Gamunui yeonggwang 5: Gamunui Gwihan (2012)

Gamunui yeonggwang 5: Gamunui Gwihan (2012)

Yûko FuekiKwang-Hee HwangJun-ho JeongKwang-Hyeon Kim
Yong-ki Jeong


Gamunui yeonggwang 5: Gamunui Gwihan (2012) is a Korean movie. Yong-ki Jeong has directed this movie. Yûko Fueki,Kwang-Hee Hwang,Jun-ho Jeong,Kwang-Hyeon Kim are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Gamunui yeonggwang 5: Gamunui Gwihan (2012) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime movie in India and around the world.

10 years after "Marrying the Mafia 1". The three J's established an architecture company and have become well-known business. They hold pens instead of fists in their hands but things still happen around them and now even bother their children.

Gamunui yeonggwang 5: Gamunui Gwihan (2012) Reviews

  • they're always being serious!


    From a lot of poor review this movie received I just guess that they were expecting too much. You know this is just a light comedy movie specially construct for any boring family on any lazy Sunday. Its not bad because they took this movie seriously. You know all the directing, acting, even lighting and scenario is well-executed! This is what all "Marrying The Mafia"'s fan want! The same style is used to keep the tradition of all previous predecessor. Even the side actor did their job really well. I'm glad they took this movie seriously, unlike a lot of American sequel that's always broke out like "The Exorcist", "Halloween", etc. and please excuse "The Dark Knight Trilogy", its so damn good! By the way, I love this movie. Yeah, some part there's some unnecessary scene that make this movie too long (korean movie always take 2 hours I guess?)but they quickly cover it back to maintain the pacing with some sweet moment. Watchable for MTM fans!


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