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Final Solution (2004)

Final Solution (2004)

Rakesh Sharma


Final Solution (2004) is a Gujarati,Hindi,Urdu movie. Rakesh Sharma has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Final Solution (2004) is considered one of the best Documentary movie in India and around the world.

The Final Solution is a 2003 documentary directed by Rakesh Sharma about the 2002 communal Gujarat Riots that arose as a response to the Godhra Train Burning incident on February 27, 2002, where 58 Hindus were burnt alive on a train carriage. An official estimate states that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed during the riots, with 223 more missing. The documentary consists mostly of interviews, with both Muslims and Hindus, of multiple generations, and both sexes, with different views regarding the causes, justifications, and the actual events of the violence that occurred, as well as their prospects for the future. The government of Gujurat at the time, led by Chief Minister Narendra Modi, was highly criticised throughout the documentary and was accused of inciting much of the rioting and not doing enough to halt it.


Final Solution (2004) Reviews

  • 'Those who forget history are condemned to relive it'


    FINAL SOLUTION, documentary film, set up in Gujrat during February 2002 - July 2003, deals with the Gujrat riots, which shook the country. The movie is a study of the politics of hate. It is divided into four parts. It depicts the planned Genocide against the Muslims (minority community) and the aftermath of the carnage: Hindu-Muslim polarisation. It also tries to figure out the meaning of the emerging 'Hindutva'. The Terror Trail reconstructs through eyewitness accounts the attack on Gulbarg (Ahmedabad) and acts of barbaric violence against Muslim women at Eral and Delol/Kalol (Panchmahals) even as Chief Minister, Narendra Modi traverses the state on his Gaurav Yatra. The film is so powerful, that it can literally destroy a political party. A must watch!

  • Totally based on fact, must see for Indians


    A no-nonsense, well-researched documentary containing footage the Indian media will never show. It does not exposition or proselytize, just shows the fact about what happened in Gujarat and its consequences. Even though the film is banned in India, definitely try to get hold of a copy especially if you are Indian. The documentary clearly shows the insidious ways used by the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP to spread their doctrine of hate and poison Hindu minds against Muslims just for the purposes of getting votes. See what is being done in the name of Hinduism.

  • Modern Day Nazis exposed in India


    In February and March 2002, the Indian State of Gujarat witnessed horrific incidents of unparallelled violence that can only be described as Genocide. Over 2000 people, including British Citizens were slaughtered with more than 100,000 people displaced in under-resourced refugee camps. Houses were systematically looted; businesses burnt down, hundreds of women gang raped and many children murdered. Substantial evidence suggests that the Gujarat State government, led by the current Chief Minister Narendra Modi and the police orchestrated the violence and were responsible for the carnage. Yet, despite domestic and international public pressure, not a single prominent individual has been held to account or brought to justice. Commentating on the violence in Gujarat, The US based Human Rights Watch states - "What happened in Gujarat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims. The attacks were planned in advance and organised with extensive participation of the police and state government officials." The violence in 2002 followed a deteriorating trend of human rights abuses against the Christian, Muslim and Dhalit minorities in Gujarat, this trend has continued since 2002. Indeed, in 2005, the Chief Minister of Gujarat was banned from visiting the US for his part in the Genocide and continued Human rights abuses in Gujarat, citing Modi to be in "in severe violation of religious freedoms". This film is worth a million textbooks, because it shows first-hand what was happening in Gujarat and draws some very relevant parallels with the Jewish experience in Nazi Germany. Never Again? Watch this film and wake up....

  • Documentary about Violence Inhumanity and POLITICS !!!


    SPOILER ALERT: Their is no religion, no class, no race, but only two kinds of People ' Good ' and ' Bad ', these two sides of Humanity has been shown in this Wonderful yet Very much disturbing Documentary. Rakesh seem to have went in to depths and a vast research before making this wonderful piece of work ! Though it couldn't make it to general public cause of an obvious reason known to people who have actually seen this documentary, i must confess that i have never seen any thing like this in my whole life ! Literally i have cried only 4 or 5 times hardly in my life since i gained my senses and in that 4 or 5 times one is while watching this ......, The story uncovers brutality, Murder, Rape of innocent girls and pregnant women, robbery , and in depth violence which any living man can hardly imagine. The Documentary starts with a young boy hardly 3-4 years old speaking to Rakesh about the riots !!! I was shocked to hear the words from his mouth, it just showed the kind of impact which laid down on the young minds. The documentary covered everything starting from the Godhra train burning ( February 27, 2010 ) till the next year effects which it had on Gujrath. It highlighted all the political Leaders who are begging for votes with an alibi of this Riots. Most of the statements given by political leaders in this documentary are SHOCKING !!! they speak openly about eliminating Muslims from India and even Attacking Pakistan !! till now i thought speaking like that will have you arrested but little did i know about it. It had so many people describing the sad story which happened back then, even some of the witnesses speaking about this gruesome Acts committed by Soulless people. At the end every one reduced to tears they could not speak due to the pain they have in their hearts which is totally felt by me. Every one should watch this master piece to be aware about where our country is actually going. By the end of this documentary every one can say it was not Muslim or Hindu who started this Living Hell . It was always them ' Politicians ' I hope they them selves who speak about protecting our country shall stop destroying her. I would have paid 200 bucks and watched this in theater instead of some sensational drama where Millions are spent.

  • Balanced and sane look at insanity


    India is no stranger to religious violence, nor ban on films that seek intelligent introspection of those events. What makes it different this time, is that the leader behind the genocide is neither shadowy (like the grand old party) nor limited to a small region (like the Tiger). He is rather upfront about his actions, intentions, and frustrations. His diatribe is coated with brilliant oratory, his exhortations are served with a dash of sarcastic humor, and his pride at "cleansing" those who'd hurt the "MotherLand" is infectious. As he's proved with over two decades of elected mandate, and effortlessly crushing any opposition and opponents to his crusade, his force is not to trifle with. The Final Solution by Rakesh Sharma, thankfully available in good quality on Youtube (for now), is also important at this point in history because we're on the verge of electing our new Prime Minister. Unfortunately, hate-mongers find it easier to exploit the polarization in society and gain ardent followers, rather than those who talk about peace and concessions. It is very easy to divert attention from the broken hull and instead claim that throwing a few people overboard will keep everyone afloat. By the time people realize it didn't work, and that everyone is drowning, it is too late. The shock value of Final Solution, to me, was not in how the administration perpetrated genocide; rather, it was in the honest, widespread and, indeed, CASUAL acknowledgment by the majority community: "Yes, we did it. So what? They had it coming...". Somehow, Modi's fiction has found its audience-- and not just in Gujarat. People are willing to suspend disbelief, and overlook obvious plot-holes, to live that dream where everything will be OK once the Muslims are eradicated. The tales of human tragedy, the families split apart, the generations wiped out, the mutilated bodies are heart rending, yes. Even more is the way mobs attacked different parts of the state at the same time, in almost every case, accompanied by cops to make sure no one escapes. The few voices of dissent and sanity were killed, by questioning their patriotism or politics. Proved crimes, such as recorded speeches or fake encounters, were simply ignored till the public forgot. The Final Solution is not a chest-beating apology for the minority. It is a gripping and honest record of what happened. At no point does it demonize Modi or his cronies. You draw your own conclusions from speeches they never deny making. That's when you feel that cold shudder down your spine. He could be the PM one day. The dread sinks in that the parallels with another such brilliant and deadly figure in history is no exaggeration.


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