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Le toubib (1979)

Le toubib (1979)

Alain DelonVéronique JannotBernard GiraudeauFrancine Bergé
Pierre Granier-Deferre


Le toubib (1979) is a French movie. Pierre Granier-Deferre has directed this movie. Alain Delon,Véronique Jannot,Bernard Giraudeau,Francine Bergé are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1979. Le toubib (1979) is considered one of the best Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

The story is set in June 1983. Famous surgeon Jean-Marie Desprée was left by his wife 1 month ago and now he works in a modern movable hospital, where the 3rd world war is taking place.

Le toubib (1979) Reviews

  • delon doing something, whatever it is, you ought to see it


    the name of the film, the actor who stars are actually good reasons to watch this film and it really works. but this is not a good movie. if u also think as i do, that it is worth seeing it, since it is worth seeing delon doing anything, whatever it is, then watching him as being a medic is a good possibility. however the make-up of the film is especially poor like many other things... don't have any expectations out of this film, which is a story of a successful medic, who is against the war. i would personally not recommend this film until you are a movie fan, who likes Delon and since there are movies like 'Deux hommes dans la ville', 'Le Samouraï', 'Borsalino'... which are brilliant delon films.

  • Saw this in 79 when it came out, first French film I ever saw


    This was the first all French movie, without subtitles, that I saw. It really inspired me to learn improve my French. Its also the first time I ever saw the main actor (Delain) and so followed his movies after that. It got me thinking (I was only 19 years old at that time) about what life could be like in a modern war, this was before the wars we have had since (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, etc.) I have been searching for this movie ever since, hoping that I can see it again to see how I would view it today more than 25 years later and with how the world has changed. As for M. Delain, he seems to have faded out of the movie world as time moves on, but he certainly stayed in my mind as my first French actor that I ever followed.

  • from war


    it is not new Mash or one of Alain Delon great performances. it seems be a story about nothing. but many years, it was for me a memorable meeting. causes - the music of Philippe Sarde, the shadow of war created in a different manner, the love story and, sure, the work of Alain Delon. a film seductive for its cinnamon flavor. for the characters and inspired nuances of Francine Berge or Catherine Lachens, for the suggestion of parable, for few scenes who can remind the desert of soul. the dialogs are far to be inspired. but the story, confuse, as a collection of sketches, it is perfect for reflect a state of feelings. and that is the special basic gift of this poor , gray, cold movie.

  • the atmosphere


    it is only virtue of a film who seems not have direction. a film about war and love and duty who is far to be the best from Alain Delon's filmography but who has the gift to be useful scene for different pieces from the same genre. a film who has ambition to present the essence of war. and a doctor who looking save lives and destinies. not memorable but seductive in a strange manner. for few scenes, for the good intentions, for the ambition to use an universal message or for the music. it is not easy to describe it. but it could be one of the insignificant films who redefine the manner to discover life. and that virtue is the key to admire it.

  • Toubib or not toubib.


    Definitely not toubib!The movie is supposed to take place during WW3,but the production is so cheap it would not impress a six -year- old;Veronique Jannot tries her best to be convincing but she will probably be more remembered for her "Madrange " ham commercials than for this bland part of an unfortunate nurse in love with toubib (doc)Delon.They say the book ("Harmonie ou les horreurs de la guerre") was good;but here we're left with the movie and it should be reserved for the most bathetic bathwater.


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