Mausam (2011)

Mausam (2011)

Shahid KapoorSonam KapoorAnupam KherSupriya Pathak
Pankaj Kapur


Mausam (2011) is a Hindi,Punjabi,Urdu,Gujarati,English movie. Pankaj Kapur has directed this movie. Shahid Kapoor,Sonam Kapoor,Anupam Kher,Supriya Pathak are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Mausam (2011) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance,War movie in India and around the world.

Circa 1992 Mallukot-based Harinder falls head-over-heels in love with Aayat, who has come to live there with her Bua, Fatimah, from Kashmir. Hoping to woo and marry her, despite of receiving romantic overtures from village belle, Lajjo, he, instead faces heartbreak following the attack on Babri Masjid by right-wing Hindu extremists. Seeking safety in Bombay, Aayat re-locates there with her father and Bua. The couple are then fated to meet in Scotland during 1999 where Harinder is now an Indian Air Force Pilot and Aayat is a ballet dancer. Both meet and re-kindle their romance, as well as set a date for their wedding. Unfortunately, the Kargil war compels Harinder to return home, and Aayat does not hear from him. Little does she know that he has been gravely injured and his left arm is paralyzed. After being discharged he still hopes to connect with her, returns to Scotland, and is told they have re-located to the United States. Following the events of 9-11, he gets a lead that she may...


Mausam (2011) Reviews

  • First half is good, second half could use a pair of scissors


    The positives: Shahid Kapoor - one of his best performances; Sonam Kapoor: definitely her best performance; Cinematography: remarkable visuals; Music: some beautiful melodies; Dialogues: some wonderful lines, especially between Shahid & Sonam The negatives: Editing: especially, in the second half - the film could have easily been cut by 30-40mins; The captions of each place really distracted from the movie & made it feel disjointed; Writing: could have been much tighter I'd recommend it if you're a true blue romantic, who would want to invest time & emotions in a film.

  • Too much spice spoils the taste , Too many changes in "Mausam" spoiled the Sreenplay


    " Mausam "could have been an artistic beauty but it ended up being an erratic Screenplay binding sequence of events which never looked in direct connection with the Characters in the movie and could well have been avoided. The only good thing about the movie is its Art Direction/Camera Work but when it comes to integral concepts of Script & Screenplay it fails on all notes. The other weak point in the movie is the Editing part and painfully slow pace with absolute no beauty in the dialogs & the chemistry between the protagonist & his beloved. The first 40 Min's in the movie displaying the rural Punjab was the best part in the movie which will impress most of the audience with bunch of light moments of humor and the art direction as well. But when there should have been raising the bar & intensity , movie falls apart on all accounts. Pankaj Kapur has been one of those greatest actors which not only Indian cinema has been blessed with but he has equally stunning with his roles in TV Serials as well. But as they say " Not all Great Players make for Great Captains the same way Not all Great Actors make for Great Directors " although this is TOO early to say. Great Players or Actors always have Great concepts but what remains is the execution of those concepts in practical world. Concept behind "Mausam" was to show how the chronological sequence of disasters all over world influences the bonding between two people in love . Riots in Kashmir brings the girl (Sonam) to Punjab at his aunt's place where Shahid falls for the girl. Sonam teases Shahid to meet her in the morning at aunt's bakery to know her YES or NO. Now suddenly Babri Masjid demolition the same day makes entire family to move out of Punjab to Mumbai without notice which i believe was not in connection at all . I mean you can be seriously hurt with your sentiments but there was NO impact in the place you are living then WHY you need to move out of that place which looks much more safe for you then any other place in the country. And this was first bizarre change in "Mausam" rest of the movie from here on brings very erratic & irritating changes in "Mausam". Suddenly next frame camera location changes to "Scotland" 1999 where both meet again , alas ! destiny my lord has all the privileges reserved for the movie characters !! Shahid is in air force now & Sonam family has settled in Scotland. Sonam calls Shahid to meet her father for marriage and the same day Kargil war breaks and Shahid leaves without notice. Girls's father dies & she moves to Punjab to check for Shahid with no luck and then moves to Ahmedabad and then back to Scotland. In the meantime Shahid calls her sister to meet Sonam and convey his message when Sonam is not there. And this Hide & Seek continues with frequent changes in Mausam like next 9/11 World Trade Centre and finally with 2002-03 riots in Gujrat . I seriously thought this movie will go till recent Delhi Blasts . Climax looked be in shades of Maniratnam's "Bombay" with Gujrat riots in backgrounds and finally Shahid meeting Sonam but again looked unnerving and nothing intense to get in your minds , in fact that riot looked to have no effect on the ongoings between Shahid/Sonam. Movie fails to build connection with the audience and after such series of drastic events you do not even feel sympathy for any character in the movie and WHY should you ? Were any of them really affected by those events ?

