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Clock Cleaners (1937)

Clock Cleaners (1937)

Pinto ColvigWalt DisneyJames MacDonaldClarence Nash
Ben Sharpsteen


Clock Cleaners (1937) is a English movie. Ben Sharpsteen has directed this movie. Pinto Colvig,Walt Disney,James MacDonald,Clarence Nash are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1937. Clock Cleaners (1937) is considered one of the best Animation,Short,Comedy,Family movie in India and around the world.

The clock-tower is getting a major cleaning. Donald soon characteristically looses his temper while cleaning the inner clockwork, when a resilient spring proves better at springing back then he at pushing and hammering it where it just won't fit. Mickey is in charge of the exterior plates, which is perilous enough, but soon must also try to save from a fatal fall Goofy, who ended up the sleep-walking loser of a shadow-fight against the automatically rotating bronze figures which ring the giant bell, which he managed to stand inside so the deafening drone totally shattered his sense of balance.


Clock Cleaners (1937) Reviews

  • Tick Tock


    This short features Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as clock cleaners cleaning a very tall clock tower (possibly Big Ben). What was interesting about this short was that each of the three characters had some sort of problem. Mickey kept trying to get a nesting stork out of the clock and the stork wouldn't cooperate, Goofy was hit on the head by a figure resembling the Statue of Liberty and knocked unconscious, and Donald was having troubles with a spring that seemed to talk back to him. In fact, Reverend Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association thought he heard Donald say a naughty four-letter word that began with the letter "F" followed by the word "you" to the spring. He succeeded in getting Wal Mart to remove all copies of a video containing this short off of their shelves and return them to Disney. Donald was actually saying "Says you!" to the spring. Interesting to note that.

  • High Time

    Ron Oliver2003-07-22

    A Walt Disney MICKEY MOUSE Cartoon. Mickey, Donald & Goofy are the CLOCK CLEANERS atop a very tall tower. The three buddies have their work cut out for them in this classic little film from Disney's Golden Age. The animation is first-rate and the laughs keep coming as Mickey deals with a stubborn stork, Donald falls foul of the mechanism's mainspring and Goofy, in a nod to Harold Lloyd, teeters about the deadly brink. 'Asleep In The Deep' is the tune of which the Goof keeps singing the first line ('Loudly the bell in the old tower rings.') Walt Disney provides Mickey with his squeaky voice; Clarence Nash does the honors for Donald. Walt Disney (1901-1966) was always intrigued by pictures & drawings. As a lad in Marceline, Missouri, he sketched farm animals on scraps of paper; later, as an ambulance driver in France during the First World War, he drew comic figures on the sides of his vehicle. Back in Kansas City, along with artist Ub Iwerks, Walt developed a primitive animation studio that provided animated commercials and tiny cartoons for the local movie theaters. Always the innovator, his ALICE IN CARTOONLAND series broke ground in placing a live figure in a cartoon universe. Business reversals sent Disney & Iwerks to Hollywood in 1923, where Walt's older brother Roy became his lifelong business manager & counselor. When a mildly successful series with Oswald The Lucky Rabbit was snatched away by the distributor, the character of Mickey Mouse sprung into Walt's imagination, ensuring Disney's immortality. The happy arrival of sound technology made Mickey's screen debut, STEAMBOAT WILLIE (1928), a tremendous audience success with its use of synchronized music. The SILLY SYMPHONIES soon appeared, and Walt's growing crew of marvelously talented animators were quickly conquering new territory with full color, illusions of depth and radical advancements in personality development, an arena in which Walt's genius was unbeatable. Mickey's feisty, naughty behavior had captured millions of fans, but he was soon to be joined by other animated companions: temperamental Donald Duck, intellectually-challenged Goofy and energetic Pluto. All this was in preparation for Walt's grandest dream - feature length animated films. Against a blizzard of doomsayers, Walt persevered and over the next decades delighted children of all ages with the adventures of Snow White, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi & Peter Pan. Walt never forgot that his fortunes were all started by a mouse, or that childlike simplicity of message and lots of hard work always pay off.

  • Mickey and friends are upstaged by a bird and a clock!


    This is a truly magnificent cartoon, with the real star being the clock, with a strong supporting effort from a sleeping stork. Mickey, Donald and Goofy are fine, but the detail work on the backgrounds and the design of the clock are exceptional. The gags are hilarious, if somewhat familiar (probably because they've spurred frequent imitation by others) and the ending is priceless. Various bits are reminiscent of some great silent comics like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, particularly the opening shot and an extended bit featuring Goofy on walkabout. Well worth having. Most highly recommended.

  • They got their clocks cleaned!


    This was one of my very favourite Disney cartoons when I was a kid. Now I'm afraid I merely like it rather than love it. I find it good, just not perfect. But there's definitely something special about it, because it is very memorable. A clocktower is a great setting for mayhem with the characters. Goofy's hazardous concussed acrobat walk was a fun sequence. The height is quite dizzying, it's very impressive how well the vertigo effect is conveyed. The running gag and the ending with the guys unable to stop themselves shaking in clock motion was a great way to end it. My favourite part is definitely Donald's battle of wills with the spring, which is totally what this short is most known for. The way the spring's "voice" sounds is so cool! Kind of sounds like a voice and a metallic twang all at once. Where did these guys get their sound effects? I noticed and got a big laugh out of the possible swearing thing even as a wee one. Did the most funny of the three Disney heroes, Donald Duck, in one of his legendary tirades, quack the most uttered swear of them all? Did they even have that nasty word back in 1937? That's 75 years for those of you keeping score. I could never understand a word Donald said anyway! But, after listening to it over a few times, it's clear that he probably doesn't say that, but it's certainly fun to imagine he does! And you never know, perhaps the animators were aware of how it sounded and purposefully left it like that to stir things up. If so, I'd say it worked. In any case, it certainly doesn't sound enough like the proposed word to warrant the short being banned. How ridiculous, censoring a swear that was never even there! "Says you!!!"

  • To me, it is second only to Lonesome Ghosts as the best of the Mickey, Donald and Goofy cartoons


    I love Clock Cleaners and always have done. The animation has so much detail(like with Goofy close to falling you do feel authentically dizzy due to how everything moves) in the scale of everything on screen and the backgrounds are gorgeously coloured. The music is full of energy as you would expect, and the story while simple is always engaging and crisply paced. Other than the animation, it was the characters and the gags, combining silliness and danger, that made Clock Cleaners. Mickey is as likable as ever, though I do find Goofy with his clumsiness and confusion and Donald with his frustration and temperament funnier in a way. The gag where Goofy stumbles around the top of the clock tower, eventually falling down, walking in a daze across a rope, falling only to jump back up off a flagpole and knock Mickey back inside is my all-time favourite Goofy gag, and the shot of the Mickey, Donald and Goofy in the gears of the clock is priceless also, but the best one is the one with the spring talking back when Donald gets irritated. The visual humour and dialogue never fails to make me laugh, but due to the fact you don't always understand what Donald is saying and the fact it was thought he said a bad word in this exchange caused for it to be censored. In a nutshell, a wonderful cartoon, one of the trio's and Disney's very best in my opinion. 10/10 Bethany Cox


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