Iron Eagle (1986)

Iron Eagle (1986)

Louis Gossett Jr.Jason GedrickDavid SuchetTim Thomerson
Sidney J. Furie


Iron Eagle (1986) is a English movie. Sidney J. Furie has directed this movie. Louis Gossett Jr.,Jason Gedrick,David Suchet,Tim Thomerson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1986. Iron Eagle (1986) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller,War movie in India and around the world.

When Doug's father, an Air Force Pilot, is shot down by MiGs belonging to a radical Middle Eastern state, no one seems able to get him out. Doug finds Chappy, an Air Force Colonel who is intrigued by the idea of sending in two fighters piloted by himself and Doug to rescue Doug's father after bombing the MiG base. Their only problems: Borrowing two fighters, getting them from California to the Mediteranean without anyone noticing, and Doug's inability to hit anything unless he has music playing. Then come the minor problems of the state's air defenses.


Iron Eagle (1986) Reviews

  • And you have to deal with me, Doug Masters


    I'm sorry, but I just can't help it, I love watching Iron Eagle. Now, do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that this is a great movie. No, rather, I would put it that this is an endlessly entertaining movie. For people who cut this movie to pieces for not being realistic are kinda missing the point. Of course Iron Eagle's plot was ridiculous. But I believe its target audience was kids, and I sure remember finding this cool when I was little. Now I just find it amusing as a guilty pleasure, kinda like Road House. This movie is part of the great pantheon of 80's, kids-taking-on-the-stodgy-adult-power-structure movies. You must remember D.A.R.Y.L, Real Genius, E.T., etc. If you ask me, just watching Doug and Knotcher "Ride the Snake" in the beginning is worth the cost of the DVD. That whole sequence was so STUPID! But, at the same time, it was hilarious, funny, totally 80's, all that good stuff. So bottom line, Iron Eagle is a great 80's guilty pleasure. The hairstyles, the dancing, the music, the dialogue, its all funny as hell. I have Iron Eagle on DVD and to me it was totally worth $9.99 at Best Buy. If you love laughing at dated, unrealistic action movies, this one is a must-see. Oh yeah, and I think its plot was only marginally stupider than 1986's other fighter pilot action pic, Top Gun.

  • Spoilers. But you can't spoil this movie!


    Okay, here's the deal. There's this American pilot who's flying along, minding his own business, when suddenly he's outnumbered by evil, cowardly non-American fighter planes (they're Middle Eastern types, but suffice to say they don't like apple pie or Elvis Presley), who proceed to shoot him down. Now this American pilot was doing nothing wrong, but those evil non-Americans didn't care and before you know it he's banged up in a foreign jail and sentenced to death!! Now, what would normally happen here is that the US Military would carpet bomb a couple of nearby towns until the pilot was released, but not this time. Those evil peace lovin' types probably got involved and managed to stop any kind of retaliatory massacre. As you can imagine, this doesn't please the pilot's family and the evil foreign dictator has this smug, contented look about him. He'll make those Americans pay, oh yes indeed! But He didn't reckon on Doug Masters, the captured pilots 16-year-old son. You see Doug has been able to fly a plane longer than he can drive a car, (which can't be that long) and decides to fly into that evil, foreign country and get his Dad back. So with the help of his friends, Doug and his wingman, retired pilot ‘Chappy' Sinclair, Doug launches a two man air raid on the foreigners. Now you'd think that this plan would be bound to fail, but you'd be wrong. Sure, those Middle Eastern types might be all veteran pilots, but Doug's got an ace up his sleeve, he listens to rock music when he flies! After shooting down a dozen or so enemy planes and blowing up an oil refinery, Doug lands at an airport and gets his now wounded dad onboard the plane. Understandably, the evil, not quite so smug anymore, dictator gets quite annoyed at these antics and takes to the skies himself, in bid to shoot down Doug. But the young lad listens to some more rock music and blows the villain out of the sky. HURRAH! After Doug and Chappy have shot down 90% of their air force, the foreigners send up their last few planes in a rather poor attempt to shoot Doug down, but in the nick of time, a flight of US F16s turn up and scare them away. I cannot recommend this film enough. It was the first ever videocassette movie that I brought, and until I was twenty, I kept hoping that my dad would get shot down over a foreign country so that I could rescue him. But he's doesn't like flying, so it didn't happen.

  • First episode of the franchise with a magnificent Louis Gosset Jr. as ¨Chappy¨


    The film focuses a boy about eighteen-years-old (Jason Gedrick) ; when his father (Tim Thomerson) is taken prisoner by a dictator (David Suchet) from Middle East , he steals a F 16 fighter jet to rescue his daddy . He's helped by the brave Colonel ¨Chappy¨ Sinclair (Louis Gosset Jr. , though Morgan Freeman auditioned for the part) . The movie contains a plethora of action scenes , explosion , blasts , aircraft battles with various jet-planes flying to sound-velocity and blown up . The picture is a blend of typical films from the 80s , as ¨Top Gun¨and ¨Rambo¨ but starred by a teenager . The story provides entertainment and action with no sense but being sometimes a little bit boring and dull . All of the fighter aircraft used (F-16 fighters ; plus , F-21 fighters depicting enemy MiGs) are actually Israeli Air Force aircraft , repainted with the USAF symbol and a fictitious enemy symbol . Jason Gedrick is the valiant he-man , he causes wreck havoc to nasties commanded by the villain David Suchet . Our hero ¨Chappy¨ is well personified by Louis Gosset Jr , usual to all the¨Iron Eagle¨ saga . Spectacular cinematography by Adam Greenberg with excellent sky-shots . However , the score is awful , but is based in disco-music and synthesizer , in spite of being composed by Basil Poledouris (¨Conan¨ music's author) . The motion picture was regularly directed by Sidney J.Furie . It's followed by three sequels, all directed by Furie with exception the second directed by John Glen , thus : ¨Iron Eagle 2¨ (1988) with Mark Humphrey ; ¨Aces : Iron Eagle III¨ (1992) with Rachel McLish and Horst Buchhold ; and ¨Iron Eagle IV¨ with Rachel Blanchard .

