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Man on the Moon (1999)

Man on the Moon (1999)

Jim CarreyDanny DeVitoGerry BeckerGreyson Erik Pendry
Milos Forman


Man on the Moon (1999) is a English movie. Milos Forman has directed this movie. Jim Carrey,Danny DeVito,Gerry Becker,Greyson Erik Pendry are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1999. Man on the Moon (1999) is considered one of the best Biography,Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

A biographical film on the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Kaufman, along with his role on Taxi (1978), was famous for being the self-declared Intergender Wrestling Champion of the world. After beating women time and time again, Jerry Lawler (who plays himself in the movie), a professional wrestler, got tired of seeing all of this and decided to challenge Kaufman to a match. In most of the matches the two had, Lawler prevailed with the piledriver, which is a move by spiking an opponent head-first into the mat. One of the most famous moments in this feud was in the early 80s when Kaufman threw coffee on Lawler on [error], got into fisticuffs with Lawler, and proceeded to sue NBC.


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