Enough (2002)

Enough (2002)

Jennifer LopezBilly CampbellTessa AllenJuliette Lewis
Michael Apted


Enough (2002) is a English movie. Michael Apted has directed this movie. Jennifer Lopez,Billy Campbell,Tessa Allen,Juliette Lewis are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2002. Enough (2002) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Local waitress Slim Miller discovers that the dream man she married isn't who she thought he was. Slim and her young daughter try to escape (aided by her previous boyfriend), but the now villainous husband pursues her relentlessly. Fearing also for the safety of her daughter, Slim decides that there's only one way out of the marriage: kill him.


Enough (2002) Reviews

  • Extremely Enjoyable!!


    First off...why does the fact that this movie deals with spousal abuse and a woman smart enough to run and hide automatically make it a ripoff of "Sleeping with the Enemy"? Because "The Count of Monte Cristo" has swordplay, does that make it a ripoff of all of the Zorro movies, or the Robin Hood movies? Does the fact that Spiderman is a Marvel Superhero make it a ripoff of "The X-Men"? Of course not. And only the very basic storylines make "Enough" and "Sleeping..." similar at all. Let me illustrate... In "Sleeping with the Enemy", Julia Roberts plays a weak willed woman who stays with her mentally abusive husband until she finally has enough and leaves when she gets the chance to fake her death. Julia never changes...always the weak willed, scared out of her gourd hiding wife. In "Enough", Jennifer Lopez plays a strong minded woman who decides to leave her abusive husband as soon as she finds out what he is really like. Jennifer never changes either...but in this case she maintains her strength, and although scared out of her gourd also, she sets out to confront him in a physical battle...his forte usually. This movie was great entertainment. Anyone who says they felt this was a total yawner, with no tension at all is too critical. This is what entertainment is about. This was a great way to spend 2 hours as far as I am concerned. Ms Lopez is becoming a better actress with each film. But, as far as the female actresses go in this flick...the little girl who portrayed Jennifer's daughter out-acted everyone else...male or female. Two thumbs UP for this little lady!!

  • loved it


    What's everybody's problem? This movie realistically portrayed domestic abuse and had a great plot, acting, everything. The end scene is the best, in my opinion. maybe it is just a chick flick, but it does a good job of drawing you in and keeping you there, my emotions ran high. Maybe people should stop looking at movies so critically and look at them for what they are - a way to gain understanding of other people's lives and issues like domestic violence, which is society's problem, not just the victim's.

  • Stop with the dumb reviews, I had ENOUGH


    I watched this movie when I was younger & still watch it till this day. Easily one of my favorite movies DUE to the fighting and the plot. The scenes where perfect and at times unexpected. I'm starting to think a lot of miserable men, possible beaters are mad at this movie because the acting was perfect. At times I even felt for the little girl as if it was REAL. Stop with the bashing and some of you critics really feel like you could have done better but still paid the money to watch sooo who still won? By the way, It's 2018 and I just saw it on tv the other day. Can't be that bad right ? Oh okay. Anyways , it's 2018 and I still highly recommend watching. I've never been in a position of being hit by my lover but this opened my eyes to other girls that may deal with this in life and that was ENOUGH.

  • A psychotherapist's view.


    My approach to most movies is a bit different. As a therapist, I try to see how true the movie's life situations and story lines are. "Enough" set the stage in the first 10 minutes. The process of the abuse follows very well how it goes in reality ... the denial ... the male determination to be in charge ... not wanting to go to a shelter ... not wanting to put her husband in jail ... the dad fooling the child into beliving what a good guy he really is ... the attitude of the male "what are you going to do about it"... the getting up the courage to run away ... the police telling her of the complexities ... the lawyer telling her that there is nothing he can do (legally)... the child witnessing or geting involved in the violence ... and so on. Over 70% of all murders of the woman by the husband occurs AFTER she goes to the authorities. NOW ... the ending is NOT realistic. But rather it is the ending that most wish would happen. I see these situations regularly. Domestic violence is (with rare exception) against the woman.

  • Ugh


    SPOILERS I won't bother making jokes about this film's title, as it seems others have beaten me to that punch. Jennifer Lopez and her celebrated butt go on the run, trying to protect her little potato-dumpling-faced daughter from rich, violent, powerful Billy Campbell and his weaselly servant. If you think this sounds like a simplistic scenario, well, tough, because that's all ya get. This `story' plods on from one `thrilling' episode to another, and the `conflict' is ultimately resolved in a way not exactly notable for its complexity: J. Lo takes kickboxing lessons from some kind of cross between Pat Morita, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Obi-Wan Kenobi; then she just breaks into Billy's house, kicks his ass and kills him! The end! To say this finale is morally ambiguous and simplistic is being very, very kind; but then again so is referring to this thing a film, and I've already done that, so who cares. The style could accurately be described as soft-core-porn-without-the-sex, and someone should tell Michael Apted that nobody's interested in that. As for the cast, J. is her usual blank self, Billy Campbell sleepwalks through his cartoon-villain role, Potato Face is among the more irritating movie children in recent memory, Juliette Lewis continues her career degeneration, and man, does Fred Ward look old. Final verdict: good for some laughs, but not many. 1 out of 10. Okay, I will indulge in one joke about the title: they should have dropped the e-n-o and just called it Ugh.


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