  • Sweet romantic love story


    The allure of the first half of Mausam lies in the vintage love story which proceeds through unsaid words, unexpressed feelings, stolen glances and lots of melody (Pritam Singh). The affair which begins in 1992, before the demolition of the Babri mosque has an oriental charm to it and makes for some moments of great viewing. Mausam has lots to offer to the viewer who doesn't mind his cinema languorous, laid back and moody, with loads of beauty. The film tries to strike a balance between art and mainstream cinema and succeeds. After a long time I watched a movie with calming effect. With all power fight movies in the cinemas, Mausam gives a shade of love and feelings.

  • Mausam ~Seasoning of Love beyond war ~


    Mausam : The Aroma of Springs, the Heat of Summers, the pain of autumns and the Warmth of Winters in quilt ,seasons bound to change holding their own importance neither being good or bad…It's just the matter of preference which one you love. Mausam, the debutant venture of Pankaj Kapoor is a pleasant journey through the dark and unpleasant historical events as a backdrop. Harry (Shahid Kapoor) a young and chirpy lad from a small village of Punjab but with big dreams to fly and run faster than the train falls in love with a beautiful and innocent Kashmiri girl Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) who came to stay at the relatives place due to communal tensions in Kashmir. The first season of the movie can be described as the vintage love story between the two couples set in a sceneric beauty of realistic Punjab village and lovable music which ends up with the separation of the couple where Harry joins the Air force and Aayat left for the Mumbai.The second season starts after 7 years of the separation is Scotland where the couple meets again -Harry as Sq. Leader Harinder Singh and Aayat as a dancer in Royal house of dance. Their romance has grown a step higher with the physical intimacy which ends up in separation again due to urgent recall of Harry by Indian Air Force due to Kargil war. Then again separation, reunion, separation and director seems to be lost somewhere..??? How Read on Thumps Up Thumps Down (TUTD TM ) Analysis 1) Performances Shahid has grown himself one step further in the acting school from a young chirpy guy to a serious lover to a responsible Air force officer, he has lived all his characters well and in perfection. Sonam was decent and watchable but the best thing is its ensemble cast which support main characters perfectly 2) BeaT SenSE The music of the film is composed by Pritam while the lyrics are penned by Irshad Kamil. This is an excellent album to be kept in collector's edition with such a meaning lyrics and fresh music. 3) Art Sense The cinematography by Binod Pradhan is worth mentioning. Each frame is well captured especially the rural Punjab. 4) For the Director Pankaj Kapoor is a well know actor and this is his debutant venture as a director. The first half of the movie is extremely watchable. The rural Punjab on screen immensely claims applauds which is real as life yet charming and far from Yash raj's Punjab, Johar's lavish living halls and bhansali's BRB (Blue. Red .Black) Sets. The vision of the plot is honest and appreciable but the problem lies in Second half with lot of potholes in the script. a) The 10 years depicted were from 1992 to 2002 covering four major events as a backdrop i.e. Babri Mosque riots, Kargil War, Gujarat's Godhara Riots and America's World trade tower's attack. It would have been nice if the director could have taken one or two events rather than infusing all riots because it seems to be overdose in the script and actually lower downs the pace of the love story b) Second the period from 1992 to 2002 is not a very old period; director must have this in mind that internet and emails were very much in fashion in Indian and abroad in this period, so writing letters by main female lead for years to hero's old residence in Punjab is quite illogical. Also even the email part ignored assuming they were not net savvy Aayat could have left her address and contact details to Harry's sister Voice machine in Scotland, which she earlier done than why she was keep writing post mails and traveling to Punjab to Mumbai to Ahmadabad to Switzerland to Scotland -doesn't it cost money for travel?? c) Shahid role as an Air Force office is very limited to uniform drama only…No dialogues at all. During War he seems to be busy checking Jet's wings, Fan, wheel base with a backdrop of a song. Also the controversial fighting sequence is hardly 25 seconds where audience expected to had more c) The white horse in the climax was quite funny thou it was not used to carry on the story thou its presence neither justified anything .The second half script demands better screenplay as its first half. 5) Golden Moments There are few scenes worth mentioning like a) The scene between Harry and Aayat where the Harry initiates a conversation with Aayat by handing over small chits to her and she teases him by putting them in a glass of water. The scene has a sweet song in the backdrop which is not in the album b) Their second meeting in Scotland in Coffee shop where the couple is having conversation in eyes , thou funny at place but appealing c) In a scene when Harry saw Aayat outside a train in Switzerland and his feet chase to catch her. d) The Climax Giant Wheel Child saving sequence is breathless. Chalte-Chalte Mausam like its name has all the flavors including a beautiful Cinema, heart winning Music and a bit of cold scripting … But it's worth experiencing. It may not suits Delly belly audience and critics but then Choice is yours Review Courtesy

