Dirty John, The Dirty Truth

Dirty John, The Dirty Truth

GENRES Documentary
LANG English
TIME 2019
Jordan Block Keri Bunkers Johnson Cooley Paige McGarvin
Sara Mast


Dirty John, The Dirty Truth is a English movie. Sara Mast has directed this movie. Jordan Block,Keri Bunkers,Johnson Cooley,Paige McGarvin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Dirty John, The Dirty Truth is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

Interviews with former girlfriends, ex-wives of John Meehan, police detectives detail the chilling decades-long criminal career.

Dirty John, The Dirty Truth Reviews

  • Wrong name

    chrismartinchadwick 2019-03-06

    This should have been called Filthy John, which was his nickname. It should have also had the terrible advert break recaps edited out. boo

  • Too many recaps!!!!

    dededexter 2019-03-14

    Not that interesting telling of this con-man's life. Way too many recaps. Also too many people just repeating what others had already said. Could have done in less than 60 minutes run time.

  • Terribly executed documentary

    thom_robinson-904-579384 2019-03-15

    Thought I'd actually watch this before trying the drama on Netflix, really wish I hadn't. It's rubbish, and a fairly boring story, to be honest, delivered in a very cheesy and at times annoying way. There's constant recaps throughout, which would be from the ridiculous amount of ad breaks they have on American television. Mind-boggling that they couldn't just of edited this for release on a streaming service, around 10 times you have to hear the same sentence repeated immediately after it was just delivered. Not only that, the people being intereviewed then often repeat what has already been said as well, god-knows what the editor was doing. Underneath all of this is a constant drone of 'dramatic documentary' music which you can often find in bad/cheap American documentaries. The actual story itself is of a manipulative, drug addicted, possessive guy. Seems like a nasty piece of work but probably not horrific enough to somehow make a drama series out of it. It's essentially lots of people stating over and over what a bad guy he was, whilst not really showing much that warrant a detective to state that he was person he'd ever preosecuted. Theer's No real exploration or explanation of why he was like this. Give it a miss.

  • Bad John not dirty

    Alexander85 2019-03-04

    One of the worst documentaries I have seen. I don't understand the hype around this guy. He didn't rape anyone, he wasn't a pedofile, he didn't physical abuse anyone, he didn't kidnap or abduct anyone, no toture chamber, no gun use and still he is discribed as the worst monster. I don't want to protect this guy for what he did wrong, sure he did threat people, manipulate, stalk and steal drugs to get high. His drug use got out of hand and the best for him would have been to get treatment. He even got accused of playing video games all day and for being angry because someone opened up his mail. He isolated his wife from her kids, because they hated him and he didn't want to loose the relationship. There was a lot of paranoia going on about, he is coming to kill me, he will do this and that and he never did. The daughter who killed him at the end seemed kind of odd. At the end when he was dead, everyone was happy that he died. I don't know for sure if this is morally right to think. Life support was shut up and he was gone. This documentary got a little bit out of proportion. Dirty John? No, just bad John.

  • Eye-opening film about hidden abuse

    PotomacPunchy 2019-03-20

    Ever wonder why women don't "just leave" abusive relationships? Watch this series and find out. Three women per *day* are murdered in the United States by someone they know. Often their killer is a former intimate partner and the murder takes place within a month to a year after the victim leaves the relationship. This series explains how people like John use coercive control tactics (Google it) to manipulate and abuse victims using methods that are immoral but do not break the law. This film also illustrates how it's difficult for victims of coercive control to obtain meaningful help from the police, why a restraining order can escalate violence, and most frighteningly, why it's difficult for victims to obtain legal help; It's not due to lack of financial resources-something much more terrifying. This happens every day right under our noses. This could be happening to you, your sister, a co-worker, or a next-door neighbor. Enlighten yourself.



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