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Masti (2004)

Masti (2004)

Aftab ShivdasaniVivek OberoiRiteish DeshmukhAmrita Rao
Indra Kumar


Masti (2004) is a Hindi movie. Indra Kumar has directed this movie. Aftab Shivdasani,Vivek Oberoi,Riteish Deshmukh,Amrita Rao are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Masti (2004) is considered one of the best Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A murder is committed in a town in India and the Police ask a senior policeman to deal with his matter. His name is Sikanker and he begins his investigations and after doing so, he finds that he has three suspects. Three men, who are all married, but have been involved in seducing a woman named Monica. The three men are Amar, Prem, and Meet, who all claim their innocence - but in Sikander's books - they are all guilty until they prove themselves innocent. How can they prove themselves innocent, when their very wives will refuse to speak up on their behalf?


Masti (2004) Reviews

  • Hilarious movie


    This was a really funny movie. I have never seen so much sexual humor in an Indian movie before. It was a funny surprise. Everyone gave an awesome performance except for Ritesh Deshmukh. What was he doing in this starcast? He lacked any expressions whatsoever, and his acting was not convincing of all. My favorite was Aftab--he was hilarious! Lara, Vivek, Ajay, and the wives were great. The dialogues and the story was terrific, even if it got just a little serious in the second half. You can tell that the cast had great chemistry. Songs were good. "On the Roof, in the Rain" was the best with the title song as a close runner-up. It was nice how the songs maintained the light atmosphere of the movie.

  • certainly the biryani in a menu of daals....


    Masti – a movie that surpassed all my expectations and went on to become one of my most enjoyed movies this year. Going in to watch this movie I had all the reservations – no actors that I really did like; a director that I had written off since his Ishq days; songs that I had not heard of; and the expectation that bollywood cannot do comedy humour for the British audience. How wrong was I going to be proven!!! The comedy was spot on as were the apparent and intended lines and joke – this movie seriously did take the comedy to a crude new level not seen in bollywood. One would have to say that this movie did indeed take one step further for bollywood as American Pie did for Hollywood. The songs certainly did grow on me, especially the 'seyya ji' item number – the others are just as tappy (except the 'one the roof' – well all can't be perfect!!!). The next surprise was that this great movie was from none other than Indra Kumar – someone I had written off since his movie ISHQ over a decade ago. The director had to be good, talented and experienced to have this great comedic timing as well as being able to juggle all the actors. Finally, the actors were good and have to say that I am beginnings to like Vivek and certainly beginning to adore Amrita Rao – this girl is hot and one to watch out for. Having seen this movie I will have to say that I will defiantly be open to the idea that bollywood can do comedy, but will be more excited about Indra Kumars next venture. One movie that I will certainly recommend that you watch, and if you have already watched it I will recommend that you go and watch it again.

  • Entertaining fare!!!


    Yet again we have three principal characters around whom the whole movie revolves. Isn't that a bit too much inspiration since Dil Chahta Hain? Anyways, the movie justifies each of them nevertheless. Without giving away too much about the plot, its three guys who decide to have extra-marital affair and land into trouble. And then its hilarious cat-and-mouse game with cops (ie. Ajay Devgan). Noteworthy are the wives of our heros who have distinct character one of them being extremely religious, one being dominative and one being possessive ("You miss me, na?" - Amrita Rao stands out!). What makes this movie click? Well, the one-liners, sexual innuendos, comedy scenes, properly placed songs and the stern Police Officer. The director was crystal-clear of the product he wanted to deliver - a fun filled sexual comedy, and has added each bit that seamlessly integrates with the main storyline. And he has been successful, I must admit.

  • Hilarious Movie! Great acting, but perhaps a weak plot.


    Masti is one of the most enjoyable Indian comedies released since 'Dil Chatah Hai', and is a must see for Bollywood movie goers who enjoy comedies and are open minded. The start of the movie is superb, with effortless acting and great comic timing shown by the main actors; the first 1/3 of the movie deserves a 10/10. Later however, the film tries to take itself too seriously and fails in some respects; Ajay Devgan showed dry acting for a very dry role, 'I hate crime, and i hate criminals'; please... However the dialog remains enjoyable throughout, and the ending seems to tie things up well. The songs are also fun and stay within the plot of the film; i.e. no flying off to different locations around the world changing clothes every few lines. As for the girls, Amrita Rao is the Queen of Cute; both she and Lara seem to be the only girls with acting and dancing abilities. However the rest may something to be desired in different departments. All round, this movie is packed full of laughs and Masti, which all make up for the lack of plot, and thus Masti is a must see if you enjoy a good laugh.

  • Looking for a simple laugh? This is the one for you..


    Let me start with what a number of reviewers have said already. Masti took Bollywood sexual comedy to a new level. It was a pioneer in foraying into subjects which Hindi movies were really afraid to venture into. There are lots and lots of double-meaning jokes. Another movie which released later and took a similar initiative was "Kya Kool Hain Hum". Three friends, having gotten frustrated by their mundane marriage lives and badgering wives decide to go in the search of women for extra- marital affairs and meet after a month to compare notes. Their misjudgement hurls them onto the path of blackmail, murder and mental torment; where in the end they realize that "ghar ki daal" (home cooked curry) is better than "bahar ki biryani" (out-cooked chicken rice). As for the movie itself, if judged overall, yes - it has a lot of plot holes; yes - the basic premise is far fetched; yes - it can be termed as LGBT-phobic by modern audience, especially if the audience in question is western; and not to mention the sometimes over-the-top and not-so- subtle acting. But it really really works for you if viewed in the context of India in 2004. I was smiling half the movie and a lot of scenes had me in splits. The acting majorly rests on the shoulders of the three leads who have done their job admirably well. They appeared at real ease in most of the scenes and were energetic with the body language and facial expressions. Vivek Oberoi, as a reformed playboy married to a clingy wife, is the unofficial lead of the leads and is a bit constrained than his sidekicks which the usually the case. Ritiesh Deshmukh, as the clueless dentist is awesome in parts especially in the fight scene with his Mother-in-law. But the intermittent visions he has with a fluttering eyelid kind of annoyed me. But, the man who takes the cake and is treat to watch in every scene is undoubtedly Aftab Shivdasani. You can predict each and every expression he is going to have, but still laugh at his antics. The writers could have come up with something better than the "Lele" story line to use his abilities. Ajay Devgan has a one dimensional role and does a one dimensional job. Among the wives, Amrita "the satellite" Rao is the only one who can really act. The other two girls have to improve on a lot of things. Lara Dutta is sensual, but perhaps a little bit tame, as a seductress. They nailed it with the music. "Dil de diya hain" is the song of 2004 for me. All-in-all a fun fare for sure. If you want a 2.5 hour laugh ride to escape a bad day, go for it! In case you are not comfortable with Hindi, make sure you have good subtitles, because a lot of jokes are cultural and slang-based.


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