Latin Dragon (2004)

Latin Dragon (2004)

Fabian CarrilloGary BuseyLorenzo LamasRobert LaSardo
Scott Thomas


Latin Dragon (2004) is a English movie. Scott Thomas has directed this movie. Fabian Carrillo,Gary Busey,Lorenzo Lamas,Robert LaSardo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Latin Dragon (2004) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure movie in India and around the world.

In the grand tradition of the lone hero who mysteriously appears in a town desperate for help (think "Shane, "Billy Jack", "James Bond" and "Chinese Connection"), having survived a war and now serving the government as an undercover agent, Danny Silva takes on his biggest foe yet: the street gangs that have taken over his neighborhood. Unwilling to play by the rules set down by the criminals, Silva forgoes the use of guns and decides to battle the thugs with the strength of his fists, spirit and willpower, turning himself into a real-life, modern-day superhero. Packed with pulse pounding, adrenaline-filled action; "Latin Dragon" gives us our first mainstream Latino martial arts action hero.


Latin Dragon (2004) Reviews

  • I don't like that Raymond!


    This movie made me think of what it might be like if Ray Romano decided to do martial arts. Fabian Corillo looked just like Ray in that one where Ray was trying to act cool and got a tan and dyed his hair black. Seriously, the acting was pretty bad, and the fighting was pretty... eh. The shots were edgy for the first 3 minutes and then they over-did it with 'edgy'. Then they over-did it with 'edgy'. Then they over-did it with 'edgy'. It was like a broken record with the speeding up and slowing down and almost stopping the camera. It's like back in school if you had the hyper kid running the movie projector. "Stop playing around Tommy!" Still, there was some minor charm in this film. And to quote Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction), "Charm goes a long way." Still, watching it only one time would be fine with me. Interesting house "the Dragon" has at the end. If you go for that "post-hurricane" look. Was that supposed to be his "Fortress of Solitude"?? If this comes to television, it's worth watching. In fact it has a made-for-TV look to it. 4/10

  • Busey, Lamas &...Romano?


    "Latin Dragon" is an entertaining action film. The plot is: Danny Silva (Carrillo) is an undercover agent who has the battle the street gangs in his neighborhood. Gary Busey plays the street kingpin "Thorne". Lorenzo Lamas is his henchman "Frank". The drawback in this movie is that Carrillo looks like a Latino Ray Romano. So it's hilarious to see him do martial arts. Busey and Lamas sleepwalk through their roles. There's also some unnecessary "Matrix" style FX that come out of nowhere when bullets start flying. Overall, it's cheap and fun action... If you don't mind that. For more insanity, please visit:

  • It's OK for what it is, as far as late-night martial arts movie fanfare goes...


