Drishyam (2013)

Drishyam (2013)

MohanlalMeenaAsha SharathAnsiba
Jeethu Joseph


Drishyam (2013) is a Malayalam movie. Jeethu Joseph has directed this movie. Mohanlal,Meena,Asha Sharath,Ansiba are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Drishyam (2013) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Georgekutty (Mohanlal) is a cable TV network owner in a remote and hilly village in Kerala. He lives a happy life with his wife and 2 girls. The first half revolves around the depiction of their happy family. Anju (Ansiba), Georgekutty's daughter goes to a school trip in between the proceedings. After a few days a guy who had been at the school trip with her meets Anju. He blackmails her with a video of her that he had captured during the school trip. In the course of events he is accidentally killed by Rani (Meena) and Anju. Georgekutty on returning home is appraised of the events and thus begins a cat and mouse game as the murdered person is the son of IG Geeta Prabhakar (Asha Sharath) and Prabhakar (Siddique). How the family weathers the storm that ensues during the murder investigation forms the rest of the story leading to a deeply satisfying and unexpected climax.


Drishyam (2013) Reviews

  • An Unexpected Outstanding movie on the year end


    A family, their joy, their pain, their emotions, and their struggle. There are nail-biting scenes that will blow your mind. There are sizzling moments which makes you think overnight. There are Heartbreaking plot twists which makes you upside down. This is an amazing story. A great movie which can be included in the top of any lists. Jeethu has proved his ability once again. And, of course Mohanlal proved once again he is the real 'superstar' of the industry. This movie has some great performances. This is Mohanlal at his peak, Jeethu Joseph at his best. The rest of the crew especially, Meena, Siddique, and Kalabhavan Shajohn, they seem really bonded to their respective characters and are really amazing. The movie can be considered as the best of this year. This is really out of box, and i am completely out of my words.

  • Obviously one of the Best Malyalam thrillers out there!


    Drishyam is directed by Jithu Joseph and casts Mohanlal in the Main role.It starts of like a normal film but by the interval you will be enthralled by the epic twist.As the trailer never showed much about the movie,you will be shocked by the twist.The BGM is excellent and provides a very good backing for the movie.Mohanlal is at his very best and Jithu Joseph continues his success from "Memories".I can't tell you much about the story as I might spoil it for you.You MUST watch this movie RIGHT AWAY! and I promise you that you will be very content.It's the first time that I have Stood up and gave a standing Ovation for a film that I have watched but I wasn't alone,nearly everyone in the the theatre joined in.You will be going back home with a smile on your face,happy that you could witness such a film.

  • Outstanding effort by every single artist on board....


    Indian Cinema is not just Bollywood. It has a number of regional languages to deal with, and each region contributes it's share. As for Mollywood(Malayalam movie industry), it was one of the most prominent contributers for Indian Cinema. Big names like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Shaji.N.Karun are internationally acclaimed directors and actors like Mohanlal and Mammootty are the gems of Indian movies. Recently, Mollywood produces movies which are intolerable in quality, but still there are movies like Dhrishyam which will provide us sheer joy about our movies. We grew up by watching movies of the big M's and we are proud of their potentials. We were also disappointed with their recent products which were dull and boring. Some say these actors were not meant to be working on Malayalam, instead they should work on some high-level industry. They also complains that here, we don't have much opportunities too. But we do make our merry with what we got, and Dhrishyam is one of those movies which utilized every bit of resource that provided by our industry. The story is about a common man who tries to protect his family from a mishap, which took a young man's life. The script is good , and direction is also impressive. What makes Dhrishyam brilliant is that the unique performance of the lead actors. Mohanlal, famous for his flexible acting skills, dazzles as Georgekutty, a farmer-businessman who cares about his family through every event of the movie. Meena, Asha sarath were also good to watch. Shajon, normally type-casted as a comedian, Makes a brilliant turn-over to a character role. As a final word, Dhrishyam is becoming a cult classic in Indian Cinema, and it spawns a new genre family crime thriller. Watch it. You'll never get disappointed...

  • Its Malayalam's Shawshank Redemption


    What make the movies Shawshank Redemption, Next Three Days and Ocean's Eleven great thrillers and what drew fans worldwide to the TV show Prison Break… These are all stories about a master plan, a master plan to do the impossible and its flawless execution considering every little details. Except George Clooney's Daniel Ocean all the protagonists in above movies/series were simple men. A Banker, a School Teacher and an Architect with no criminal history. They lived their normal lives until they were forced to do the impossible. George Kutty's story go by the same logic. If I dare compare Dhrisham to Shawshank Redemption (which incidentally is my all-time favorite movie) not much need to be told about the quality of the script, the direction and the performances. Dhrishyam is Mollywoods entry to world class family thrillers. For the entire second half of the movie Malayalam Cinema was elevated to the class of Hollywood. We had several art films or those parallel movies to brag about, but until Dhrishyam not many thriller or family drama type movies of Malayalam could have been called world class. Though the last 15 minutes of the movie went very predictable, Jeethu has managed to keep his audience at the edge of the seat for more than an hour and except die hard Mohan Lal haters, who would be too intimidated and upset for all wrong reasons; it's hard to find anyone who may complain about the movie.

  • The Best movie of 2013!!


    i would give 100000/10.if i can.. Lalettan's acting was spectacular. actually every actors did their job fantastically even the kids. its a beautiful scripted movie by Jeethu Joseph.oh god i really loved this movie. while watching most of other Malayalam thrillers,some time we get bored. and in the case of this movie we wont take our eyes from the screen. trust me you wont regret about money you spend on ticket. the movie contains a lot of suspense. the climax really shocked me. i was clapping with standing in the theater.as i mentioned above every actors have acted way beyond their level. i must say something about Kalabhavan Shajon. i didn't know he has such talent in acting.he really shocked me with his negative character. Asha Sarath,actually i didn't like her that she acted in TV Serials, but i became a fan of her.she acted very brilliantly in Dhrishyam. I'm not getting into the story, i don't want to ruin the suspense. you can watch it with the family.


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