Eleven Eleven (2018)

Eleven Eleven (2018)

Charles BakerKrista AllenChristina RoseJennifer Pfalzgraff
Chris Redish


Eleven Eleven (2018) is a English movie. Chris Redish has directed this movie. Charles Baker,Krista Allen,Christina Rose,Jennifer Pfalzgraff are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Eleven Eleven (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

A UFO fanatic risks his family to fulfill his lifelong dream of being abducted.

Eleven Eleven (2018) Reviews



    Eleven Eleven! What a great movie! Great storyline. Great chemistry between the characters, they really feel like a family. Kinda makes me want to be abducted!



    Eleven Eleven is a quirky, fun movie which transcends its budgetary limitations and is a mercifully good-natured tale of being true to yourself and following your muse, inspiration or harmless delusion, whatever the case may be. Of course, in Charles Baker's case (as Tim), delusion turns out to be reality, and it just serves to bind his family even tighter together. Of course, adultery with an extraterrestrial immediately brings to mind the charge of "alienation of affection" that might go along with otherworldly infatuation, but so be it. Krista Allen is delightful as the naughty alien female, Andromeda, and Jennifer Pfalzgraff brings a well-grounded and even sympathetic performance as Eve, Tim's bible-thumping wife, who, in a less capable actor's hands, might have come off as just campy and off-putting. The special effects are serviceable given the low budget nature of the film, but there is something to be said for a film that makes up for its flash and visual pizzazz with a warm hearted and genuinely funny story. Shot in Arizona, the natural landscape is integral to the story and becomes a character in its own right. Just one word of advice... if your closet is full of red shirts, you're just flirtin' with disaster.


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