Forbidden Power (2018)

Forbidden Power (2018)

Lincoln BeversNasanin NuriHannah JanssenHarry Mok
Paul Kyriazi


Forbidden Power (2018) is a English movie. Paul Kyriazi has directed this movie. Lincoln Bevers,Nasanin Nuri,Hannah Janssen,Harry Mok are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Forbidden Power (2018) is considered one of the best Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

After a one night affair, a young man is left with extra power and a cryptic message. He searches for the woman to find out the source of her power.

Forbidden Power (2018) Reviews

  • Close to unwatchable.


    Poor acting, worst green screen composits ever, dire script, terrible direction, out of sync dialogue replacement in many places, no budget for music soundtrack, no atmosphere, no chemistry, but I gave this a rating of 2, reserving a rating of 1 for worse movies than this (and they do exist). If you have nothing else to watch and have a very high level of tolerance for excruciatingly cringe-worthy movies, this will do nicely. If you have anything else to watch, and I mean pretty much anything else, watch something else.

  • Nice


    Nice colouring and different concept. Direction is very good.

  • Wild at Heart


    Unlike the other reviewer here I found this movie entertaining, I guess, I'm not too hard to please. By the way the one critic's review also gave it a 7/10. It was not a great film, but not a bad one either. The idea was quite good and rather unique, to my experience. I found the leads quite good and Nasanin Nuri, was certainly alluring. I won't give away the plot, which I didn't really catch on to until late in the movie. It's a well-worn idea, but here it was done very differently, than I've seen before. It's basically a light piece of entertainment and it certainly never bored me.

  • Good movie


    Liked the movie. Didn't understand it all, but it was powerful. Good characters, want to see more. Thank you.

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