Disobedience (2017)

Disobedience (2017)

Rachel WeiszRachel McAdamsAlessandro NivolaAnton Lesser
Sebastián Lelio


Disobedience (2017) is a English,Hebrew movie. Sebastián Lelio has directed this movie. Rachel Weisz,Rachel McAdams,Alessandro Nivola,Anton Lesser are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Disobedience (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

From a screenplay by Sebastián Lelio and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, the film follows a woman as she returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her decades earlier for an attraction to a female childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality. Based on Naomi Alderman's book, the film stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Alessandro Nivola.


Disobedience (2017) Reviews

  • This doesn't end bad as some may say


    This is not a story of a women caving in as some said, this is a realistic portait of a women that grew in a harsh community and succeed to confront her homosexuality. The acting of both Rachaels is superb, academy material ! And the male character is really complex and beautiful

  • Must watch !!


    One of the most beautiful films I had ever watched . A story about , love , religion , heartbreak , friendship . The cinematography is perfect and the acting is incredible

  • very complex and very well done


    This project attracted the efforts of an abundance of talents because these are very good roles. Men and women alike. Roles that actors really want. The complexity of the two leading lady roles must have drawn an abundance of female actresses and the two Rachels are close to perfect. The Q&A was particularly revealing. The young and very witty director shone at the Q&A. This was his first English language film from this Spanish speaking Chilean director and for him to put together a smooth running evenly paced film with such complexity is very illustrative of his talent and abilities. As to which female role is the supporting role I am not sure. They are both very good roles.

  • Disobedience (2018)


    Yes, there was another film that came out during Avengers: Infinity War release week. I was immediately excited for Disobedience as soon as I heard about it. I mean how could you not be? Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams (who I am infatuated with) in a film about a forbidden romance? I was so in. I did see Sebastián Lelio's A Fantastic Woman earlier this year, so I was really pleasantly surprised to hear he had another project out so soon. I can draw parallels between the two films and while Disobedience is not perfect and has lapses its well acted and has an interesting look at a religious community being scarred by a "scandalous" affair. The film is about a woman who returns to a very strict Orthodox Jewish community when her father dies. While there she sees her former lover who is now married. The problem is the fact that people in the Jewish community do not know about the relationship that has occured and also because a lesbian affair is frowned upon in the community. Both women also must deal with harboring the feelings that they have for each other, while attempting to maintain their standing in the Jewish community. The first thing that's instantly noticeable about the film is its depth into an Orthodox Jewish world. The films backdrop is its strict nature and how a lesbian romance must be hidden from the community. Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams are great in this as expected, and have great chemistry. Their intimate scenes (which are very very intimate) are believable and are a strong point in selling the romance. I always knew McAdams was a talent since she had a good showing on season 2 of True Detective. The film reminded me of A Fantastic Woman in a way because in that film there is a struggle to accept a transgender person, although the implications in that film are more hostile. I also couldn't help but compare this film to Carol (which is one of the very best films of the decade). Its nowhere near the levels of Carol but does a decent job for what the film is. There are lapses where the film seems slow and it suffers from its best moments being purely when Weisz and McAdams share the screen. Its still a worthy watch, just don't expect anything spectacular. 6/10

  • Incredible and Authentic Depiction


    Ronit (Rachel Weisz), a single middle-aged photographer, returns to England from New York following the death of her father, an esteemed ultra-Orthodox rabbi who had been the unparalleled Torah and spiritual leader of this non-Hasidic congregation and its institutions (despite, as can be derived from context, having begun his adult life as a Zionist-leaning scion). It immediately becomes evident that due to personal issues she had left the community at a very young age and never looked back. As the story develops, we learn that Esti (Rachel McAdams), now wife of Dovid Kuperman (the departed rabbi's chief disciple and heir apparent, played by Alessandro Nivola) had struggled with similar issues alongside Ronit in their youth but had chosen a drastically different method of coping. With Ronit's return, old sentiments are dredged up in a manner that upends the lives of all three in a community that simply has not developed tools for dealing with the full spectrum of matters involving private life, nature and choice that have in recent years become so normalized that we hardly lend them so much weight. As each of the three struggle to cope with their issues, it becomes clear that there is a void in place of a guide in the doctrine of the community and that there is no one right way to cope with outlying struggles. The directing of the picture and the portrayal of the three main characters is stellar. Having come from this background, I can testify that aside from two seven-candle menorahs, this picture stands out as the most authentic portrayal of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in motion picture history.


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