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Edge (2015)

Edge (2015)

Max MartiniRyan KwantenYvonne StrahovskiAlicja Bachleda
Shane Black


Edge (2015) is a English movie. Shane Black has directed this movie. Max Martini,Ryan Kwanten,Yvonne Strahovski,Alicja Bachleda are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Edge (2015) is considered one of the best Western movie in India and around the world.

A televised adaptation of the 'Edge' book series by George G. Gilman.

Edge (2015) Reviews

  • First of many i hope.


    I must begin by first of all saying that I am a western fan and a huge fan of the "Edge" book series by George G Gilman. I have been hoping to see this character in movies for years and was shocked and ecstatic when i saw it on Amazon. Whilst some of the plot and characters unfortunately deviated somewhat needlessly from the books it was still an exciting ride through the old west of "Josiah C Hedges". The acting and direction were first rate and the on screen action gritty and bloody. Quite how a previous reviewer can put it down in comparison to Hell on Wheels and call it almost unwatchable is beyond me. I can only assume he as not watched very many westerns at all. Don't get me wrong i do not dislike Hell on Wheels but i often find it plodding and slow. If you like your westerns and you like the style of the "Good Bad and Ugly" then you should enjoy "Edge" Please do not be put off by the previous negative reviewer and give this Title a chance to grow and flourish as a Series.

  • IMDb is lost


    The message boards are gone. The community is lost. I just wanted to comment about the damn dog, but now the only way to do that is by leaving a review. That was the one gripe I had. A dog wouldn't do that with the dynamite. I know that was your idea, Dekker! Did anyone else feel the same? Please respond by writing a review since the message boards are gone.

  • Satisfyingly bloody action in a pilot western


    I saw this on Amazon Prime under the title EDGE THE LONER. It's the pilot episode of a would-be western TV series, directed by Shane Black and with a decidedly adult edge: this episode is chock-full of highly stylised combat and bloody battles, with fingers being blown off and bloody squib hits throughout. It makes a refreshing change to the usual sanitised stuff we see on TV. The predictable storyline (about one man's revenge) is the worst thing about this show. However, it makes up for that with Black's strong direction and the well-choreographed nature of the frequent action. The final shoot-out is particularly well handled and enjoyable to watch. Cast-wise, Max Martini (PACIFIC RIM) has little chance to show charisma as the lead, but there are dependables like William Sadler and Ryan Kwanten playing the baddies, so it's not all bad. If this test pilot does get picked up for a full series it has plenty of potential for greatness.

  • Don't mind the first review...


    This was a really good raw, nasty, and detailed idea of how the west really was. It is very gritty. I was moved by it's rawness. The characters were very believable. The gore was top notch. I don't understand why some reviewers gave it low ratings. If you like straight up nasty real life westerns, this is it. Watch it and judge for yourself. Easily an 8 outta 10. Im a a serious movie buff and wouldn't lie to you. It's a good old fashioned revenge western. Very well directed and amazing cast. I really hated the bad guys passionately. Got some good plot twists in there too. At times, can't tell who is good and who is bad. Watch it! But this ain't for the faint hearted. Some brutal scenes, nudity, lotsa gore, racism, cursing, etc. Like I said, 8 outta 10. Awesome movie.

  • Paperback classic character brought to life


    I have always been a huge fan of the George G Gilman paperback westerns from the 80's.I have collected many of them over the years. I never thought that their would be a movie based on the stories, and directed by the great Shane Black. The film totally does justice and its full of shootouts, action and revenge - just like the books. The plot is simple - Josephia Hegdge's (Edge) brother is murdered by the son of a powerful man and 'Edge' rides into town to settle the score. A true western icon finally given a live action movie. Great performances from everyone. A total of 61 books in total were printed plus 3 spin off's where he teamed up with Adam Steele (another George G Gilman character - perhaps he might get a movie too?) and some later Kindle stories. A massive thank you to the film makers from a true fan.


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