F.R.E.D.I. (2018)

F.R.E.D.I. (2018)

Kelly HuAngus MacfadyenCandace Cameron BureLucius Hoyos
Sean Olson


F.R.E.D.I. (2018) is a movie. Sean Olson has directed this movie. Kelly Hu,Angus Macfadyen,Candace Cameron Bure,Lucius Hoyos are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. F.R.E.D.I. (2018) is considered one of the best Adventure,Family,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

A teenager makes the discovery of a lifetime in the forest behind his Arkansas home, a friendly robot named F.R.E.D.I. (voiced by Candace Cameron Bure). Join James (Lucius Hoyos), Danny (Reid Miller) and Natalie (Casimere Jollette) as they come together to help F.R.E.D.I. find her way back to her creator Dr. Palmer (Kelly Hu) and evade an evil corporate villain (Angus Macfayden).


F.R.E.D.I. (2018) Reviews

  • Fun and family friendly


    Not sure what others were looking for, but this is exactly what it appears to be. Teens caught up in intrigue after an evil tech company loses track of one of their gadgets. It's fun and has a little something for everyone.

  • Not a bad kids movie


    Mostly, this felt like an 80s family movie to me, which is no bad thing. It has elements of ET, Short Circuit, War Games and Flight Of The Navigator. There's really nothing original in there but it's all good escapist stuff. The basic gist is a kid finds a cute AI robot, the movie is then about him and his friend getting to know it, and then having exciting adventures with it. There are a couple of weak actors, the bad guy doesn't convince and the father is a bit wooden, but pretty much everyone else hits the right note. It all has a good steady pace, and overall I was entertained. I'm pretty sure younger kids will love it.

  • Good movie for kids and families


    Our kids enjoyed this movie. Good acting, sweet story.

  • It's a very good movie


    I don't know why the reviews are low, not every movie is perfect. My kids were very happy to have seen this movie as I enjoyed it as well. Everyone who's putting bad reviews probably don't know how to enjoy any type of movie without criticizing a single part.

  • We liked it


    We hesitated watching this with my 7 and two 9 year olds, but I'm glad we gave it a go. There wasn't a Common Sense Media review with age recommendations, but I'd say it's fine for 7 and up. We are pretty picky about what we let our kids watch and this one past the test. No bad language, mild flirting, good storyline. There are a few abnoxious kids, but nothing a parent can't contradict with a "now that wasn't very nice" comment. Like others have mentioned, it's reminiscent of some 80s flicks, but our kids haven't seen those, so the storyline was new to them. I'd say the acting was fine except for the bad guy-not great. It's not winning any awards, but honestly, I wish studios made more family movies like this. Good, decent, family entertainment. Don't set your expectations too high, just grab the kiddos, pop some corn and enjoy a movie night together.


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