Minnaminungu The Firefly

Minnaminungu The Firefly

TIME 2017
Krishnan Balakrishnan Surabhi Lakshmi Balu Narayanan Prem Prakash
Anil Thomas


Minnaminungu The Firefly is a movie. Anil Thomas has directed this movie. Krishnan Balakrishnan,Surabhi Lakshmi,Balu Narayanan,Prem Prakash are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Minnaminungu The Firefly is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Directed by Anil Thomas, Minnaminungu is a Malayalam Movie which tells the story of a of a single mother in Kerala.

Minnaminungu The Firefly Reviews

  • Capsule Review: Minnaminungu

    TejasNair 2018-02-23

    Minnaminungu has a great moral to its straightforward story, and that's about it. Surabhi Lakshmi plays a lethargic poverty-stricken single mother who works petty jobs to fill few stomachs and educate her only child. Director Anil Thomas starts out his film with a story that he thinks has never been said before and narrates the harrowing days of this mother who breaks her back to make ends meet. How this naive lady falls prey to the world's evil ways is basically what the story is about, but the last 10 minutes make it quite different from what you have seen previously in this genre. However, for a story to be fully effective, it has to be produced with some talent and quality. And that's where Minnaminungu fails. From low-quality production setup to amateur actors who seem to be paid modestly and directed even more modestly to shaky cams and drone lenses to awkward dialogues, Minnaminungu suffers from a lot of filmmaking issues which automatically makes it an unpleasant affair. But, if you only focus on Lakshmi and her realistic character who seems to be taking all the wrong decisions in a matter of a few weeks, then this drama would be a fine watch. They say that for a good story to be elevated it needs great filmmaking, and Minnaminungu is where a good story has been executed in the worst way possible. Don't expect too much from anyone here and you will be rewarded. TN.

  • Surabhi's performance saves the film

    Jithindurden 2018-01-22

    Just like most of the low budget parallel films in Malayalam this film also suffers from an amateur feel throughout the runtime. Although most of the film is average in almost every section there are a few saving graces. One positive is that such films usually tend to indulge in an artificial arthouse approach which usually fails but that is not followed here. Although most of the actors tend to act like they were in a play rather than a film it is the protagonist played by Surabhi who elevates the film to a whole another level. The national award-winning performance does tend to follow others at times but she does rise above it and totally owns the film.



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