Dhoom:2 (2006)

Dhoom:2 (2006)

Hrithik RoshanAbhishek BachchanAishwarya Rai BachchanUday Chopra
Sanjay Gadhvi


Dhoom:2 (2006) is a Hindi,Urdu,English movie. Sanjay Gadhvi has directed this movie. Hrithik Roshan,Abhishek Bachchan,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Uday Chopra are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Dhoom:2 (2006) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

The world's oldest desert, the Namib - A solitary railway line - A royal family on a royal journey. From the sky - like lightening - A flash - the centuries old royal crown is stolen. Back in action - DHOOM:2 reinvents the action comedy genre and propels it into the 21st century. Ali's (Uday Chopra) dream of becoming a police officer has come true. He is now ACP Jai Dixit's (Abhishek Bachchan) right hand man. Together they are trying to keep a tight leash on the crime in India, little do they know what they are going to be up against. Enter Aryan - Mr.A (Hrithik Roshan) A high tech international thief after pulling off a series of impossible heists all over the world. His next target is Mumbai, India. The case is given to ACP Jai Dixit and Ali helping them put the pieces of the puzzle together is ACP Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu). For the last two years Shonali has been tracking these amazing thefts and is now an expert on this thief, who no one has seen. Once in Mumbai Mr.A finds his ...


Dhoom:2 (2006) Reviews

  • As good as any Hollywood flick


    First the comparison with Dhoom 1. It is repetitive in parts, especially because of the irritating Ali (Uday Chopra), who has outlived his utility in the first part. On the other hand, this has Hrithik and Ash, and is basically all about the duo! Abhishesk as Inspector Jai provides the continuity in the story, but this is Hrithik's film all the way. He packs in a great performance, looks awesome, fights, dances, cries, laughs and even kisses (yes, the infamous kiss!) all the way. Just watch this for him. Ash looks fabulous and puts in a great performance as well. The songs are a let down, except for the title number Dhoom machale. The story is good, however the ending is a let-down as compared with the first part. Don't listen to your pals who tell you that this is copied from numerous Hollywood movies. It's just that the intellectuals are jealous because Bollywood has finally managed to look as good as Hollywood!

  • Not the best.... seen better


    Having watched Sanjay Gadhvi's previous offerings (Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai and Dhoom 1) I had expected a brilliant film given that he had assembled the best cast he has ever worked with. Thus as I sat there the Canal Walk (Cape Town) cinema, my expectations were sky high. Opening sequence was promising and then that song! "Dhoom Again" performed by easily the best dancer in the world, masterfully choreographed by stage whiz shiamak davar. The film already had its plus points. However as the movie meandered on its course, the movie became more about gloss and less about substance. Each character - except Abishek, who apparently was left in the dark ages - have worked on their looks and appearance for their repsective roles, but did any of the brains trust at YashRaj expect the attractive to not just look the part, but portray it as well? The plot and screenplay was as skimpy as the clothing the female leads had to wear. Each and every sequence was copied from their superior Hollywood counterparts, and at many a times these looked like a lesser version of the original. At times the stunts were overly done. Plusses: * With the regular costume designers given a well-deserved break from designing actual clothes, the actresses were forced to wear little, if anything at all.... well for some of us, that is a plus! *Hritik Roshan and his dancing skills: is this guy for real? * The brilliant locales (Rio, Durban, Namibia) * Some good music {though some have been plagiarised from mid-east singers} * Bipasha and Aishwarya: HOT! Need we say more? *some touches of on-screen chemistry between ash and hritik, bips and abishek. * Choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant esp. Crazy Kiya re and Dil Laga Naa Minuses: * Aishwarya and Bipasha wasted in their respective roles. Both are noted actresses, and yet in this movie they are just used as glam dolls, mere props. Both ladies are there to look HOT and well they score points on that count only. Acting-wise,the less said, the better . And please fire the dialogue writer for Ash's character. * Abhisek BAchchan: his angry young dude role is somewhat lame and he looked like the odd one out. He needed a makeover, which the rest of the cast clearly had. * Forcing Abhisek to dance in the same movie or song as Hritik is like having a dance-off between a rank left-footed newcomer and an champion dancer. He looks laughable. Regardless of my rants and raves, D2 will continue to dominate the box-office while more superior old-fashioned films (Babul) with actual substance will find their vying for appreciation an uphill battle.

  • Dhoom..is only half the fizz!


    Dhoom 1 wasn't a great movie but was refreshing and different! Dhoom 2..it's bigger, glossier and gets skimpier! Not just in terms of the clothes women wear, but also in terms of the script..if there is any! It's obvious that Mr Ghandvi lost focus, with all the star cast, glamour and money to splurge on the look. No doubt that the look was Super cool or flashy, locales breath taking, but if that is all that you are looking for then Dhoom 2 is for you! I don't expect movies..especially Hindi movies to cater to some High IQ needs of some viewers..I for one completely switch off my brain during the movie..but even by that standards there are some scenes that are too much to handle!! Especially the so called Chemistry scenes between ASH and Hrithik..oh god save me!!! Now, on to my take on the stars of the movie, Hrithik - was Simply Amazing. I am not a big Hrithik fan, have never been, but if there is any reason to watch this movie, it is Mr A! Roshan as A acts well, does some amazing stunts, dances beautifully (now that is nothing new!) and looks absolutely FAB!!! the movie belongs to him.. ASH as sunehri - the less said the better..I may be a bit biased here for I am no fan of her's ..but seriously ASH is good as long as her mouth is shut or she is not trying to act (or over act!) seriously she is the most beautiful woman in the world ..but can someone teach her acting??? She looks good even if they may have made her a bit extra tanned!! Bipasha - well she was definitely a treat for the men ..but thats just abt it..not that you expect anything more from her.. uday - he is the 'funny guy' in the movie..he is funny even when he does a serious role (in some other movies!) so ..well... ABBY BABY - now thats one man i went to watch the movie for,,but i was disappointed..he looks so tired and disinterested through out the movie..obviously he couldn't resolve his wt problems and being biased towards him its becuz of his preparation for guru..but his character was the least developed and all attention was given to hrithik!! but don't worry abby baby you have guru waiting! having said that ..he was good in two of the scenes he meets hrithik! Overall verdict - if you are easy going, tolerant and generally not bothered, have time or a big fan of hrithik i guess this movie will appeal to you. Else, don;t worry you are not missing much Dhoom 1 or Dhoom 2 - my choice Dhoom 1

  • Wow !!


