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Ice Planet (2001)

Ice Planet (2001)

Reiner SchöneSab ShimonoJames O'SheaValeriy Nikolaev
Winrich Kolbe


Ice Planet (2001) is a English movie. Winrich Kolbe has directed this movie. Reiner Schöne,Sab Shimono,James O'Shea,Valeriy Nikolaev are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2001. Ice Planet (2001) is considered one of the best Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

In the brief period of peace after a terrible war in a far future Earth, an outer-space military academy is attacked by an unknown and unstoppable alien force. The commander of the academy, along with a group of newly graduated cadets, escapes to a large research station. Pursued by the aliens, the station jumps through a mysterious hyperspace gateway that sends them to a planet in an unknown part of the universe. Where are they, and will they ever be able to return to Earth?


Ice Planet (2001) Reviews

  • Epic Sci-fi


    Even if this is not a perfect movie, it's packed with powerful ideas (isn't that what sci-fi is supposed to be) and some spectacular effects and Special FX locations. After an attack by an unknown alien entity on a series of human outposts in the solar system, a crew is thrown thru a time-space portal in an alien world where ancient alien conflicts set the agenda - what's cool (besides really great special FX battle scenes), is how haunting much of the film is, and how different the new world is. The acting isn't the greatest in all places although some of it is just fine. Wes Stdi seemed not to have a director -probably there could have been a better choice for the lead. Still, independent pictures that have ambition are the heart of an exciting time in movie-land. This film meets that test. Great concept, great originality.

  • Probably one of the worst Sci-Fi movies


    If you want to see a mixture of the '50's and '60's Sci-Fi scripts and special effects with modern techniques, then go see the movie. Probably a low budget movie, since they couldn't afford a better scenario, as it starts with a story of a war (what's new?) between two terrestrial factions and it ends with some 1000 people on a strange planet, starting a new life... The connection between the key elements of the story is weak, the people inside are not interesting (old models of heroes from Star Trek, mostly, some elements of the oldies - "The forbidden planet"; "Time Machine") as well as not original at all, as if the movie-makers discovered the bicycle at the beginning of the 21 century... Sorry to say, no logical story, cheap FX, actors are not convincing at all; and the story is not even funny, to recommend it for kids. If I take into account its complexity, I'd recommend it to 10-11 years old kids. It is one of those movies that made you think why you have spent 2 hours of a lovely night for nothing?

  • Left Me Cold

    Theo Robertson2013-06-18

    This starts with a voice over stating that 30 years earlier there was a world wide war between The Union and The Consortium that left 10 per cent of the Earth's population . This leads to a mental image of a labour dispute getting out of hand . You'll have to use your own mental image for this war because an obvious montage isn't used . Actually there is a vague internal logic for world wide wars happening when mankind has developed interstellar travel because who's going to start world war 3 when everyone is confined on Earth ? There's also a logic to have an extremely cosmopolitan crew on a spaceship . After all China , India and possibly Brazil will be superpowers in the late 21st century so there is a bit of thought given to the future premise . Alas thought doesn't seem to be given to anything else While watching ICE PLANET I had the gut instinct that I was watching a pilot to some TV show . Everything about the way shots are framed to the not very special effects and the segments where the screen fades to black gave me the impression I was watching a feature length TV pilot . Even the premise of a human colony being attacked by mysterious aliens reminded me of a previous TV series SPACE ABOVE AND BEYOND . I went on Wikipedia and guess what ? This was indeed a pilot for a TV series that was never produced This leads to a fundamental problem and that is that ICE PLANET never feels like a story in its own right . There's just a basic exposition that sets things up and there's a host of characters who have a backstory just waiting to burst out . Of course if you're going to go to a full series characters and situations will be embellished and built upon but if it doesn't this means you're watching something that is terribly unsatisfying in its own right which is something commentators on this page have mentioned . Perhaps the fact that this pilot didn't go to a series tells you something ?

  • honest to god sci-fi


    This is actually very good science fiction. As most of this movie does NOT consist of giant robots fighting each other, stupid people probably shouldn't try to watch. There is lots of plot, although the dialog can be sketchy at times. The whole thing move fast enough that you actually have to think about whats going on. The effects are last generation but the delivery is erstwhile. This movie does not bore us with endless fighting sequences. It takes the time to develop a complex plot line while sparing us the details of character development. As many of the characters seem to be arch-types one could surmise they would receive further treatment if the series were produced. This movie is a surprise gem. Far far better than Syfy has ever produced on it's own.

  • Ice Planet 2001 showed great promise.


    I have to agree that this was not the most technically advanced film I have ever seen, but it was made 5 years ago and we are used to seeing great effects today, but it is a good story. Wes makes for a very interesting lead and the plot leaves clues and questions that only the planned series could have answered. It was unfortunate that the series was not picked up at the time, but it has left the door open for the remake that is currently in production in Canada/Germany. And with todays CGI, and an industry first from VICON, there are only good things destined for this show. I can see Ice Planet (2001) quickly becoming a new classic in sci fi. thefoxcub . ice-planet.TV


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