film, but I did.


    This film had none of the traits I look for in a film - suspense, thrills, drama, action, fast-pace, etc... or in other words, your typical big budget Hollywood blockbuster. Yet I was still drawn to it for it's complexity of the four very different yet typical, oddball and not really even ordinary people. The pace was very slow, but the interesting story, spotless directing, decent cinematography, great acting and perfect score were enough to keep me drawn in. This is clearly a low budget indie film with C and B list actors - the only big name actor being Jeremy Irons (and Jane Seymour in a very small role), but Alex Sharp and especially Analeigh Tipton, were just perfect in portraying their characters in this film, as was Jeremy Irons. This film is not for everyone (it wasn't for me), but I still enjoyed the romantic and character conflicts. It is heartfelt and heartwarming with some dark humor here and there. Reviewer zoeparry-94573 basically took the words right out of my mouth. I would still recommend it to those who enjoy a film with substance. A surprisingly well deserved 8/10 from me.

  • nice example how to make a movie


    There has been made lots of roadtrip movies,and this one was just as unremarkable as the others,but it shows how to make a film on low budget,with a good storyline without glitter and glamour. its about an old disabled army veteran grandfather, his more or less related relative grandson, a totally lost girl with some adhd tendencies,and a young african american straycat that fusions into the group by incident.. there is a kill,so the law and fbi are doing their best to retain the fugitives. i like the way this film show the rural kind of usa,with dinoparks and other strange features popping up and flashes in your face wereever you are on the road. good filming and decent story, and a very nice jeremy irons for once. i think ''the straight story'' was great,and this one is a good addition to the folk-road-trip genre.

  • Really nice


    I enjoyed it very much. Very nice, funny and relaxing movie, no annoying characters, you really care about all of them which doesn't happen in so many movies lately.

  • Good movie ... with ups and downs but in general it was a nice romantic thrilling road trip with a bit of dark comedy


    The movie in general was fine mm even though the plot itself is a bit like "seen that before" but still had a lot of new twists and the dark comedy made it look fresh ... what i didn't like is some scenes it gets a bit slow and the character of "Agent McFadden" could have been more involved in the comedy ... which instead i felt ruined the ending a little "no spoilers" .. but it wasn't the totally happy ending i hoped for. The cast was fine .. i like Analeigh Tipton ,, not the first time she's ever done project like this ,, actually she's had her own career built around rom/com so she did okay in here .. Alex Sharp literally started acting provisionally last year, yet this is his his forth movie and two more are coming out next year ... and that is for a good reason. Final thought ,, it is not the perfect action/comedy movie you're expecting but it had a lot of action bits and a good amount of still comedy,, so it passes with good 7 stars ;)

  • Super Quirky


    This movie has really likeable characters. Even the antagonists are likeable. Although unrealistic in its totality, the movie works and keeps the viewer engaged all the way to the end. It has an "indie" vibe all the way through, so expect it and enjoy it. Better Start Running has flavors from some of my favorite movies like Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine, Moonrise Kingdom, and even Kalifornia. If those are in your list of favorites, don't miss this movie!


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