Final Girl (2015)

Final Girl (2015)

Abigail BreslinWes BentleyLogan HuffmanAlexander Ludwig
Tyler Shields


Final Girl (2015) is a English movie. Tyler Shields has directed this movie. Abigail Breslin,Wes Bentley,Logan Huffman,Alexander Ludwig are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Final Girl (2015) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A cute, shy, young girl is new to town, and looks to be the perfect, easily-duped target for a group of boys who want to use her as the final test in their murder game. Little do they know, she is skilled in areas they cannot imagine, and has a test of her own she decides to pursue.

Final Girl (2015) Reviews

  • For badly implied reasons a little girl is adopted by an assassin and trained to kill four murderers


    SPOILERS This film left me with a lot of questions and I've come to realize that the answer to every single one of them is "because it is a dumb and senseless movie." Here are a few for you to sample: How did these murderers who are in high school kill William's wife and daughter over ten years ago? Did they kill them when they were 6 years old? Why doesn't William just kill them himself or turn them into the police? Why are they waiting ten years to train this little girl while other women are being murdered when they already know who the killers are and could stop them? Why does Veronica have a crush on William? He adopted her when she was a little girl and is basically her father. Isn't this messed up? Why does William tickle her? That was so weird! Why do they choke out that random guy at the bar? Why can't she just shoot them? If a gun without bullets is a paperweight why can't she just take more bullets? Why isn't she allowed to wear shoes? If she's going to drug them why can't she just poison them? What woman in their right mind would wear formal attire and drive into the woods with four men they just met? Why does it take her so long to kill these bozos when she's been training for ten years and they are drugged? Why is this guy so scared of pandas? I thought she wasn't allowed to use a gun so why does William shoot the last guy? Why didn't he shoot them ten years ago? If he was there the whole time with a gun why was he letting her try and fist fight them to death when he could have easily killed them? Who made this movie? Who reviewed the script and thought "this is good"? How was this disaster ever made?

  • I dunno that I have EVER seen a more under-developed plot.


    This is a terrible film. Not bad. Terrible. I have seen about 60 films from 2015.. maybe more. Right now this is the worst one that I've seen. Never have I seen a film that seemed so disinterested in telling me anything about how or why these people are who they are. The backstories are non-existent. We care nothing for these characters. The writing is awful. And in the end - you just have to ask yourself "why". I just can't grasp how any film-maker would want to release such an incomplete mess of a film. It's really a bit disrespectful to the viewers if you ask me. You plop down in the middle of these characters lives, and there's seemingly a ton of potentially interesting material that put them where they are... you get NOTHING. The end is a mess too. The film feels like the last 10 minutes of a stage play you walked in on. A bunch of crap that you don't know why is going-on, only in this case it wouldn't have mattered if you had sat through he first 85 minutes because the film gave you NOTHING! Worse than Pixels, worse than anything else this year... You got me Final Girl... You got me;).. Breslin... stylish looking trailer... you got me. Trash! 33/100. Go rent the very average Final GirlS instead... it's not great, but it's an Oscar contender next to this junk. Pass... don't say I didn't warn you.

  • It should be good, but not very well made


    I saw the trailer to this and it appealed to me. I like both the main actors. They have proved they are good. But this film doesn't take long before your realise it is a little cheap. Questionable dialogue and poor cinematography. The story is neither here or there. I have seen worse. But the way it is executed just leaves you wondering if this was a student project. The build up to the climax is clumsy and made me chuckle a few times. Abigail is a fine actress but this film did nothing to help her. She just wasn't convincing in this role. Especially if I compare next to the film: Hannah. So in summary; Weak story, poor production, bad cinematography and failed direction that lets the actors down. Not recommended.

  • OK, but could have been better


    This movie had quite a lot of familiar names for me and with all those names should have been better. It gets let down by the script and the casting of the lead Abigail Breslin. The rest of the actors do on the whole a pretty good job and overlooking Abigail Breslin's obvious miscasting this was an entertaining movie to watch. Just don't expect too much going in. Wes Bentley, Cameron Bright, Alexander Ludwig and Francesca Eastwood are all actors I have seen before and their performances while good are let down by the unpolished script dialogue. The movie is quite short at 78 minutes before the credits and the story is quite good, but for one glaring plot hole. I gave this a 5.5 rounded up to a 6/10, which is better than the current average on here, it could have easily been an 8 with some work on the script and a more appropriate lead actress.

  • Not ready for prime time.


    Let me just mention the positives first. The shot compositions are beautiful for a lot of this movie. I kept thinking I bet a photographer directed this. I looked it up and sure enough a photographer directed this movie. Not just a photographer, but an exceptional one. His work is evocative and beautiful. I'm not sure he really understands cinematography and editing though. A girl is recruited for her intellect and trained for 10 years to turn the tables on a gang of murders. None of the training is shown except for a few scenes in which, despite having 10 years of training, the girls seems like a beginner. The fight scenes are edited to mask the fact that clearly, this 10 year trained assassin looks like someone who just walked into a gym for the first time and was asked to stand in a boxing stance. Because you know from the start of the movie that the girl has been training, essentially, all her life to fight these guys, you never get the sense that she is in any real danger or that the outcome is ever in question. There's no real suspense to this film. Plus she drugs three of them with a hallucinogenic before the encounter. So we have a 10 year trained assassin against 4 untrained, unsuspecting, drugged yahoos. She should have torn through them like a pitbull through a fresh steak. Instead, the story drags out due to one contrivance or another and some boring melodrama until, SURPRISE, she wins and becomes the final girl. I totally did not see that coming. The actors try their best but their performance lack gravitas. I don't think it's all their fault though, what more could they do with a script that seems threadbare and devoid of any subtext whatsoever. Everything just seemed like an excuse to make a few beautiful photographic compositions. The rest is utterly forgettable. It's a strange byproduct of the digital age of film making that anyone with a moderate amount of money and time can make a film. So many films have been produced so quickly that there aren't enough great film ideas to keep top tier talent working, directors and actors. So every month you have a ton of half baked films featuring high caliber actors who have to keep working just to pay the bills. Sure the digital revolution has democratized film making, but you have to shovel through mountains of crap to find a decent one nowadays.


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