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Die Fighting (2014)

Die Fighting (2014)

Fabien GarciaLaurent BusonDidier BusonJess Allen
Fabien Garcia


Die Fighting (2014) is a English movie. Fabien Garcia has directed this movie. Fabien Garcia,Laurent Buson,Didier Buson,Jess Allen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Die Fighting (2014) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When a team of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors are about to get their break in Hollywood, a mysterious and sadistic Director forces them to run a gauntlet through Los Angeles. The Director films their every move as they prove their prowess by provoking a rogues' gallery of underworld thugs and martial artists.

Die Fighting (2014) Reviews

  • Fighting sequences make it worth watching.


    The fighting alone makes it worth the 6/10. The acting was hard to watch.. The story was nothing worse than what you'd find in other martial arts movies like Ong Bak, etc. The movie has A LOT of fighting in it, and thankfully you don't have to sit through to much of the painful acting. The majority of the fights are really well done (especially those with the lead actor). The fighters themselves can seriously fight. They have technique and speed that I've seen from more famous actor/fighters (Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais). The lead actor is especially fun to watch. If you're a martial arts fanatic like myself, you'll really appreciate the skill that he has. It's a shame these guys don't have a bigger budget to work with or may never getting the fame and reputation of guys like Tony Jaa but I truly believe they have the same level of skill as the famous guys. I really hope to see more of these guys in more professional shot/ editing movies.

  • One of, if not the worst martial arts films ever made


    The acting is terrible, the choreography and fight scenes are abysmal, and the plot, if you can even call it that does not hold attention at all. This films just screams low budget, with poorly trained actors and mediocre (at best) martial artists. It almost reminds me of Arena as it has many similarities, but worse, much much worse if you can believe that. Ultimately it is not worth your time, not to buy or rent, you couldn't give it away without offending the other person. Stay away at all costs, trust me. You're best watching an actual good fighting film such as; Undisputed 2, blood sport, IP man and the like.

  • Awesome Fighting - Definitely watch this movie!


    Worth the watch! This movie is action packed with crazy awesome fighting throughout the whole movie and the fights just kept just getting more and more intense! It's absolutely worth checking out because you won't see fight scenes like these everyday. For a low budget movie they did a great job with all the action and the fight choreography was new and refreshing compared to other movies. Anyone who says "bad fighting" is crazy because the fighting was absolutely amazing and these martial artists are extremely skilled at what they do. Most Hollywood movies these days are all wires and CG and stunt doubles - so it's been awhile since I've seen fighting like this. I hope these guys keep making more movies because I look forward to watching them!

  • Dear, Martial Arts Action Fans - Watch This


    For all the direct to DVD action movies that usually hit the bargain bin their are a few hidden gems among them. Die Fighting would definitely rank up their as one of the better titles that are a part of the genre. Fabien Garcia is definitely a name to look out for in the future for the genre. The movie provides on a wall-to-wall succession of impressively shot and choreographed fight sequences that are sure to provide thrills. Of course the acting may not be the greatest, but the main actors do perform their own stunts and combat sequences which surely earn them respect for action fans. The story may remind you of another solid martial arts action movie BKO: Bangkok Knockout, but they do add a twist in their to make it more unique and fact that the story and characters pretty much mirror the real life of the actors makes it more interesting to watch. Overall, a must watch for fans of movies like Undisputed II and III, Ninja II and other Direct to DVD/video action titles. If your one of those guys who enjoys these types of films, than sit back and enjoy the action and don't think too much. 6/10

  • OK story and really good fight scenes


    i don't know why guys said it was bad acting and bad fight scenes. what were they watching? the acting was OK and story was OK for a low budget movie but the fight scenes were very good. i watched almost every martial arts films that came out and these guys can fight. these guys were trained from shaolin so i don't know why guys wrote that it had bad fight scenes. there were some plot holes, but what movie doesn't? but most importantly the fight scenes, which why u watch these kinds of movies for, made up for any shortcomings. i hope these guys make more movies and for the haters, i don't know what u were watching or have against these guys.


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