Chariot (2013)

Chariot (2013)

Anthony MontgomeryIan SinclairBrina PalenciaMichelle Sherrill
Brad Osborne


Chariot (2013) is a English movie. Brad Osborne has directed this movie. Anthony Montgomery,Ian Sinclair,Brina Palencia,Michelle Sherrill are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Chariot (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Seven strangers wake aboard a passenger jet in mid-flight, with no idea how they got there - and no idea where they are headed. Cut off from the cockpit and with a dying smartphone as their sole source of communication, they learn the U.S. is under a devastating attack... and they might be the only survivors.

Chariot (2013) Reviews

  • Listen after the Credits are done!


    All of you reviewers have no clue do you? First of all this is one of the best movies made for such a low budget. Most of the acting is good and it kept our interest to the end. Spoiler Alert : OK so we finished watching the movie and we ALWAYS watch thru the credits to see them to the end and the projector shuts off etc. What apparently NONE of you did was listen to the credits and when they were done rolling guess what? : What came from my theater setup was amazing! From one side to another side of the room was plane noise roaring ! And get this : A quick sound of tires hitting the ground for a normal touch down and safe landing (but was very brief!!) There you go! So next time before ranting and raving about no ending, sit thru the credits before you conclude your movie viewing time! Lesson Learned!!

  • Pretty decent indie flick


    Well what can I say about this movie, first off I rarely watch low budget movies, in fact I didn't even realize that this was a low budget movie until I finished watching it and decided to take a peek at what people thought of it. Wow what can I say a $40,000 budget is to me really simply amazing to come out with such a well done project, the movie is certainly not without flaws but the skills of all involved pull this micro budget off really well. Bottom line is this movie is a very entertaining time killer and for it to be set on a plane and still keep you interested the whole way through takes some real skill to pull off, plot wise it's not the strongest script to hit the shelfs, but by far nothing worse than most Hollywood big budget movies. My praise really is not so much the script (not that its bad) but the fact the director/actors and editing is so flawless, basically one of the better movies I've seen in the last 6 months and to find out it was done on a shoe string budget WOW!!

  • Flight of confusion


    I've never taken time to write a review here on something along the lines of this type of film. I will hope that my attempts do not spoil this. An unknown 727 flight with seven passengers on board who wake at nearly the same time. We are taken on a trip at 65,000 feet with these individuals who rather quickly expose their personality types and the view can easily see how each effects the outcome. The Secretary of Transportation, Government Contractor, IT Expert, Master's Degree Student, Language Specialist, House-wife and a Truck Driver. Interesting, diversified group. What could they have in common? Cole, the first to wake from his drug induced sleep, becomes the leader of the passengers and the misfit as he didn't belong to the "group". I liked his character and found him to be a believable individual and a likely leader due to his even temper and levelheadedness. Sadly the strength of the other participants, to included the remaining three individuals, are weak, but are supported by a script that seems to be lacking depth. Confrontations are cold, unfeeling, unrealistic and even seem stiff at times. The premise is a good one and one that I enjoyed. For a 90 minute film, it did keep me watching due to the story line and I was interested to see how it played out, although I had it nearly pegged about halfway through. I believe it ended properly. In fact, I am happy that the director and writers decided to end the film the way it did. Had this ended any other way, I think it might have ruined what was already a not-so-great movie. A watchable film and somewhat likable flick.

  • focused, compact and cleverly written


    Seemingly unrelated people wake up on a plane. Very soon they discover that US is under attack. When a dead body is discovered paranoia kicks in. Could these random people work together to survive? And why were they taken on the first place? The market these days is flooded with low budget horror movies and most of them have nothing on offer but cheap thrills and weak CGI. CHARIOT is not one of those films. It is focused, compact and cleverly written. You can start watching it out of curiosity and will stay with it until the credits' roll. It has some descent acting and characters you genuinely care about. On the negative side - it is hard to finish the movie like this. The writers put themselves into a corner because every possible ending would ruin the story told so far. So they have chosen the only option available. It is frustrating in a way, but a satisfying one all the same. It is interesting to see how little money may be required to tell a good story. With the similar premise Liam Neeson movie NON-STOP hitting theaters soon it is interesting to see if the big budget flick can pull a better rabbit out of the same hat!

  • Starts out alright but doesn't really go anywhere


    Decent enough acting and gains some initial interest in wondering what exactly is going on, but after the big reveal it becomes quite mundane. And you do feel robbed off a proper ending as the movie ends with an endings that are open for interpretation with not much really resolved. For that type of ending to work to movie as a whole have to have been interesting packed of substance through out, but this isn't one of those movies. So yeah overall not terribly impressive, there are far better air-plane thrillers to watch such as NON-STOP, FLIGHTPLAN, SNAKES ON A PLANE and RED EYE for instance, heck even ALTITUDE and PANIC BUTTON was better than this.


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