Delhi Safari (2012)

Delhi Safari (2012)

GovindaAkshaye KhannaUrmila MatondkarBoman Irani
Nikkhil Advani


Delhi Safari (2012) is a Hindi,English movie. Nikkhil Advani has directed this movie. Govinda,Akshaye Khanna,Urmila Matondkar,Boman Irani are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Delhi Safari (2012) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family movie in India and around the world.

Delhi Safari is the story of a journey undertaken by a cub leopard, his mother, a monkey, a bear and a parrot when the forest they live in is on the verge of destruction. A man is on the run to destroy the forest in order to erect a balcony. These five animals plan to go to Delhi and ask the parliament some very simple yet pertinent questions - why has man become the most dangerous animal? Doesn't man understand that if the forests and the animals don't exist, man will cease to exist?


Delhi Safari (2012) Reviews

  • A cute and sweet film.


    Hats off to director Mr. Nikhil Advani, who choose a tough path of making a meaningful film rather than following the common path of making a commercial cinema. Making an animation and meaningful film is complete risk in Bollywood but he took the challenge and proved himself right. This film is sweetly entertaining. Camera angle used in story telling keeps the pace of film on very good note. Animation is done creatively. Especially the bee animation is mind blowing. Most of the voice dubbing is done by known bollywood actors but Govinda's voice is superb. Wow, you can't stop smiling to hear him. He is brilliant. Rest Akshay Khanna, Boman Irani, Urmila Matondkar and Saurav Shukla are also fine but Govinda is outstanding. Story, screenplay is very good. Dialogues are fantastic. Great work by writers team Mr. Nikhil Advani, Girish Dhamija, Suresh Nair and Milap Zaveri. They have even touched a very sensitive issue of Tiger saving in a scene, which was heart touching. 3D impact is not up to mark but when subject and narration touch your emotions, you don't bother about other things. Music score by Shankar Ehsan Loy is very good. You would feel that you are simply watching a typical Bollywood movie. Even animated choreography justifies it. Overall, it has all ingredients of a good film, drama, emotion and entertainment. Please go and watch with your lovely kids. They will enjoy as well as you.

  • A Simple Story Which Epitomizes...


    I was taken aback. While watching India's first stereoscopic 3D movie with such a beautiful message, I was entertained, mesmerized & marveled at the creation. The story is simple, yet unrealistic, about a group of animals who set out to the Parliament to speak out their grievances. The grievance is that they are being murdered, chased away from their natural habitats. It is so in parallel with the need of the hour in India & the whole world. It talks about the plight of animals and why animals are going extinct. An eye-opener for some, Delhi Safari is truly remarkable in its style, narration and innovation. Yes, like I said it IS little unrealistic, but who cares when it gives a valid message. The voices provided by our Bollywood celebrities are very good, the dialogs make you laugh and the direction is also good. I was little disappointed with the editing but the soundtrack made my day. A complete entertainment package, this! BOTTOM LINE: A wonderful must-watch in the wake of boring mainstream Bollywood movies. 100% Recommended. Both for adults (the message) & kids (animation). Language: Mediocre | Sex & Nudity: No | Violence: Critical | Gore: No | Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs: No

  • meh


    what can i say about it? meh. it wasn't great but it wasn't atrocious either. it was just... okay. the story's about a group of animals whose home (the jungle) gets destroyed by humans with bulldozers to make way for a some-kinda resort or a hotel. so the animals set on a journey to the big city to ask the humans why are they destroying the jungle. and when i heard of that, i was like "this sounds really generic". and it was generic, but i can't deny that it did have its great moments. and some of the characters were likable and relevant so there's that. but honestly, even though i did enjoy it, "Delhi Safari" still wasn't that good. the story's nothing new, we seen it done over and over again. and it really plays on that by-the-numbers scenario in which it gets annoying. well for most of the time, it does. and even though i did admit there were likable characters, most of them felt just really bland, so you don't really care about them that much. watching "Delhi Safari", i was pretty much like "i seen better characters than these before". like in "Alpha and Omega", where the movie kept me smiling and happy, it doesn't play by-the-numbers, it had better animation, a great message and i loved every character in it. here, it's not the same thing. "Delhi Safari" obviously has weaker animation than "Alpha and Omega" (and "Alpha and Omega" was co-produced in India too, despite being almost entirely American). like the movements seemed rough, the characters designs weren't that great and the backgrounds were a big meh. and it wasn't really funny either. i mean, it had jokes that did made chuckle (there's only 2 jokes in the whole movie that made me laugh), but chuckle alone isn't enough to make your movie funny. so, with that being said: "Delhi Safari" did have good moments in it, it did have some good/relevant characters, the voice acting was good and some of the animation and cinematography looked nice and pretty, but honestly that's not enough. most of the time, the animation was stiff, the other characters were bland and forced, it was pretty predictable, the we've- seen-it-before story plays by-the-numbers which gets annoying and there wasn't much of a climax here, cause once you think it's gonna get better by the end... no, it just ends like that, abruptly. that really kinda ruined the movie. i did enjoy it and i respect the fact that India actually tried to give us something at least enjoyable (they did), but they should've worked on this movie even more. 5/10

  • Good movie for the most part


    I recently got this movie on DVD after seeing a few clips and songs on Youtube, because it looked promising. Let me start on a positive note in this review. The songs were good, the texture of the characters was good, and the settings were well-animated. The environmental message and family moments were especially good. The only things I didn't like about this movie were the two monkeys Mharela and Bharela, as they got irritating after a couple minutes; a couple instances of editing didn't make sense or work well; the bees were unnecessary and also somewhat irritating; and the hyenas were just plain irritating. Just lifted from Lion King. Despite the cons, I found this to be a good movie. Though it was slightly derivative, it was done in a way that worked well. Definitely worth a watch with the kids, and adults will like it too.

  • Peta + movies + other stuff = this


    Quick note: i have nothing against peta, they want to protect animals and i'm OK with that *falls through roof* SERIOUSLY!? guess i'm gonna have an entrance gag, *sigh* oh hey! it's me! and today i'm looking at *drumroll* jungle safari, turns out a guy who inspired me to write reviews posted a review on this, if you thought Sam, you were correct, now let us see, jungle safari, still better then wolf children am i right? Oh! i forgot, i'm watching wolf children again to see if i was wrong, anyway the movie starts with a lion cub talking about something, but since i have no heart i didn't cry at all, even at the death, seriously i don't think i ever cried at a death in a movie, turns out he fought his father, then a song then the father dies, they go to Delhi to get them to stop, they also kidnap a parrot (WITH TEETH) to talk to the humans, after a long crazy trip, a crazy violent bonkers monkey almost kills the parrot and later becomes friends with it, they stop the forest from being destroyed, a park is made from their forest, and it is over, before you ask, why haven't i made a review for some time? i had to have an operation and i didn't feel like it, i also hadn't seen any movies lately so yeah, this movie stole some stuff from other movies such as the dad coming back as a ghost! (lion king?) and yeah, since the dad came back as a ghost here is my ending expansion, the lion or whatever it is gets sent back in time has a child then lion king happens! i'm sorry i'm just done. goodbye!


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