  • Too Many Ifs and Buts Ruin a Potential Classic


    I have mentioned it before that I have a positive bias towards every Shahid Kapoor film because of the honest effort he makes to make his films work. And what is it that Mausam did not offer? Shahid's new look, promising storyline, fresh pairing of Shahid-Sonam and Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut. Based on these factors, the hype and anticipation for Mausam were genuine. To start with, the basic premise of the movie is phenomenal. A poignant so-near-yet-so-far kind of love story in the setting of historical events that defined lives of Muslims and Sikhs living in India and their effects of the protagonists. A gutsy and original concept. However, films are not made on concepts, they need stories and screenplays and unless they are Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar no-brainers, they need connections between events and sequences. That's where the shortcomings of Mausam start becoming obvious. It's a kind of film about which you want to say positive things, however, there is a BUT attached to every good thing about the movie. The first thing you notice in the first hour is the appreciable detail to wardrobe and excellent art direction. The very real locations of Punjab add a touch of authenticity to the scenes. But Mausam is a long film and has a painfully slow pace. Sequences are long even though shot artistically. Sardar Ji scenes are funny but mostly the humor is too decent (read a bit childish). Shahid's Punjabi isn't all that great but his friends are genuine. It's the transition from first season to the second where the problems begin and creative liberty overpowers logic. From then onwards, the film continuously goes up and down on likability factor, less up and more down. Start of the second half is pacier than the first but it slows down again. And then comes the climax. When the climax begins, it starts to appear as if Pankaj Kapur will redeem himself for everything mistake he had made in the film, but, as usual, he goes so over-the-top in depicting heroism that he makes things a bit comical. It was sad to see the audience making fun of the film and laughing on serious scenes because the hard work put behind the film has gone wasted. I believe that film-making is pretty much like flying where more than the flight, landing and take-off are important. Pankaj Kapur, the filmmaker, knows how to fly but messes up in take-off and landing. Pankaj Kapur has a long way to go as a story-teller. Shorter as a director but longer as a writer. There comes a time when the logic of using internet or mobile phones as contact devices loses out to dependence on coincidences. The audience loses count of seasons and years and so does the director when he mixes-up dates and also makes errors like Shahid mentioning his mother was killed in Sikh Riots of 84 when he was 1 year old whereas in 91, he was 20. Oh and by the way, the Britishers used for Shahid's sister's wedding were as British as our friends in Bangladesh. Performances wise, it's out and out a Shahid Kapoor film. This is his best performance of his career surpassing even my personal favorites Kaminey and Jab We Met. Great energy as a young happy-go-lucky Punjabi boy, fantastic authenticity in demeanor as an Air Force officer and maturity of an ageing man. He also carried well the part where his misfortune results in physical disability. Pre-climax scene, Switzerland train scene and train scene with Rajjo are classics. Excellent performance, which probably will go unnoticed. First decent performance by Sonam in her career but she still was not the best choice for this role. It was a pretty demanding character which needed a much established actor rather than a pretty face. The most interesting character of the film was Rajjo, played very well by the Telugu actress Aditi Sharma. She carried off the helpless negativity in her role very well. Supriya Pathak was also very good. Anupam Kher was totally wasted. Looks more like an editing cut of the character. Shahid's brother-in-law is the weakest link in the entire cast. Overall, Mausam is a film that misses more targets than it hits which is very unfortunate because with its artistry, it had the potential of becoming a piece of classic cinema. If you are a die-hard Shahid Kapoor fan, you should still try it. If not, wait for Ra.One.


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