    There's a certain kind of movie that should always appeal to anyone who truly appreciates movies, and that's of the late-night variety. No, I'm not talking about late-night soft-core porn shows/movies, but it's really more of the late-night, "B"-movie action fanfare. 2004's "Latin Dragon" is one of those movies. The film was directed by Scott Brown and co-written by Fabian Carrillo (who according to the blurbs on this movie's cover art), is the world's first Latin martial arts hero/sensation. Now I'm not sure about the exact validity of such a claim, but I guess I'll have to take it as the literal truth since as a fan of martial arts and martial arts movies, I cannot come up with a single martial arts actor who is said to be of Hispanic heritage. According to his biography here on IMDb, Carrillo was born in South America (his specific country of birth is not listed), but was raised in The Bronx, New York; having been raised here in the United States, it certainly explains his surprisingly firm grasp of the English language, despite the occasional odd word or two of Spanish-language dialogue in the movie. He is also a three-time national Karate champion and holds five black belts in three fighting disciplines. So he certainly has the goods as a fighter, but can he act? For my late-night viewing pleasure, watching a Latin martial artist on TV was a welcome change. Carrillo is a dynamic presence on the screen and he definitely has a future in American martial arts movies, if he ever gets that big - he appears to be a likable all-around good guy, and all he really needs to do is develop the necessary acting skills to better carry a film production. Hence, that's what I got out of watching "Latin Dragon": he is certainly one to look out for, though I am kind of surprised that this movie came out in 2004 and he has not been picked up yet for at least an appearance as a villain in a mainstream American studio production (you hearing me calling you, right, Mr. Robert Rodriguez, Mr. Quentin Tarantino?). "Latin Dragon" has a by-the-numbers plot that is also an iconic riff on western movies: Carrillo plays the typical lone hero Danny Silva, a world-weary expert in Karate and former government assassin, who returns to his old neighborhood in East Los Angeles riding high a ruby-red Kawasaki motorcycle. He discovers that the neighborhood is being terrorized by violent Latino gang members under the leadership of Paco (Robert LaSardo), who also happens to be in league with Bishop Thorn (all-purpose bad guy Gary Busey, hamming it up as a stereotypical villain in the film's most enthusiastic performance), a greedy land developer who wants the poor working-class Hispanics and Asians to move out so he can build a major city. Danny goes to work beating up the legions of bad guys sent in his general direction, while also reuniting with his cop-brother Rafael (Luis Ramos) and childhood sweetheart Claudia (Joyce Giraud), while also trying to save his community that he loves so much. As I stated earlier, the movie is pretty typical martial arts/action movie fanfare. I wouldn't expect much considering it's a low-budget production, but it's an interesting one with promise for its chief protagonist. It certainly kept my attention, since Carrillo proves to be a dynamic fighting presence on the screen, even if he isn't really the best actor in the world. One thing that may annoy some people are the "Matrix"-like CGI special effects that pop up during some of the film's action sequences. But I guess that since it was made in 2004 - one year after the dual threats of "The Matrix Reloaded" (2003) and "The Matrix Revolutions" (2003) and every other clone in the wake of "The Matrix" (1999) and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000) - every action movie big & small had to have slow-motion "Matrix"-inspired action sequences. And Carrillo's most impressive fight scene has him battling Thorn's right-hand man Frank (Lorenzo Lamas). It'll be interesting to see what the future holds in store for Fabian Carrillo. 5/10

  • It's Ray Romano as Billy Jack in East L.A.!


    Man, I sure did love Billy Jack when I was a kid and "Everybody Loves Raymond" is one funny show. So, as I sat watching this movie I kept thinking to myself, "Gosh, this sure seems familiar in a really odd, totally indirect sort of way." And then it hit me. The hero looks like Ray Romano and the avenging retired soldier aspect of his character reminded me of Billy Jack. Then you've got some bad guys making everyone miserable and rich folks with money providing money to the bad guys to make everyone miserable. I mean, it's not EXACTLY like Billy Jack but if Billy Jack ever made it to East L.A. this is exactly how he'd handle things. Of course he wouldn't ride in on a burgundy red Kawasaki (!). No self respecting tough guy would.

  • This was something else...


    For a 2004 movie "Latin Dragon" sure had a lot of similarities to the action and martial arts movies from the mid-1990's. And you might think that it is a good thing, but it wasn't. A generic and stereotypical lone hero saves the day storyline didn't really make it into a particularly entertaining movie, nor did the flaccid acting put on throughout the course of the entire movie. Thumbs up for actually making a Latin martial arts movie, that is something that I have personally never seen before stumbling upon "Latin Dragon" in the local secondhand DVD store. With a cast that included Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas and for me an unknown guy named Fabian Carrillo, you pretty know what you are getting into. But I guess it is the morbid fascination with bad movies that still make us sit down to watch such movies. The action sequences and scenes were mediocre, so nothing to get your hopes up for here. My favorite scene would have to be where Carrillo slided down a wooden banister while standing up and shooting two guns, and in slow motion just as icing on the cake. That was so bad it actually hurt the eyes to witness. At least it was good for a solid laugh. Bad acting, bad dialogue, bad story, if these is your things, by all Means give "Latin Dragon" a go, otherwise stay well clear of this movie.


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