    This movie was great.... I love it!! Two thumbs up for Hrithik being at his best look and acting.... Aishwarya was looking great too (didn't like some of her role though).... The plot was good.... A lot different than the first.... Now for what i didn't like in the movie: Bipasha as a double role was not needed in it at all, and nor was the girl who played Abhishek's wife... These were just waste..... And the story didn't carry so much weight like the first one.... But it's acceptable because most sequels aren't good enough.... Overall it was a good movie.... I enjoyed every moment of it.... The outfits, gadgets, music, dances and locations were great... And i also liked the way it surprised me to some extent.... Some parts of the movie weren't acceptable to the family crowds but i guess that's completely okay compared to a lot of movies.... First of all this movie is not meant for kids, due to it's violence and women in scanty clothing... Which goes for Dhoom 1 as well..... anyway am sure a lot people enjoyed it..... so i give it an 8/10.....

  • Dhoom Again !!


    OK, so I finally got to watch the much talked about, over-hyped sequel to the under-hyped sleeper hit of 2004. And I'm glad I did! It is what is called as the perfect time-pass, paisa vasool film. What Dhoom-2 lacks in terms of a coherent plot and neatly crafted screenplay, it more than compensates for through a clever and consistent sprinkling of awe-inspiring stunts, energetically choreographed dance routines, picture-perfect scene compositions and oodles of eye candy. Dhoom-2, like its predecessor, is the quintessential cop and robber tale where there's neither the place nor the need for logic. The film opens with a breathtaking visual of a lone train running through a vast Namibian desert. Though the execution of this robbery is disappointing (it almost seems that the writer and director felt that once they had a great setting, their task was done), it sets the stage for what would unfold over the next 2 hours. From then on we are drawn into a high-octane cat and mouse game (so what if the robber always has the upper hand...right till the end?). The action explodes with such energy that one doesn't get the time to think about the loopholes in the plot. Yes, after the movie is over you wonder if the film would have been much better had the writer made it into a mind game between the adversaries - a kind of intelligent oneupmanship. But as long as you're in the theatre, you're hooked on! You don't regret that the cop - who insists that such games are won by the mind and not the bullet - has virtually no plan except planting a mole. You don't mind that the mole - seemingly a consummate crook herself - doesn't show any skill except loads of sexual energy. And you certainly don't mind that Mr. Perfect Thief gets away unscathed every single time, thanks to - if I may use the word - a DUMB cop who appears dumber than his bumbling side-kick. All this, because of the charismatic screen presence of Hrithik Roshan. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Dhoom-2 belongs to Hrithik Roshan (Mr. A, Aryan). Mind you, that's not a tribute to his acting talent. He is at best an above-average actor, but when it comes to screen presence no one among the current crop of actors can come even closer to him. And boy, what a dancer! His dance movements are more unbelievable and awe-inspiring than the cable-supported, SFX-created action sequences. It is absolutely clear that Dhoom-2 was designed to be his showcase. How else would you explain the terribly underwritten character of the cop, or the fact that Hrithik is on the screen in 90% of the scenes? And then there's Ash (Sunehri). Could anyone believe that her 'plastic beauty' persona could actually set the screen afire? What has she done to her body! What a metamorphosis!! Ash's Sunehri is HOT. She and Hrithik come across as the most perfect screen pairing in recent memory. But, hey, what was all that hullabaloo about their lip-lock? On the acting front, Ash is adequate. All she is required to do is to look hot and be a perfect foil to Hrithik. She does precisely that with great élan. It's sad that Abhishek (Jai Dixit) got saddled with a hastily written role. It's unpardonable that the character of Jai Dixit, the main connecting link between the sequels - is so one-dimensional. Numerous reviews have lambasted Abhishek's acting in Dhoom-2, but the blame here lies with the producer-director-writer. They seem so hell bent on making this a showcase for Hrithik that they've given almost a step-motherly treatment to Abhishek's character. On his part, Abhishek honestly portrays what he's been asked to do. Uday Chopra (Ali) should find solace in the fact that his father and brother are the most successful producers in India and they will continue to find roles for him in their films. He has no acting talent whatsoever. Hats off to Aditya Chopra for using the clever ploy of giving Ali's character dozens of one-liners that manage to draw a few laughs from the audience and divert them from Uday Chopra's unbelievable yet unquestionable lack of acting skills. Should I get deeper into the negatives? For one, The music is very disappointing - had it not been for the Shaimak Davar's and Vaibhavi Merchant's choreography or Hrithik's and Ash's fluid dance movements the songs would have been unbearable to watch on screen. Also, despite a larger canvas and more style it doesn't cover any new ground compared to Dhoom....nah, I wouldn't get into all this. If one were to start, the list of negatives for Dhoom-2 might be quite long but why dwell on that? I found the film very entertaining and that's all that mattered to me while watching the film.


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