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Le jour de gloire (1976)

Le jour de gloire (1976)

Jean LefebvrePierre TornadeDarry CowlJacques Marin
Jacques Besnard


Le jour de gloire (1976) is a French,German,English movie. Jacques Besnard has directed this movie. Jean Lefebvre,Pierre Tornade,Darry Cowl,Jacques Marin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1976. Le jour de gloire (1976) is considered one of the best Comedy,War movie in India and around the world.

The small French village of Saint-Laurent sees the end of the war coming with satisfaction, although it suffered very little. The inhabitants are all busy preparing a welcome party for American liberators, when the intrusion of a German column throws a chill. The children inadvertently commit a series of attacks which make the soldiery lose her temper completely. The culprit must denounce himself, failing which hostages will be executed. The whole village begs Grégoire, the only foreigner - a Parisian. - to take the blame on him. Grégoire is not enthusiastic, at first sight, but a skillful negotiation, carried out on the one hand with the German officer, on the other hand with his fellow citizens, persuades him that he could have much to gain in the business.


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