MSG 2-The Messenger full movie
MSG 2 the Messenger

MSG 2 the Messenger

GENRES Drama Fantasy
LANG Hindi English Tamil Telugu Malayalam
TIME 2015
Charanpreet Insan Honeypreet Insan RooheMeet Insan
Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (as Saint Gurmeet Insan)


MSG 2 the Messenger is a Hindi | English | Tamil | Telugu | Malayalam movie. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (as Saint Gurmeet Insan) has directed this movie. Charanpreet Insan,Honeypreet Insan,RooheMeet Insan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. MSG 2 the Messenger is considered one of the best Drama | Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

MSG 2 The Messenger is based on true events of Dera Sacha Sauda in years 2000-2001. Although the main story line is true, action & comedy is added for entertainment. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan plays plays to be a warrior fighting against the wild & primitive lifestyle of tribal and succeeding in turning them into civilized human beings.


MSG 2 the Messenger Reviews

  • Obnoxiously crafted propaganda film

    Makmostwanted 2016-09-06

    If by any chance u r planning to watch this movie just watch the trailer. THE RATINGS AND GOOD REVIEWS ARE BCOZ OF THE PAID USERS. It is so unapologetic about being silly that you partake in his abhorrent narcissism. Brandishing its ridiculous content with poker faced earnestness, the film's moralistic stand is harmful. Sample this, Guruji with his X-Ray vision explains how non-vegetarian food is harmful for the body. While that's a school of thought we totally respect, but preaching that by citing purist reasons, is stretching it a tad far. Brandishing its ridiculous content with poker faced earnestness, the film's moralistic stand is harmful. Sample this, Guruji with his X-Ray vision explains how non-vegetarian food is harmful for the body. While that's a school of thought we totally respect, but preaching that by citing purist reasons, is stretching it a tad far.

  • Awful Movie.....Fake Baba get off the showbiz

    dheerajmutneja-04985 2016-08-14

    Now what can I say about the movie!! Dude, you better go and watch a Reality show. That would be much entertaining and If only If you like to watch a BORING and WEIRD sh*t then this movie is all okay for you. I am saying that the movie MSG: The Messenger is bad because it is freaking worst already. Okay, now I think we are only counting the bad points of MSG: The Messenger. Right? But these are the only thing which I can count!! This is not a movie. A whopping 197 minutes long, this is a poorly assembled, terrifically tacky and tremendously ill-conceived showcase for a self-styled spiritual leader — self-styled because no costume designer in the world could match up to this man. MSG is an ad that runs for three hours and is painful. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan will test your patience and leave you with a splitting headache! This is probably the first time where I am compelled to give a film a rating as this. 0 star it is for MSG 2: The Messenger.

  • An entertainer to transform

    adityainsaan-131-78731 2015-09-22

    A film is what it does to you. It is true today that some look at the skin show, others at the photo realistic nature of special effects, and mostly the cast, the grandeur and scale and of course the story , action and direction etc. Finally, the viewer has his biases and choices, which are entirely subjective. But the overriding true proof of cinematic success remains in, whether a movie succeeds in tugging your heartstrings or not. MSG 2 - The Messenger succeeds in this vitally important dimension and in fact, despite a few cinematic peccadilloes, it works in a lot of ways. First, it entertains non- stop, which is an essential function expected of a film. Second, it gives a very high quality of innovative music across genres, making mainstream Bollywood look very ordinary in comparison. Thirdly, it has a grand canvas and is shot in scenic locales and on impressive sets. Fourthly, it triggers our positive range of emotions and leads us to be the change. But isn't the last part vitally important. Consider the largest challenges that mankind faces today; they are all outcomes of human malbehaviour. Take terror, there is indoctrination that works as a one way street with no avenues for de-radicalisation and we are finding solutions solely in drone attacks and physical elimination. Our success rate? First, we had Al Qaeda and now we have the ISIS! Take global warming, again a story of doing too little, too late. From the range of options discussed to actually cutting down on emissions, we are making near zero progress. Or if one takes the scepter of insanitation in India or HIV worldwide – one common thread, our malbehaviour is the only constant. All practical solutions to all of our planets ills and evils lie in behavior change. Drug addiction, violence, crime, fresh water depletion, over-fishing, pollution, gender crimes, discrimination, obesity, religious intolerance – the problem may be any but the solution is only one - Behavior change! Science has been around for a while but it has found no way of preventing suicide or depression. Science has no cure for anger or hyper-sexuality. Science has been around for a while but our temper is still unscientific. Any talk of spirituality, and half baked advocates of science close their minds. But here we are talking a film made by a spiritual Guru. He has shown in an entertaining format as to how behavior change can be brought about. And it is a technique that he shares for free. Granted that you have many reservations, but this is someone from PLUS ie people like us, sharing his story. I saw my father pull out of paralysis in an hour and a half to complete physical recovery with MSG's meditation. I saw him pull out of a creatinine of over 5 due to diabetic nephropathy with uncontrolled blood pressure and a proteinuria of 4+, when he was written off as spiraling to end stage renal disease by top notch nephrologists. I know my friends, you are intelligent beings. And I trust that you have minds that are open to knowledge and experience. And if you think that I am vulnerable to spirituality because of being a sentimental fool, there are topnotch doctors and medical scientists who have experienced the benefits of meditation first hand. Anyway, it is only my occasional foray into Facebook after a long time, Can I just ask you to look at MSG2-The Messenger with an open mind! There is no need to look at things through someone else's prism, when you can open your eyes and see for yourself. And let me have your honest feedback at One part of me is still an Ophthalmologist researching newer techniques to cure Keratoconus, but mostly, I am now into working on film projects for social change. Thanks for reading through!

  • MSG 2- Captivating Creation

    alfaazkhan 2015-09-29

    MSG 2 is extremely high entertainment quotient and all messages are sugar-coated with high entertainment, drama, action and suspense. I just love the whole concept of it.Very beautifully it has been choreographed by Babaji. I am surprised that all songs have been written, composed and sung by BABA RAM RAHIM Himself...? Simply fabulous.Via songs, it is giving great message to public as a whole. Stunts performed by BABA are all real and the effects put-on in wholemovie are excellent. BABA is great designer.The way HE designs HIS clothes, cars, sets etc. public is big fanatic of all this. Moreover, the dialogues of whole movie are too awesome.. My most favorite one is, "JO DOOSRO KI JAAN BACHAANE KE LIYE, APNI JAAN DAANV PE LGATA HAI, VO HAI 'SANT GURMEET RAM RHIM SINGH JI INSAN'..." This dialogue always makes me feel proud..Others dialogues too, are very powerful. Really appreciable effort by BABAJI of making MSG 2 THE MESSENGER. It is captivating interest of every single individual, whether he is young, child or old age person. Movie has comedy aspect too. Everything in the movie is very well managed and choreographed. Its gripping storyline is holding the interest of whole audience. In simple and short words, it is inspirational tale, that is motivating youth with the dose of high entertainment.

  • Bang Bang Movie

    poojanadha 2015-12-18

    A compete package of entertainment. Yes a complete package, Which includes melody songs, some Rocking and a Romantic Song (Rooh Nashayi), and The acting was superb! Unbelievable acting by baba ji (Gurmeet Ram Rahim ji) after watching his acting, u can't tell that this is his second movie! And now come to the thriller stunts which was performed by baba ji. Many Dangerous stunts performed by baba very easily. He take every task easy and make it possible. His all these efforts make me to praise his work.! Now baba is working on his new project MSG - 3. M sure I will also waiting eagerly like me. Go and watch MSG 2 The Messenger.!



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