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Icebox (2018)

Icebox (2018)

Genesis RodriguezSarah MinnichAnthony GonzalezCarrie Lazar
Daniel Sawka


Icebox (2018) is a English movie. Daniel Sawka has directed this movie. Genesis Rodriguez,Sarah Minnich,Anthony Gonzalez,Carrie Lazar are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Icebox (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

A young boy becomes trapped inside America's rigid immigration process. (Feature adaptation of the 2016 short film, "Icebox.")

Icebox (2018) Reviews

  • WOW!


    I was left in tears! The show was very powerful. I can relate to the pain and hardship that little Oscar is dealing with. I have witnessed it first hand. Very powerful performances! A must watch!

  • Honestly told


    This has the feel of an honestly told story. I don't know if it's true but the emotions are genuine. A story well told, well acted, and well directed.

  • A Topical Masterpiece


    Icebox is a compelling topical masterpiece that tells the story of a young boy in Honduras who is attacked by a vicious street gang and flees to the United States, where he is captured by immigration authorities and held in a cage-camp. It's an amazing drama about life inside the chaotic immigration system, and the subjective destruction of young lives. The story is well told in Spanish with English subtitles, and is a must see for every American in whose name children are held in cages.

  • Compelling, yet disheartening


    I found myself frustrated at every setback Oscar faced, yet still hopeful that somehow, someone would come through for him. It seemed that at every step things were stacked against him. It was a real emotional roller coaster. At the hearing, I started to see the pitfall he was being lured into and I began to holler the the TV, telling him to answer, "no" repeatedly, but it was too late. Oscar was honest, but the system wasn't. This is a system that treats victimized children, who cannot protect themselves against criminals, as though they are adults who have choices and autonomy that they don't have and denies them rights (eg. the right to a lawyer to represent them in a trial and then assumes they have waived that right voluntarily, when it was never offered to them in the first place) that would help them to succeed. Anthony Gonzalez plays the role of Oscar very well, IMO. He really got me on Oscar's side and wanting him to find an adult ally who would stand in his corner and go to bat for him. At the end, I was so sad for him. It seemed to foreshadow the kind of future he might have, becoming like his uncle, not trusting people, always being wary and afraid of losing everything. America always seems to be the only place to go and yet, when people get there, it's just another place to keep running and hiding in fear rather than a place of comfort and peace.

  • Great channel surfing find!


    I saw the info about this movie while surfing through channels. It was already on and I had no intentions on watching a movie already in progress. Needless to say I didn't find another movie to watch, didn't even look for one until it went off. If it isn't a true story it could be. The acting, the storyline just everything about this movie feels authentic.


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