Deliverance from Evil (2012)

Deliverance from Evil (2012)

Angel AvilesMolly CelaschiRaul MartinezVictor Miller
Eduardo Quiroz,Jose Quiroz


Deliverance from Evil (2012) is a English movie. Eduardo Quiroz,Jose Quiroz has directed this movie. Angel Aviles,Molly Celaschi,Raul Martinez,Victor Miller are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Deliverance from Evil (2012) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

When a married couple lose their son in their new home, they soon realize there is an evil presence in their house.

Deliverance from Evil (2012) Reviews

  • Deliverance from the bad Mexican actors


    I thought this was suppose to be a horror movie? There's nothing horror-like about this, except from maybe the bad acting. Nothing happens in this movie, which is my biggest problem with it. Boy dies, parents have bad dialogue with their friends for an hour and a half, the end. The opening scene, where their son is actually killed, was so poorly done t made me giggle. Splashing feet in a bathtub and some strange looking black smoke is suppose to be scary...? Only one of the actors had any kind of skill, the rest was just embarrassing. I get that this is low budget, but they could've put a little more thought into it. Maybe get some furniture so it doesn't look like they live in a bare house. This was a waste of time. I don't understand the other reviews, anyone seeing this as a good movie must be blind.

  • Complete waste of time


    DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL is an awful wannabe horror outing shot in San Francisco and featuring a Hispanic cast and crew. The opening sequence - which is about the only interesting one in the film - features a little kid being killed in the bath by some kind of ghostly presence. The rest of the film then follows his parents as they initially grieve before they find themselves haunted by whatever it was killed the kid. It's clear from the outset that this is a very cheap film but that's no excuse to make it so boring and lousy. 95% of the film is full of dull dialogue between the husband and wife, the husband and his friends, the wife and her friends, etc. There's very little in the way of incident to propel the narrative, just a few inexplicable events and then an abrupt ending. Bizarrely, the writer of Friday THE 13TH has a cameo as a postman; I guess that was the best 'guest star' they could come up with. DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL really is a waste of time and the type of film which will test the patience of every viewer. The bits involving the exorcist are inexcusably bad and the acting is generally shoddy. With films like this I do wonder why they bothered.

  • Deliverance from Evil - not so good.


    A young family moves to the west coast into a new house. (This statement alone should have been given some footage instead of some of the long, dull conversations/moments through the whole film.) When a tragedy befalls the family, suspicions start pointing to an evil spirit residing in the house. Then the rest of the movie slowly revolves around getting rid of it. The acting was not too good, except for the mailman. There wasn't any reason to care about anyone, and the film really needed some energy. And some horror. Best part of the film: the ending, and not necessarily because it was ending, but because it was pretty creepy. I love horror movies, and what I loved about this one the most is it put some actors to work so they could make a living. I applaud that! I recommend watching this movie when you have other distractions going on.

  • Fine acting for a tiny budget movie


    A young family faces dire circumstances as the young son dies at the hands of a psycho child's spirit in their new house. The family that once lived there was murdered by the psycho kid and now his spirit is wreaking hell on the sad couple. The story is simple enough to follow but what was most impressive was the acting from the much distraught father and mother brought to screen by genre stars Jose Rosete and Angel Aviles. The agony that they endure after their loss and the scares that continue to haunt them seem very much real. The best gag was a toy phone the dad answers when it was ringing in the middle of the night only to hear his dead son from beyond. It got a little silly with an outrageous psychic the couple bring into their home but I think it was done purposely for the laughs at his flamboyant demeanor. In the finale, a catholic priest is brought in to rid the house of the demon. Lastly, it ends with a cool little twist you might not see coming;)

  • Creepy B-Movie... About what you'd expect.


    Deliverance From Evil starts off with a couple glued to the TV set while their young son is bathing with the door open. They have recently moved to their new house in San Francisco and it happens to have a bad spirit of a boy that wants to cause them harm. Within the first few minute the young boy is attacked in the bath tub by a mysterious black figure (smoke monster from LOST) and the parents hear the splashing and door slamming shut. By the time they make it into the bathroom the boy is dead. They spend several days in complete devastation and slowly the spirit starts attacking them too. There's a few laughs from a kooky psychic and a guest appearance from Victor Miller (Friday The 13TH) as a jumpy mailman. In the big finally we see an exorcism that rids the house of the spirit... Or does it? Typical B-Movie fare. Wouldn't buy but worth the rent.


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