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Cassidy Way (2016)

Sydney SweeneyStan ShawChristopher RichRandy Wayne
Harvey Lowry


Cassidy Way (2016) is a movie. Harvey Lowry has directed this movie. Sydney Sweeney,Stan Shaw,Christopher Rich,Randy Wayne are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Cassidy Way (2016) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a film student and her two friends go to Kern County to shoot a documentary, they stumble upon a mysterious family and learn why Pandora's box should never have been opened.

Cassidy Way (2016) Reviews

  • Don't watch this movie.


    I really had no idea what to expect when this movie began. A guy's son is shot. That is the opening. How was I to know there was a messed up plot involved? A gas company is fracking and is trying to buy all the land and one guy is holding out, but the contaminated water has made him and his family paranoid and dangerous to all around. Three college students go to the gas property to get some footage for the girl's film and get trapped by the psycho father ans his messed up family. What a DARK movie. Between the brain-piercing, the bleeding out and dressing of another body, and the killing of the girl by bleeding out as well(we presume she dies in the end), this movie is horrible. All these kids wanted to do is make a film for her degree. Please don't waste your time watching this, because I guarantee not only will you probably not want to finish, what you do watch will disturb you.

  • What afjmf from Wichita said; fracking is already awful in itself


    Someone actually put together a thriller-gore about hydraulic fracturing, aka 'fracking'. As an obvious B-movie/film school project with some sort of budget, it apparently tries to be something worthwhile or even original, like a cult first or something. The base premise does make sense: fracking is dangerous and destructive and comes with an array of negative environmental impacts, like water pollution, random earthquakes and abuse of land, but having people go Dahmer because they drink their shitty tap water is ridiculous. Had they cast the great Gary Busey as the patriarch, it WOULD have become an immediate B cult. The family nymphet is yummy, while the girl who "has trouble getting close to people" by sleeping with both a guy and his friend is to Acting what Trump is to Subtlety.

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