Mere Paas Baap Hai (2018)

Mere Paas Baap Hai (2018)

Mohit DasAfsheen JamalShadab KhanMadhuruchi Lamba
Faisal Simon


Mere Paas Baap Hai (2018) is a Hindi movie. Faisal Simon has directed this movie. Mohit Das,Afsheen Jamal,Shadab Khan,Madhuruchi Lamba are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Mere Paas Baap Hai (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Story of a widower Sagar Oberoi, a billionaire living in Delhi surrounded by pretentious characters and situations. The movie takes an interesting twist when Sagar devices a diabolical plan to teach all of them a lesson of a lifetime.

Mere Paas Baap Hai (2018) Reviews

  • Superb Movie..


    Overall nice movie with good direction and writing.. Vivek as a character has done superb role..impressive acting skills..

  • Amazing acting


    Vivek has done a superb role.. emotions were absolutely on spot..

  • Horrible Movie!


    People will go crazy. Please dont waste your time. Bakwaas movie hai!

  • Well made film


    Mere paas baap hai is a great entertainer. The film showcases some of the very sensitive moments of life in an entertaining way, thus keeping the audience engaged.

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