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Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018)

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018)

Alicia WittColin FergusonLaura LeightonJill Larson
Maggie Greenwald


Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018) is a English movie. Maggie Greenwald has directed this movie. Alicia Witt,Colin Ferguson,Laura Leighton,Jill Larson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Emma Reynolds is a newly minted junior partner with a New York City law firm and who followed in her father's footsteps career-wise, although Emma only knows her clients as faceless corporations, while her father, who had his own practice in the family's longtime hometown of Oliver's Well, Virginia with his friend and partner Joe, knew the names and faces of everyone with who he did business. Always too busy with work and now a bona fide big city girl, Emma has headed home to Oliver's Well this Christmas for the first time since law school, what could be considered one year too late as both her father and mother, Cliff and Caroline Reynolds, have passed away this year, meaning she didn't get that one last Christmas with them. Emma will be spending this Christmas with her Oliver's Well-based siblings, Andie, a successful novelist, and Daniel, a caterer, and their respective families as the three siblings will be closing up the family house on Honeysuckle Lane, including figuring out ...


Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018) Reviews

  • Alicia Witt's embarrassment


    Alicia Witt was spot-on perfect a few years back in "Merry Mix Up." She can act, as was particularly evidenced by the scene in which she was alone in a bathroom and had an emotional breakdown - it was subtle and very moving. Since then, her Christmas movies have gone downhill, mostly because she acts so goofy. What's with the overbaked facial expressions, weird voice inflections, and klutzy looking body movements ? This new movie is a good, solid, well-written story that keeps your interest. But, there are only three reasons to watch it : 1. Colin Ferguson (as Morgan) and the great Jill Larson (Opal of "All My Children") are very good, particularly Larson in a supporting role that is pivotal to the plot. 2. Witt's hair. In the first hour there is a scene where she stoops over to talk to some kids and her long hair completely covers her face. It's like the kids are talking to Cousin Itt from the Addams Family ! Then, in a longer scene, as she is performing, her hair hangs straight down, then its back behind her ears, then its behind her left ear only, no wait - now its straight down, nope - it's back behind both ears, yikes - now only the right side of her hair is behind an ear, now it's straight down again, etc.,etc. Does that hair move by itself you wonder ! This serious lack of continuity is hilarious - you got to see it to believe it. Plus, you can't understand how the director let this happen in the finished product ! The most blatant and continual lack of continuity I have ever seen in a film. 3. Witt's performance. During the first hour, she overacts beyond belief. At times, she gives these looks of horror or shock that are laughably inappropriate to what is going on in the scene. And her body movements are childlike or just plain clumsy. At the end of the hour, my wife said, "I think we are going to find out that her character has a mental problem - something disturbing happened to her." Seriously?! Ya think ?! But, Witt almost redeems herself in the second hour. She settles down, removes the distracting aqua blue nail polish that her character (an attorney) would never wear, pulls her hair back out of her face (per the frustrated make-up staff probably), and she seems to concentrate on what she is doing. She is actually quite good and heartfelt. All in all, pretty entertaining and unintentionally hilarious. Can't wait until Witt's funny fiasco next Christmas. Who was it that said, "Always keep 'em laughing!".

  • Remembering


    This is a story about returning home after a long absence and remember those we love and finding out that reality is a little different. Alicia Witt and Colin Ferguson are excellent together even though the story is more than just their relationship. The makeup and hair were horrible. I don't understand how it could be so bad. Alicia's hair is often a mess. Colin frequently has a five-o'clock-shadow even early in the story's day. Actors have shiny noses.

  • Emphasis on "suck"


    My wife and I both really enjoy just about anything Colin Ferguson is in--always a friendly, engaging character and excellent actor, one of the best in the Hallmark stable. Unfortunately, he's stuck in this snooze-fest with Alicia Witt, who is one of the worst. The irritating contortions of her mouth, along with so many silly and inappropriate facial expressions, are enough in themselves to ruin any chance she might have for a convincing performance. But add to it the fact that her character is a Negative Nellie who cries, pouts, smarts off, etc. throughout the movie, and by the end you're wondering--as my wife cried out--"why on earth would any man have anything to do with her??" Ferguson's character is left with little to do but keep apologizing to her, which becomes eye-rolling because she should be the one doing so, pretty much every time. Most of the 'emotional' moments end up feeling manufactured and even silly, which steals any genuine emotional arc from the script. And one more ingredient that probably does more than anything to crush everything else down to an emotional flatline--the boring, ever-present, do-nothing music that drones on continuously for two solid hours. It sounds just the same in the 'high' moments as in the 'low', doing nothing to really enhance a particular moment or separate it from the one that preceded it or follows. I'm giving it two stars instead of one, only because of 1. Colin Ferguson's presence and 2. the gorgeous house, which in the end was the only real shining star in the whole thing.

  • Better than usual Alicia Witt movie.


    The last few years Hallmark has wasted Alicia Witt in some pretty poorly done Christmas movies. Luckily this year, they've put her in a more emotional and satisfying movie. Laura Leighton is an always welcome surprise in these movies too. If only someone had taken the time to brush Alicia's hair. She's too pretty to have a rat's nest on her head.

  • Inconsistencies


    Certainly some questionable acting, overdone facial quirks etc.Kind of a ho-hum plot- certainly not much mystery. I thought it hilarious that, even though the name of the town is supposed to be "Oliver's Well" (really??- where is there a town like that?) at the beginning of the movie they showed one shop with the marquee "Old Wethersfield Country Store". Yes, it was shot in Wethersfield, Connecticut. So why was that store name shown? Is it taking place in Oliver's whatever or in Wethersfield? Were they just too lazy to cover that up? Did they spend more than ten minutes editing it? Also, many people around the country know Comstock Ferre as being one of the finest purveyors of heirloom seeds (Wethersfield is or was also the headquarters of the famous Hart's seeds). So showing that sign very obviously makes the Olvier's Well setting even more unbelieveable..There are some serious disconnects in this movie that show a total lack of quality control. Her nail color was horrible and I wondered about that choice. Not too many attorneys show up for a closing like that. Her hair was certainly inconsistent- was that showing that everyone has a bad hair day, or just poor quality control? I didn't think that she and the guy had any chemistry either. A fake crank-out from too much Hallmark quantity.


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