Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (2018)

Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (2018)

Hon Ping TangMichael HerbigThomas FritschChristoph Maria Herbst
Dennis Gansel


Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (2018) is a English,German movie. Dennis Gansel has directed this movie. Hon Ping Tang,Michael Herbig,Thomas Fritsch,Christoph Maria Herbst are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

An orphan boy in search of his origin. A young princess held prisoner in deadly Dragon City. Jim and his friend Luke discovering mysterious lands on the quest of a lifetime.

Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer (2018) Reviews

  • Nice fantasy journey


    "Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer" (based on Michael Ende's work of course) is a new German 105-minute movie from 2018 and the newest work by director Dennis Gansel who is most known for "Die Welle" probably and made his transition to Hollywood not too long ago. But here he returns to a German kids classic, namely a film that is based on a classic from the Augsburger Puppenkiste, so a little film starring string puppets from decades ago and a classic for many (not so young) Germans from their childhood. I am probably not even the biggest fan of said old project, but it was easy to appreciate this one here. You will find many familiar faces from the German acting branch, basically everybody except the boy in the center of the story. But he is just there anyway, does not need to bring range or character development as it is usually all about the characters that he and Lukas share the screen with. Lukas is played by Henning Baum and I am usually pretty hard on him, but he was fine here I believe. And same applies to the supporting actors Frier, Peschel, Herbst, the bullyparade boys etc. Also there is a big Asian cast here due to certain story twists. It's about a man and a boy taking a journey together and ending up in the most daring adventures and locations, like on their way to saving a young princess they have to get through a massive and dangerous mountainside, a devastating desert and eventually a dark valley with the danger to fall down into gigantic abysses. But of course they manage all these tasks and find out a lot more about themselves and each other than where they really are from and where they belong. And one example of how much of a success this movie is is that it managed something that usually only Pixar manages, like that they actually manage to depict an item in a way where it really felt like a creature, I am talking about the locomotive train Emma of course. I would say that the film lacked a bit in the comedy area, except really very early on at Lummerland, and also that not all the emotional and dramatic parts were successful, but the adventure component made more than up for it to be honest, so it is all good. And still like I said the fun early on is good enough and there are strong dramatic moments like the female dragon falling asleep near the very end and her farewell was pretty memorable. And then there is of course the visual side and in terms of costumes, makeup, cinematography, sets etc. this was really well-executed, almost too good for a kids movie. But that is also one reason why I think this is a film for grown-ups too. I myself am not a huge fan of the original, even if I don't dislike it, but it came pretty easy for me to enjoy this one here. If Gansel or anybody else ever plans to follow up to this one with a sequel, then I am definitely all ready for it. It's closer to 4 out of 5 for me than to 2 out of 5 without a doubt. It is fairly difficult to say something negative for me about this film. There were no major flaws and it was fun to watch from start to finish and I am positive that the young ones and the ones young at heart can definitely have a fun time seeing this one. It is not a short kids movie by any means, but it also never drags. Good stuff we got here. Finally, let me say that it's been too long for me since I saw the old original to really compare these two, but you can completely ignore this old one and just have a fun time with this new one. Go for it, especially if you are an English native speaker that loves Shirley MacLaine.

  • Excellent rendition of a German children's classic


    Michael Ende didn't write as many books as others, but most of his books became instant classics. The tale of "Jim Knopf und Lukas, der Lokomotivführer" ist his best known, next to "Neverending story", which has become a classic both as a book and a film. While the latter aims for adults as well as for older kids, "Jim Knopf" is a great children's story - although it contains elements that will ring more with grown ups. The book is great in it's detail, and the pictures are fantastic on their own account. Then there's the marionette-version, made for TV by the "Augsburger Puppenkiste", in the 1970s. Now, Jim finally and well deservingly hits the big screen - and the makers did really, really well! They took lots of inspiration from the beloved TV-Version and didn't change a lot of the story: Jim being brought to the island of Lummerland with only a few habitants and a train engine as a baby, later sailing away (on the engine!) with his fatherly friend Lukas, to explore the secret of his heritage, trying to save princess Li Si from the dragon's city on the way, meeting lots of curious people on their journey... The director tells the story very straight, the action is well paced, and there are hardly any important parts missing. The visuals are fine, except for Nepomuk, the half dragon, who REALLY looks animated! No 3D, thankfully! The actors are doing a great job, especially both leads, but also all the secondary characters. A minor annoyance to me was the unnecessary change of the fact that Jim can't read or write at the beginning. That's why he has to DRAW a letter to Mrs. Waas when he's leaving. They kept the drawings in the movie but ADDED additional writing! Apart from that there's hardly anything to criticise. I rate this fantastic adaption 9/10 and look forward to the sequel "Die Wilde 13"!

  • If I was six I'll rate it higher but I'm not.


    Before you base yourself on my ratings if you are going to watch this movie or not there are a couple things to clarify. I watched this movie without reading anything about it before, I just stumbled on this movie and gave it a shot. The problem is not that it's in German, even though it's quite funny to see that all Asians speak German, but the fact that I'm fifty years old and that this movie is made for kids between five and eight. So the whole movie looks and sounds very childish. I have a wide imagination but this one is just too childish. If I were six years old I would probably love this movie, but I'm not, I'm fifty and so this movie is, even if it's well made, just not for me. But if you have kids this movie will get their attention and keep them quiet for a while.


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