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Mirchi (2013)

Mirchi (2013)

PrabhasAnushka ShettyRicha LangellaSathyaraj
Koratala Siva


Mirchi (2013) is a Telugu movie. Koratala Siva has directed this movie. Prabhas,Anushka Shetty,Richa Langella,Sathyaraj are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Mirchi (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The movie begins with Jai bharath varma (Prabhas) practicing guitar when a girl runs to him and asks him to save her from a gang of goons chasing her. Then Jay, without fighting, resolves the conflict. The girl introduces herself as Manasa (Richa Gangopadhyay). They slowly become friends. But one day she asks Jai to leave her and go as she cannot stand the separation from him if their relationship develops any further. He then goes back to India and changes the mind of Manasa's brother and when they give a vacation he goes with him to his village. There, where everyone are conservative in nature, he changes their nature and makes them more lovable.


Mirchi (2013) Reviews

  • Mirchi


    Telugu actor Prabhas' much-hyped movie Mirchi, which happens to be the next biggest outing after Rebel, has hit the marque today. Debuntant Koratala Siva, who has earlier penned story and dialogues for several hit films, is turning director with this film, which has soared up the viewers' curiosity to sky high. It surely lives up to their expectations with its sound production elements and good performances by lead actors. Mirchi is a romantic action entertainer, which is rich in commercial aspects. Prabhas' electrifying performance is the main highlight of the movie. Koratala Siva's beautiful story and punch dialogues, Devi Sri Prasad's trendy music, Madhi's beautiful picturisation, amazing choreography of dance and action sequences, Brahmanandam and Raghubabu's comedy, beautiful artwork, costumes and locations are the highlights of the movie. The predictable plot with some outdated and clichéd scenes and weak climax are its drawbacks. Koratala Siva has chosen a good emotional story, which is the paramount of the movie Mirchi. It has fast-paced narration and the director has got good grip over the tempo. The first half of the film has two stunning fights and three songs (two romantic and a title track) and a few comedy sequences, and it has all other masala elements to make you glued to the screens. The fight and twist at interval bang set the tone for the story. The second half is very important. After the interval bang, the movie Mirchi goes into flashback mode and it turns very emotional. The second half has three sentimental, romantic and trendy songs and an amazing fight. The movie reaches the climax with a sad twist, which is heart-wrenching, and should be watched on screen. Jai (Prabhas) is an architect based in Milan, where he falls in love with Manasa (Richa) at first sight. He returns to his village in Palnadu area to reform his violent family background. With the help of bank manager Veera Pratap (Brahmanandam), Jai makes good advancement in winning the appreciation of everyone in Manasa's family. Here unfolds an interesting twist in the story. Jai shares strong connection with a man named Deva (Sathya Raj), who is an arch enemy of Manasa's family. Meanwhile, Manasa also realises that Jai is romantically linked with another woman named Vennela (Anushka). What happens next will form the crux of the story, which should be watched on screen.

  • Is this some kind of a joke?


    I am seriously worried about the falling standards of film makers and film watchers alike.And when someone says mirchi is an awesome movie,i do hope that it is some kind of a joke.What exactly did my dear morons like in this movie? There is nothing new in this movie.Just some touch me not romance and some rowdyism,the same old stinking crap that you've seen countless times.The first scene of the film itself is enough to convince you that there is nothing new here,just the same old crap-the hero is very kindhearted and strong and can beat up twenty people at once and.....must i go on? Come on man,you have got to be kidding me.Wait,there is a twist in the movie,i won't reveal that but i can guarantee you one thing-you will hardly feel it.I mean why the f*** should i care if someone belongs to some family in some stinking village in andhra? And there is a lot of drama after that and you might just confuse the flashback with the present or vice-versa while all this goes on.And finally,everything gets back to normal and the hero's love prevails and by this time,the film must have lulled you to sleep(despite all the sound).

