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Beyond the Pole (2009)

Beyond the Pole (2009)

Rhys ThomasStephen ManganMark BentonRosie Cavaliero
David L. Williams


Beyond the Pole (2009) is a English movie. David L. Williams has directed this movie. Rhys Thomas,Stephen Mangan,Mark Benton,Rosie Cavaliero are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Beyond the Pole (2009) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A quirky, moving and very funny tale of two friends that set out on a heroic trip to the North Pole only to discover that before they can become heroes, they must first become men.

Beyond the Pole (2009) Reviews

  • A really great film


    We watched this on DVD today (too hot to go out) and the whole family loved it! It's not often you see a film that really stays with you but we were all talking about it right through dinner and my brother and his friends have already started quoting their favourite lines - a sure fire indicator of a cult hit if ever there was one! Everyone loved Stephen Mangan and Rhys Thomas who are just the most wonderful friends in it (bickering their way across the ice was just hilarious and a bit like a dysfunctional marriage!) but personally my favourites were Rosie Cavaliero (not an actress I'd seen before) and Lars Arentz Hansen. These two were so truthful and funny I just loved watching them every time they came on screen. Real stars in the making (if they're not already - I don't know!!) Also I have to say that the DVD extras just are lovely. The actors are so, so funny and the story of the making of it just so great. Thankyou!

  • Funny and so much better than the STOOPID poster!!


    I had NOT heard a thing about this film and I nearly didn't go in because of the poster but some friends of ours had told us under NO circumstances to miss it because they'd gone in and seen it when some film or other was sold out and were so glad they did! BTW I hated the poster - something to do with reminding me of Dumb and Dumber - but our friends had sworn by it and we went in. We LOVED it! Really funny,really touching in places, great drama, language that was fruitier than your mother might approve of (if you see where I'm going with this!) and really a wonderful story of two friends who try to do their best and just frankly, get a bit out of their depth! Rhys Thomas (who I had not heard of) and Stephen Mangan (who is a genius) are so good in this I hope they do lots more together because they seemed born to play opposite each other. Quite a double act! And Alexander Skarsgard, who I recognised but couldn't place is apparently a huge star in True Blood (which I haven't seen) but I have to take my hat off to him. He was HILARIOUS. Really, go see this movie. It's not a Hollywood blockbuster but when was the last great comedy that came out of that place?! Really, do yourself a favour, go see this and then tell me how great a night you had!

  • Go See This Film!


    I had the pleasure of seeing this film at a preview a few months ago. As a perfect counter balance to Mr Al Gore's film it's serious subject matter is handled with care and belly laughs. More fun at delivering the message than 50 politicians banging on. A must see for film buffs and white van man alike. In fact it should be shown in Westminster! A classic British film that takes on the issue of the day and makes you think "what can i do to change things?" Great writing and well cast. Good use of soundtrack music pushes the story along to good effect. Forget showing in Westminster, get it to schools and Uni's. "Beyond The Pole" is a very now film that you wont forget in a hurry.

  • Excellent film, lots of fun, well balanced


    The climate-change camp of environmentalists have over the last few decades moved from hippies in trees to suits in boardrooms, from Greenpeace ships to parliament and from chaining themselves to construction site fencing to highly paid city-based consultants. Some would argue a long-oppressed and "inconvenient" movement has now swung right through the centre ground, and like many oppressed but important issues, now gone too far, and there is a need for amending the balance. Enter "Beyond the Pole". While not losing sight - or in my view trying to criticise or offend the climate debate - this film is an hilarious look at where idealism simply goes too far. In a small screening at the ICA we laughed, cringed and cried on a roller-coaster of emotions from the Chelsea Tractor streets of London to the harsh, barren and cold reality of the Arctic North. This is essential viewing for all. I left amused, entertained and felt some much needed humour (and humility) had been injected into the climate debate. Not least as I leave for the North Pole at the end of March. And yes, I did go to Public School. Sorry.

  • British comedy actors at their best.


    Went to see this film at a preview last week. The cast is superbly put together. I love to see a good British comedy and this has everything you want in it. Well known British comedy actors at their best. The storyline is cleverly written, current & emotive besides being very funny. It puts over the issues of climate change in a way that will make you think about what is happening to the planet and what you can do about it. There are some very memorable scenes that want to make you go see it again. Loved the hilarious scenes between the Brits and the Norwegians. Beyond the Pole 2 should be considered by the producers. Maybe vegetarian Salsa dancers go the pole next! D and R.


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