Camp Cool Kids (2017)

Connor RosenLogan ShroyerMichael GrossLeigh-Allyn Baker
Lisa Arnold


Camp Cool Kids (2017) is a English movie. Lisa Arnold has directed this movie. Connor Rosen,Logan Shroyer,Michael Gross,Leigh-Allyn Baker are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Camp Cool Kids (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Family movie in India and around the world.

At a Christian youth camp, kids learn to confront their fears and not seek revenge as a solution. Two brothers separate into different houses and after a series of pranks realize they need each other. In the finale all the teams competes against each other pitting the underdogs against the stronger kids. The focus on victory and dominance over peaceful coexistence and forgiveness in the final moments of the film tends to negate the attempt at moral guidance.

Camp Cool Kids (2017) Reviews

  • Wow


    Wow, what a great movie. While watching this fantastic movie I was just overwhelmed with lovely emotions and feelings. Just kidding, this movie is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. I just wasted an hour and a half of my life watching this joke. The actors practically ruined their career by "starring" in this "great" film.

  • So bad it's good


    Found this on netflix and wow. This is, straight-forward, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The acting, the writing, the sound-editing, and direction are all impressively bad. You'll watch this movie and be in constant amazement at the decisions they made. This movie has a magical ability to slow down time. 104 minutes feels like 9 hours. You can barely hear anything in the movie, except for the piped in christian pop music which I'm guessing is one of the main reasons this exists. It's truly an expierence. And the for the record the identical twins in the movie are NOT identical twins. They may be twins but they aren't identical, and the movie knows it. They seem to frame almost every scene to obscure one or both faces. Watch the movie and look out for it and you can't not notice it.

  • I loved the first half. The second half made me very upset.


    From the beginning of the movie I was really into it. I love kids movies and this seemed to have a good theme. I loved the main character Spence. He was easy to relate to. I thought he had a good group of friends in his cabin. When the prank war started, it all got out of hand. The other cabin, with kids who are clearly older, started a food fight and only the younger kids got in trouble. Where were all the counselors during this? Zack really was a jerk. At first I thought he was an okay guy, who just didn't want to look after his brother, but then he began leading the bullying. He gave his own brother and all of his friends wedgies. When he apologized, he didn't even take full responsibility. Spence had no reason to apologize. He was only sticking up for himself and his friends. Dean was just a typical bully. They tried to justify him by claiming that he was afraid, but how is that any excuse for what he did. These weren't just silly little camp pranks. He rubbed poison ivy in kids' beds. At any real camp he would have been kicked out. At the end of the movie, Dean still never learned his lesson. He wasn't apologetic for what he did. He only felt sorry for himself. Garret was supposed to be portrayed as a good counselor, but he really wasn't. He made his cabin accept full responsibility for the food fight they didn't even start. When they were wedgied, he didn't even try to find out who did it. When the bullies played potentially dangerous pranks, he did nothing. Yet when the younger, weaker kids, got revenge in a far less brutal way, he punished them. Why was there no adult supervision at this camp? How did the bullies keep getting away with bullying? What was wrong with that camp director? I thought the ending was good, with the exception of Dean's lack of character development. The theme was a little confusing. I know when kids get bullied there supposed to show off their differences in a positive way, but this wan't just teasing. They were getting physically bullied and every time they stood up for themselves they got in trouble, when really the counselors should have taken care of it. I think with a few plot and character changes this could have turned out to be a really good movie that I would have given a 10. I still loved the actors.

  • Objective Critique


    I like this kind of move. Really. But, there's one thing that I just CANNOT understand! Why on earth does everyone swim in the lake with a life preserver????



    This is the best movie I've ever seen. The acting, transitions, and song choices are outstanding. To be honest I cried a few times because of Cool Cat and his beauty relationship with his grandfather. There were strong comedic elements throughout the piece that made the movie more enjoyable. My favorite part of the whole show is definitely the concerning ways of this summer camp. There are only two councelors and the director is only in approximately two scenes. This show brings great awareness to the problem of irresponsible adult leaders.

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