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Ka-teu (2014)

Ka-teu (2014)

Jung-ah YumJung-hee MoonYeong-ae KimKyung-soo Do
Ji-young Boo


Ka-teu (2014) is a Korean movie. Ji-young Boo has directed this movie. Jung-ah Yum,Jung-hee Moon,Yeong-ae Kim,Kyung-soo Do are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Ka-teu (2014) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

The employees of a big box discount retailer band together when the contract workers are summarily laid off.

Ka-teu (2014) Reviews

  • Big-box store (looks very much like Wal-Mart) employees banding together against corporate greed.


    Cart (2014) is a Korean film based on a true story. It's about big-box store (looks very much like Wal-Mart) employees banding together against corporate greed. Most of the initial workers are women and their organizing attempts are inspiring. As with most foreign films Americans might find the timing a little unsettling but this is an interesting peek into Korean culture. If you're in the mood for a South Korean version of Norma Rae (1979) this is it.

  • Good enough


    The movie circles around the life of super market workers, who are fired unfairly and fight back to regain their job. To be more specific, its about a woman who is struggling to provide for her family and finally stands up for herself along with her co workers. For me, "Cart" was a so so movie. The performances were okay, but not that great, and the story could have been better presented. You have to consider the fact that it was passed on real events, but even so that didn't explain the ending, which was quite sharply wrapped up. The massages that the movie needed to get through, were successfully presented, as they were clean and simple. The family drama was nicely added to the story, though it was never completed wholly. So, 6 out of 10 for "Cart".


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