Maximum Ride (2016)

Maximum Ride (2016)

Allie Marie EvansPatrick JohnsonLyliana WrayLuke Gregory Crosby
Jay Martin


Maximum Ride (2016) is a English movie. Jay Martin has directed this movie. Allie Marie Evans,Patrick Johnson,Lyliana Wray,Luke Gregory Crosby are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Maximum Ride (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Having been broken out from the lab that created them, six winged children have cared for themselves over the last two years in an isolated mountain home. Their fragile peace ends when wolf-boys (known as Erasers) abduct their youngest. The flock (as they're called) takes flight for a rescue, only to discover their true situation.


Maximum Ride (2016) Reviews

  • If Only It Had The Budget It Deserved


    As one of the many people who have read the books, I was looking forward to this. I could hardly believe it when I heard that they were making one of my favorite books into a movie, suffice to say I don't read a lot. So when I finished watching I found myself baffled. Not because of the terrible VFX. But because of the production value, it astonishes me, How Hollywood can justify giving hundreds of millions to a remake that nobody wants but when a novel like Maximum Ride is made, the studios are reluctant to back it up so the author has to pitch in? In what world does this make sense? If you are unfamiliar with the story, it's about six kids who have two percent bird DNA and are kept in a prison called School. They brake out and try to survive on there own. If you like the idea as I did, read the books, they are well worth your time, I wish the same could be said for the movie. The only redeeming quality of the movie was Max, She looks the part and if she had actual screenwriters she might have sounded the part as well. I never thought I would ask for a remake for a movie, But this really deserves it and who knows? Maybe it will happen one day.

  • No just no


    This was the first book series that I read so as you can guess I am really attached to the characters and the plot. When there was first news about a movie being made I was really excited because this was the type of action filled book that deserved a really good (emphasis on really good) film made for it. When that fell through I was pretty upset. But not as upset when I saw the trailer for this. I had been wanting a movie or some sort of live action adaption for a while, but this was just a joke. It was low budget, didn't follow the story line and the casting was all wrong. Nothing against the actors, they did a good job with what they were given, but the only two that looked like their characters were Gazzy and Angel. Nudge was too old, Iggy was too fit and attractive, Fang isn't blonde and does not have short hair, and Max is not a white girl with platinum blonde hair. For a fan who has waited years for a film to be made, this is just such a disappointment. Terrible sequels that no one has asked for have been made with million dollar budgets, but this story, that is loved by millions, doesn't even get a film that has enough money to give them wings that don't look like something made in the 1980's. Again nothing against the actors. They all did a nice job, but the whole film itself isn't Maximum Ride. It just isn't. I'm disappointed.

  • This film is bad


    This film took me on a Maximum Ride of poor acting, writing and directing. Between the strange theme of sleeveless teenagers who have no explicit reason for acting the way they do and the unnatural and discomforting dialog between every single character, not only does this film steer extraordinarily far from the original content but as a standalone piece is an utter joke. I found myself laughing at how terrible every scene was and at the ridiculous way that the film progressed. In summary, I'd say this film is a great comedy.

  • Just NO!!


    I loved the book series so when I found out there was going to be a film I couldn't wait. Them I watched the film and felt as though someone had just thrown the book on the floor and jumped on it before brutally bashing it with a sledgehammer. In the book the main six characters had a great chemistry that was just non-existent in the film, they didn't even say Fang's name. Not once!!! How are people who haven't read the books supposed to know!!!! Also Max is one of the most Bad-A$$ in YA literature. In the film the characters lacked everything that made her Max, like the witty remarks that she is so well know for. Also the effects were terrible it would have looked better if they didn't even bother to put them in and just had the characters run around with cardboard wings taped to their backs. A book this great should be given a film that reflects it.

  • Maximum Ride is about a group of half human half bird test children who escape from the laboratory that they are held in with the help of a scientist.


    The movie had very poor effects and the dialog was terrible. Many things were repeated with a few words switched around and the actors sounded very forced. But, that's not even the worst of it. The movie followed the book very poorly and the plot was not explicit. If I had not read the book prior to watching the film, I would have been completely lost. The plot moved too quickly and gave no details to what was happening. I had very high expectations set for this film because of the book. The book is an amazing action packed adventure with a great story that would make a perfect science fiction/action film. But that didn't happen. There were not nearly enough action scenes compared to the book, and the ones that were present were very, well, bad. The CGI was awful and the dramatic slow motion, cringe-worthy. I was disappointed and appalled, to say the least. The movie was made as if it was thrown together without any thought. One of my favorite aspects from the books, and what I was hoping to get a lot of in the film, was the character development. Max and her five "siblings" are very unique with different personality traits who battle many personal problems throughout the story. They all develop beautifully as characters, learning about themselves and their abilities, but sadly that was not present in the movie. The characters did not seem to learn anything important about sticking together, which was one of the biggest themes of the book. I will admit that the makers and the cast of this movie were not famous and may not have been experienced enough to make a hit film. The director was not someone that I recognized. Maybe Maximum Ride was a low budget film and they didn't have a lot to work with. There's a number of thing that could have been happening behind the scenes that may have caused this movie to be below what I had hoped for. The actors weren't even that bad. The portrayed their characters the way I would have seen them, but the lines and dialog that was fed to them was repetitive and somewhat cheesy. It was probably difficult to work with. Again, the idea for this movie was in the right place, and maybe if they would have had a bigger budget and put more thought into the script, this could have been a blockbuster film. I would have loved to see one of my favorite books become an astounding movie adaptation. But, sadly, we'll have to make do with what it is, and what it is is a poorly made movie, and frankly a waste of anyone's time, that doesn't even come close to the literature that it was based off of.


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