  • Routine story


    Yup, though it was a routine story , but was second of its kind next to Shankam (starring GopiChand ,Trisha). First Half somewhat bore ... lag in story in between Richa and Prabhas Songs in second half were boooring except Yahoon Yaahon song Anushka was sexy too. Pro's : Prabhas dressing style.. As usual style of Prabhas , moreover formal too..Climax fight is good and is puffed with good dialogues. Con's: Repeated story.. Boring first-half No life in songs Story : Prabhas lives in some foreign country where he sees Richa and falls in love with her , later in some situation he gets to know that Richa is very sad and is leading a sorrow life due to her village matters. Prabhas now comes to India and joins in a college where Subbaraju , cousin of richa also studies.He makes a good friend and somehow enters in his house for vacations in his home town Irrinki , near Macherla.He changes Subba Raju's rowdy character to Lover Boy character . He also changes his father Naaginedu 's cruel character to cool character. Later Subbaraju's babai plans an attack on opponent's i.e.Satya Raj family here comes the twist where Prabhas helps SatyaRaj's family and says that "My Family is Safe " to subbaraju's babai over phone call. But his real identity is unknown. Now the movie scrolls back o Flash-back Prabhas is son of Satya Raj , who is head of a village around Macherla Satya Raj's father died in fights between the opposite village, but he remains calm and moreover asks people of his village to be calm and patient so that they will become good one day. Prabhas mom leaves husband at kid stage of him and sends back Prabhas to him at age of around 25 where he meets Anushka and falls in love . She comes to city and deeply loves Prabhas for a period and later her family chooses a bride-groom for her .Then she tells about her love towards Prabhas to his mother and makes arrangement for marriage. Subbaraj's babai plans an attack on his family at marriage time but he saves everyone .But his mom's dies due to an injury . Then Prabhas's father, follower of non -violence asks Prabhas to get out of the village . Now the story again runs to normal time... As time goes on , Prabhas's identity was known to Enemy's family The movie ends in a fight and joining of both the families.

  • Old wine in a new bottle. Just OK to watch


    Mirchi.... Its really not that Hot. A special make of all mix fruit juice. 1. Sherlock Holmes predictive fight action at the first meeting of heroine 1 2. Brindavanam / bindass : hero trying to flourish the love in rivals house. U can see clear cut copy paste. Heroine taking hero out to show village. Etc etc.Brahma getting to know on where who why all about hero is very routine. Kajal = richa here sacrificing love as she got her family love in return. Manchu manoj does same thing in bindass. In fact the first 20 minutes can be done in India somewhere in mumbai, Delhi. Italy is very expensive and unwanted. There is no location dependency. Devi sri music is not up to mark. Just OK. I think is not paid well ;) With out Brahma first half of the movie is utter waste. No one will be seated in chairs. What Brahma said is correct:-) he used every one (including audience ) Lets give a try to watch dude, what happens at the max. Not an entertainer, just a time pass. My ratings 2.5/5 Likes: casting is good and every one justified it. Dialouges are fresh though the concept is very routine. Screenplay is very clean And never missed out of the storyboard.

  • awesome movie in prabhas career


    Jai (Prabhas) is an architect from Italy and he believes one doesn't lose anything by loving people. At the most people will fall in love with you in return. He also says we pass through this life but once so we shouldn't make it complicating for us or the others. Manasa (Richa) likes his philosophy and falls in love with him as she always finds his company soothing . She on one occasion tells him to go away from her as she is getting used to this happiness. She is soon returning to her village where killing, hurting and blood shed is the order of the day; But to her surprise she finds him already stationed in her house winning everyone's affection. The dialogue about loving others becomes a backbone for the film, it is around this line the entire story is built. Jai acts as a bridge between two warring faction families and the initial title Varadhi was apt but later on it was changed to Mirchi. Just when the talk of getting Jai married to Manasa arises, Jai reveals the story to Manasa as to why he is not interested in getting married. Who is he and why did he enter her family in the first place? We see a lot of traces from Bindas in the film, if we bring a star hero in Bindas it becomes Mirchi. Though Koratala Siva's treatment is not new it gives a fresh feel. There are many areas where you get to see Siva's talent and potential to direct a mass film. Especially the introduction of Jai is a good example. The fight scene in which he tells the rowdies how it would be like if he hits them brings an applause in the theatre. Sometimes you ought to believe when you see the cut out he says referring to his imposing personality and height. Siva earns brownie points through dialogues which sounds like a fight, he doesn't use an action scene every where. There is an advantage if a writer becomes a director, Siva could have polished some of the scenes but in majority of the portions he elevated the scenes through dialogues. Prabhas looks cool in his fights, especially when he wields a sword. He appears very settled in his scenes, he has already proved his worth in Chatrapathi to the masses, Darling endeared him to the family audiences. He has shown through Mirchi that if a mass hero does a film that everyone likes, the range is different. Prabhas is growing as an actor with each film. Anushka gets more marks as a naughty woman and Richa who always disappoints is just about okay. Devi Sri Prasad's music brings out the energy and the mood especially Mirchi Lanti Kurrode rocked. Brahmanandam tickled the audiences in his own inimitable style. He plays the role of Veera Pratap who gets bugged when addressed as Pratapam. There are loopholes in the story as well. The first half doesn't move first and then there is a flash back in the second half. By the time it is done, the film is wrapped up. It is definitely a problem with the screenplay. Anushka is an uneducated girl but she works in Prabhas' office. The same house is shown in the film and many films, maybe it is a permanent set for faction movies; it doesn't change with time at all. If you can skip these small flaws, Mirchi makes for an interesting watch. It has the fights of the faction and affections of the family all well knit to make it a spicy drama. A sure shot hit this!


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