  • Very fun movie with a great soundtrack...


    I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it first came out. I think I saw it three or four times. It was the best air combat movie I had seen at the time. I hear this movie compared to Top Gun a lot. In my opinion there is no contest. Iron Eagle is far better than Top Gun. Here's why. Top Gun had very good aerial combat sequences. Some of the best I've still ever seen. However, the plot of Top Gun was AWOL. All I remember of Top Gun is, they practiced, he got the girl, his pal died and he was the hero at the end. Iron Eagle had a good plot. However the aerial combat scenes are pretty fake and tame. Sure it was unbelievable that they could pull it off but there was a plot and a good one. Iron Eagle's fun lies in it's youthful angst and comedy. Louis Gossett Jr. shows his veteran acting skill in this movie as the veteran pilot. Jason Gedrick was good as the young upstart pilot with too much testosterone. They chemistry between the actors was good. There is one scene where they young pilot asks for Chappy's help and he turns him down and Louis Gossett's acting skills become quite evident. One of the best scenes in the movie is the race between the motorcycle and the Cessna with a pounding rock song in the background. It is one of the best done flight sequences I've seen in a move and is not fake like the combat scenes. Another scene is when the kids use their dupe their parents and other military personnel into getting them what ever they want from the base, including two F-16s. But more than these scenes, it's really the soundtrack that makes the movie. There are songs by Queen(One Vision), Dio(Hide in the Rainbow) and The Spencer Davis Group(Gimmie Some Lovin), what a combo! Not only does the music sound good to our young pilot, it also makes him fly and fight better! While I can't say that Iron Eagle is a masterpiece, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. Iron Eagle is out on DVD! Now I finally have and excuse to buy a DVD player! Rayvyn

  • 1986: The year of the jet fighter movie!


    Most of us remember Top Gun as being the biggest hit of 1986. Iron Eagle, despite the numerous sequels it produced, has been all but forgotten. However it also made its mark in the same year, just not as big of a mark. Iron Eagle is the story of a teenager (Jason Gedrick) who with the help of an experienced jet pilot (Louis Gossett Jr.) "borrows" a couple F16 fighters to rescue his father who is being held prisoner in a hostile Arabic country. The film is absolutely ludicrous, but definitely a sign of the times back then. I do not recall if the hostile nation in this film is ever named, but it is obviously based on Lybia who was public enemy #1 for the USA back then. At least as far as non-communist bloc nations were concerned. The main bad guy who seems to be running the show is obviously based on Muammar Gadaffi, too. After a kangaroo court trial, Gedrick's father is sentenced to be hanged for simply being shot down in disputed air space near the enemy coast. (recall Gadaffi's "line of death") The US government seems to be planning no action to rescue the dad. It appears Gedrick and Gossett Jr. are his only hope!!!! In a series of ridiculous scenes perhaps even less probable than the actual air combat scenes, Gedrick and his teenage friends are able to steal all the necessary reconnaissance needed to set up the mission. Gedrick is able to gather enough information to convince Gossett to fly in there with him in his own plane. But can two F16s really penetrate the hostile country's air space and pull off the rescue?????? Sure they can! This was the 1980s!!! Ronald Reagan was president!! Americans could accomplish anything back then!!!! Whether or not this kind of plot seems interesting quickly becomes irrelevant once the film gets going. It is technically inept, full of impossible scenes, and lacking in logic from the get-go. This film was obviously rushed; no doubt to get it released before Top Gun which was a much better film in all areas. There are an embarrassing number of continuity goofs involving the weaponry carried on the wings of the planes. In some shots the planes appear fully loaded for battle. Then, the next shot will show only a couple missiles left. Then, the planes will do some kind of loop da loop and there will be no weapons visible at all. The editing department was either out with the flu or just didn't have time to get things right. The acting isn't bad. Gedrick is likable, and Gossett Jr. is terrific as ever. He basically plays the same kind of hard-ass he played in An Officer and a Gentleman. He likes the kid and his father, but he knows the kid will have to be toughened up drastically if they have any chance of pulling it off. Keep a close lookout for Robbie Rist who played Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch. On the plus side, the soundtrack is pretty good. One Vision by Queen is a great rock song. There are also good songs by Twisted Sister, King Kobra, and Dio. And also its a joy to behold someone bombing the heck out of this worthless dictator and his stupid country. Blowing up his oil refinery may have been a bad decision, though. Something like that could theoretically hike up the price of gas world wide!! Just ask our current president or his father. When bombing a Middle Eastern country, the LAST thing you want to hit are its oil resources! Prices are high enough as it is these days! 5 of 10 stars. Mostly for the soundtrack. The Hound.


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